is One Two Low -2 on hit and -3 on counter hit?

Discussion in 'Vanessa' started by sparedifference, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. i was reading Vanasssa's command list and i have noticed a thign: DS [P] [P] [K] is -2 on hit and -3 on counter hit.
    this sounds pretty strange, i have never heard a move that's more unsafe in counter hit.
    then i guess: or this move is very special, or there is an error

    Another thing. Machine Gun Combination is not a mid knee , it's a mid kick because it can be reversed by Brad's [1] [P] [+] [K]
  2. erdraug

    erdraug Well-Known Member Content Mgr Vanessa

    OH! Finally a confirmation! You should post this in the VF5 ver.C vane command list thread!

    As far as [P] [P] [K] is concerned... well, it's had negative frames on CH since VF4 so whether it's -2 or -3 doesn't matter that much, that's why nobody cared about it, i guess.
  3. Chefboy_OB

    Chefboy_OB Well-Known Member

    I remember this question was raised before a year or two ago. I believe it was Sebo that pointed out that Vanessa(DS) can generally operate better out of disadvantage. I will use evasive movies or ones with reversal properties(Sabakis, counters, etc.) after [p][p][k]. Most decent players are going to try and regain the offensive after eating a low. It is a nice way to turn their thinking on it's head.
  4. KingofcarnageVF

    KingofcarnageVF Well-Known Member

    I rarely post anything about a character i use, but here goes. -2 -3 for Nessa is nothing in Ds. P p k should be used in side turned situations' tornado kick, hand grab kick, and side turned broken throws Use it to end the fight too. Still you have 3p, 6 pkp, 46p 1pk 2p 1p and neutral. I mean' its not throw counterable.

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