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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Myke, Aug 9, 2001.

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    As some of you know, I had a chance thanks to tragic to visit SHGL (not SVGL as I previously said, sorry) and play the VF4 beta. Below is a log from #vfhome:

    *** rsw has joined #vfhome
    [rsw] so...tell me what you think of vf4, mike
    [MyKe`] i like it
    [MyKe`] wish i had the movelist with me
    [MyKe`] anyway did you read that thing i wrote about the back-turn
    [rsw] or send me a log if you've been blabbing about it since you came on
    [rsw] yes i did
    [MyKe`] i haven't been blabbing
    [MyKe`] umm let's see
    [rsw] tft knee
    [rsw] :)
    [MyKe`] kage's tft, knee combos
    [MyKe`] heh
    [rsw] important things first!
    [MyKe`] the first thing i tried!
    [rsw] it looks super easy in that movie
    [MyKe`] ok, no more running slide finishes for ANY TFT combo
    [rsw] he doesn't even CD forward
    [rsw] that i know
    [MyKe`] yeah not very hard
    [rsw] doesn't even connect, quick rise or not, right?
    [MyKe`] correct
    [MyKe`] so i tried vf3 tft combos
    [MyKe`] knee, p, kickflip
    [MyKe`] knee, p, inverted kickflip
    [MyKe`] knee, p, catapult
    [MyKe`] all worked
    [MyKe`] of course, px srtings work
    [rsw] uh huh
    [MyKe`] the new d+P+K,K is great
    [MyKe`] knee, p, d+P+K, K
    [MyKe`] if i only i had seen that combo list though
    [MyKe`] they sound sweet
    [rsw] the japanese combo pages all say to do d+P+K,df+K+G
    [rsw] there's probably a damage difference
    [MyKe`] really/
    [MyKe`] hmm probably
    [MyKe`] but as a canned combo it looks so nice
    [MyKe`] does he have a f,d,df+K ?
    [MyKe`] dp command
    [rsw] http://world.altavista.com/urltrurl?lp=ja_en&url=http://www.joy.hi-ho.ne.jp/d13492/kagecombo.htm
    [MyKe`] because when i did that i got that new rising two foot attack
    [rsw] yes he does
    [MyKe`] ok
    [rsw] it's his charge attack
    [rsw] it can be cancelled
    [MyKe`] oh is it? damn
    [MyKe`] no wonder
    [MyKe`] when i did it normally it sucked
    [MyKe`] and it's too slow as a tft combo starter
    [rsw] wait actually it's QCF+K
    *** jhk sets mode: +o rsw
    [MyKe`] oh
    [MyKe`] sticks were a bit weird anywya
    [MyKe`] akira's yoho is sick now.. probably going to be his main combo starter
    [MyKe`] i busted 3 x P, m-dbpm no sweat
    [MyKe`] after a yoho
    [rsw] mmm
    [GreatD] senbon or regular PG?
    [MyKe`] PG
    [rsw] is kage's b,b+K+G any slower? none of the japanese pages say anything about it, and it more or less looks the same
    [rsw] to me
    [GreatD] sorry, was afk for awhile
    [MyKe`] to be honest i didn't really notice much speed difference
    [rsw] ohh
    [GreatD] I saw something about the d+k not being guaranteed after that, rich
    [rsw] send that kage portrait, too
    [rsw] if you can find it
    [MyKe`] i think because the hit animation is slower, so people think the attack is slower?
    [rsw] people are just stupid
    [rsw] seriously
    [rsw] people said it was slower in tb
    [rsw] but there was no change
    [MyKe`] they just crumple to the ground instead of the suddenly-feet-arren't-there-face-flop
    [rsw] yeah
    [MyKe`] btw when the running slide connects it has the same animation on hit
    [MyKe`] as the bb+kg
    [rsw] nooooooo
    [rsw] bastards
    [rsw] BASTARDS!
    [MyKe`] maybe it wasn't a counter hit
    [MyKe`] jeff's baseball pitch has a cooler animation to it now
    [GreatD] what about akira's BGs myke? same execution speed?
    [MyKe`] GD yeah as far as i could tell. also, the SJK doesn't float high after the ST anymore.. in fact, the float sucked

    Overall though, I'm really impressed with what I saw. Playing the CPU was alright to discover new moves (by accident mostly) but it was the few challenge sessions I had which really made the game shine.

    Other tidbits:

    - CPU Jeff did a low P MC into low throw against me. I almost cried :) Jeff's baseball pitch has a new animation to it now, looks cool.

    - Wolf just scares me. He's overall a much more aggressive thrower now. Knowing the huge range the GS has is very intimidating, and then he has that special dodging throw which when you see him in action makes you want to run home screaming! :) The sfx on the short shoulder are more beefier now, akin to Akira's Bodycheck if I remember correctly.

    - Yes, Sarah is hot! :)

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