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    I just thought I'd mention what strikes me as bizarre irony. Now that kbcat has shut down VP because of lack of appreciation and nit-picking, the most "accurate" and "complete" VF3 move list is the one at And its author is Firestarter, aka kbcat. And, because it's all VF3ob based, it is far more subject to nit-picking if anyone chose to. So what is gained by shutting VP? Ironic...

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    not really ironic, considering that hardly anyone plays ob anymore. and only a truly psychotic individual would hold the ick crew responsible for any mental stress caused from applying the ob movelist to tb.
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    Rich, I was just trying to make what I guess is too subtle a point. I don't think most people, if any, nit-picked VP. They gave what they felt was constructive criticism (me), in order to make a great site better, or had questions about the listed moves and maybe vented a bit of consternation (wolfstudent). Perhaps I shouldn't have said nit-picking; I just meant that no matter how much one might fault any errors at VP (from a VF3tb user's viewpoint), the hardcoregaming lists are even less useful. Sadly, newcomers to VF3 would probably have no idea that the hardcoregaming lists are OB lists. It's doubtful they would even know what OB is. There is nothing to alert the reader at the site, at least nothing I can discern. Newbies will just assume they are THE movelists for VF3. A similar situation: If you go to, and go to the "VF3tb" Faqs section, you'll discover they are all actually VF3ob-based FAQs. No one there seems to have a clue.
    As for the irony, to paraphrase you, it may not be ironic to you, but it is to me. Further, I see irony in that you applauded the closing of VP, saying that you would have done it sooner. This from a person who buys his own VF3tb arcade machine (who will you play if VF3tb truly dies?) and who thrives on detail and who seems unabashed at nit-picking passionately written postings --it just reeks irony. Me, I miss the site; I think it served absolutely no purpose to close it. If I were the VP crew, I would have appreciated any feedback and asked how I could make the site better, and tried to make corrections, improvements, etc. I would have done the best I could, and felt good about my contribution. I would have felt I left a legacy. Now, all they've left is a vacuum. All that hard work literally thrown away....

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    >(who will you play if VF3tb truly dies?)

    no one (duh). i got tb (and VF2, might get VF1) for myself.

    i might treat newbies like shit but you treat them like brainless idiots incapable of problem solving. if a newbie is truly interested he can figure out everything you pointed out, on his own. just like myself most of us here have done.
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    oh, and yes, i agree: i am a hypocritical jackass.

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