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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Mad_Beef, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Mad_Beef

    Mad_Beef Member

    anyone have any websites with kumite items that u can receive for all the chars.
  2. Moby

    Moby Well-Known Member

    Check the post by HunterRose and others in the Kumite forum for info about items.

    Thread moved to KUMITE forum.
  3. Shundi_05

    Shundi_05 Well-Known Member

    Take a look at this.
    Click on Kumite.

    /versus/images/icons/smile.gif /versus/images/icons/frown.gif /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif /versus/images/icons/frown.gif /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. EugeDragon

    EugeDragon New Member

    Based on those pics above, does anybody where and how to aquire this book?
  5. Tripp

    Tripp Member

    I cannot get that link to work. I looked in other threads also and they seem to link to that error message? Is there any other website that has all the items?
  6. Nemesis02

    Nemesis02 Well-Known Member

    yah it seems to me that the items are awrded randommly. do most of them actually have methods to obtain them?
  7. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure someone said the the white book, where the scans came from, tell you which ring name characters you have to beat in a mirror match to win each item. It's for the Japanese version though, so unless someone from SOA is kind enough to let us know which Japanese kumite opponents match up with the English version of the game, the info is kind of useless.

    Look closely at your opponent when fighting a mirror match in kumite. If they're wearing something you don't have, chances are you can win it from them by beating them. It might also help to alternate between your 1P and 2P colors for each session that you play. You'd have a better chance of seeing everything on the other characters, as some items are 1P/2P specific.

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