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    Only Aoi & Lei Fei at the moment. I can't find the link to the index w/ the disclaimer, but will post it later. In the meantime, keep this in mind:

    1: Only a translation from a Japanese list, aimed at the arcade mode, but most items should appear under the same circumstances, with some exceptions

    2: Names of items & moves could be different -- you might need to use your imagination.

    3: To describe moves, I've used the Japanese method (using the 10-key on your keyboard). IE, 66K is forward twice & K, 43P is d,df+P

    4: I don't know hwo to get Battle Arena items in the PS2 version -- the info is out there, but I've yet to hunt it down.

    5: The next lists I'll translate are Lion, Shun, Vanessa, then likely Kage. That's all the characters I'll use. I'll do the others, but not sure when.

    6: Nothing guaranteed

    7: Enjoy


    Lei Fei:

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