Is there any way to choose oppenents in kumite?

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by AciDShOrT, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. AciDShOrT

    AciDShOrT Member

    I am looking for a particular 4th dan, who has really neat sunglasses, but i haven't seen him in forever. I have seen him only once, and i tried to find him again without luck. He is a Jacky. Any way to determine who your opponents will be?
  2. cka

    cka Active Member

    Nope, but it's a pity you aren't me... I tend to fight the same friggin' characters over and over again.
  3. Nemesis02

    Nemesis02 Well-Known Member

    I never fight the same opponent to much at once..but i can never fight anyone in my damn rank! At 1st Dan all I fought was 2nd dan enemies....then I could only fight 3rd dan, now I'm on 3rd dan where did they all go? haha
  4. kbelanger

    kbelanger Member

    "but i can never fight anyone in my damn rank!"

    Ha! I had the same problem! I was 1st Dan for the longest time and winning most of my matches (mostly against higher ranked players)... I then lost 2 in a row and 1st Dan opponents started challenging me relentlessly - go figure! I eventually reached 4th Dan (where I am right now) but I seem to have noticed that when I lose a match, I get challenged by same ranked opponents right after my loss.
  5. Nemesis02

    Nemesis02 Well-Known Member

    Okay next time I play i will try losing in order to fight ppl in my rank...sounds weird, but maybe it'll work.
  6. kbelanger

    kbelanger Member

    "Okay next time I play i will try losing in order to fight ppl in my rank...sounds weird, but maybe it'll work."

    I am not suggesting you lose on purpose to try to face players of the same rank. I am sharing my observations and experience. From your signature, I can assume you have a high win %. I, on the other hand, am hovering around 75% win ratio and I have moved up quicker when I lost here and there (not on purpose of course) than when I had a 25+ win streak going.
  7. Darren

    Darren Member

    There is no way to chose your opponents in Kumate! It's all random. Anyways I don't want to brag but my Wolf has 520 Wins 10 losses and a 97% winning count.
    You guys will get past all the dan rankings with in time. It doesn't really take that long, just keep playing and try not to lose.
  8. kbelanger

    kbelanger Member

    Hey Darren, I also use Wolf (with not as much success as you... yet) and I have reached 4th Dan (with a record of 120-40-75%). What kind of items have you acquired? I have a few pairs of sunglasses, 2 arm tatoos, wrist bandages, but nothing that spectacular. I saw somewhere you can get facepaint for Wolf and also loose hair (as opposed to his ponytail). Have you gotten those things? Would you care to venture as to how you acquired those, if you have?

    Thanks ahead.

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