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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Krazyrasta, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Krazyrasta

    Krazyrasta New Member

    Hey its Krazyrasta Im new to the boards and basically the game... I was just woundering

    1. What are special items and where can i get them vs. mode Kumite arcade or wat?

    2. Regarding Normal items.. is there a set pattern to getting them cause with wolf i got to Kyu rank 3 and didnt get any but with vanessa i got 3 and im only rank 6..

    Just woundering if like Cka said you can fight in vs mode to get special items..

    thanks a lot guys.
  2. CJokerJames

    CJokerJames New Member

    Actually I was wondering the same thing, if anyone would be kind enough to even give a little explanation as to the parameters of getting items and what the difference between special items and regular items, how to get them here to get them, I've tried to look around but all I find it general info like "In Kumite mode and Vs you can fight to get rank and items" yet nothing that explains exactly how, or even a little less general info on it. Please someone if you know of a FAQ or know and would like to be nice, Email me or reply, thank you.
  3. thaininja

    thaininja Active Member

    you get items by fighting your a person who is using the same character as you but with items or sometimes you can get it randomly.....

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