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Introduction and How to Register

Discussion in 'VF Circuit' started by akai, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    About the VF Circuit
    The best experience one can get from playing Virtua Fighter and fighting games in general is face-to-face competition. Due to the general lack of regular public gathering places to play fighting games, however, competition for many people can only be conveniently found through online play. To better serve the VF community, VFDC is running a series of region-specific, regular occurring free online events – collectively called the VF Circuit.

    Why should you participate in the VF Circuit?
    This would be an organized opportunity to meet players within a similar region to play and compete against each other.

    Specifically for players new to Virtua Fighter, the VF Circuit will provide an organized way to meet the VF community. These players can be a new player like you or a veteran player. Competing against players of a similar level is the best way to learn and enjoy the game. In addition, you can learn the ins and outs of VF gameplay by either watching veteran player matches or by talking to them while waiting for your turn in the event.

    Specifically for veteran Virtua Fighter players, the VF Circuit is VFDC’s attempt to promote and support the VF community around the world. It is an opportunity to introduce new players to VF and show them the positive traits of the Virtua Fighter series and our community.

    Ultimately, I hope these events promote the growth of the VF community, develop friendly rivalries between players and regions, and also encourage new and old players to participate and organize offline gatherings within their regions.

    How to Register
    Registering for the VF Circuit
    Registering for the VF Circuit does not require you to participate in every single event scheduled within the season. First, you will need a VFDC account to be able to send message directly to me (in the past VFDC forums this was a PM). You can register onto VFDC by clicking at the Sign Up link at the right end of the menu bar just beneath the VFDC logo.

    To register for the circuit, please send a message to me by starting a Conversation with me with the following information:

    1. Preferred User Name for the Tournaments:
    2. Game System (PS3/Xbox360/Both):
    3. PSN and/or XBL account ID:
    4. Email Address (that you will actually check):
    5. Location (City/State(or Province)/Country):
    6. Time Zone:

    Not familiar with how to send a message on VFDC?
    1. You can send a message to me in two ways.
    Method 1: select my user name "akai" in any of the posts I have made. A pop up window will appear with my profile --> select "Start a Conversation" --> After writing your message and subject title, click the "Start the Conversation" Button to send your message to me.
    Method 2: At the right end of the menu bar --> select "Inbox" --> select "Start a New Conversation" at the bottom right of the drop menu --> type "akai" (without the quotation) in the "Participants" section --> After writing your message and subject title, click the "Start the Conversation" Button to send your message to me.

    2. Once I received your message, I will reply back confirming that you have sent me your info to participate in the series of online events (~24 hours from your message).

    Signing-up for individual events within the VF Circuit
    Registering for the VF Circuit does not automatically sign a player up to participate in an individual event. To participate in an individual event, you must first register for the VF Circuit (by providing the above information).When an event is announced, a sign-up thread with additional instructions will be made in the tournaments and events forum section.

    Also if you sign-up for an individual event and later find out that you cannot attend it, please notify me as soon as possible.
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  2. alton123

    alton123 New Member

    I really like your way of expressing the opinion and sharing the information.

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