its commin - vf rap

Discussion in 'General' started by Shadowdean, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    Here is a sample of the lyrics - going to record this week:
    Better watch out, I’m a V.F master
    hit you with knees, d l c's, and t k o d s
    break your back, watchin your spine freeze
    Have your spine arch when I s p o d
    Think you can mess with skills like these?
    Dude – please.
    Shuffling against walls have you RO’d
    Its your choice you can loose fast or slow
    Kick competitors out my house O T B
    Tellin’ ya’ll even VFDC don’t want me
    Faking’ y’all suckers out when I guard cancel
    Kicks from flamingo stance leave you mangled
    Trust me I’ll laugh last when I hit with hell stabs
    Grin while my Jeffery rips out yo chest and abs
    Watch AOI twist ya ass into knots you won’t last
  2. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Whoa, nelly. I really don't know what to say.

    Oh yeah, it's "lose" not "loose". Loosers are the opposite of tighters.

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