It's sad...

Discussion in 'General' started by Shang, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Shang

    Shang Well-Known Member

    MHP Adrenaline Drive is a unique tablet supplement that you place on your tongue and wait for it to dissolve for instant, long-lasting energy…

    It’s sad how corporations have turned gamers’ passions into large piles of commercial bullshit.
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  2. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    Wait until you see what their next product is!
    (Honestly I didn't even try the mints, I'm not a fan of energy drinks/supplements).
  3. Shang

    Shang Well-Known Member

    Dude nobody cares which product is. The fact is people sell out their hobbies for money. I hope y'all got paid something for posing with some stupid shit energy pill, but I bet you were too dumb to even ask for a free sample.

    You realize you are all a bunch of tools right? This type of corporate shit is what drove people like LAA out of EVO. You realize he can't even get close to to EVO cuz of some shit company decided to monopolize the event? Here we have a guy who started as a gamer, made his business for gamer, and catered to the needs of gamer, getting shoved out of the door by corporate bullshit. I hope y'all enjoyed your Arby's while you were at EVO...

    And don't forget the owner of this site trying to get sponsored by Sega to make this site some official Sega shit. Through its mods, its been alienating and silencing community dissidents who they felt wouldn't fit as the officially Sega sponsorship site ever since this sponsorship shit came about. So you got shitheads like @akai, who can't pull off a 2nd grader combo if his life depends on it telling people who's been playing VF for 20 years how to play the game. I hope selling out was fulfilling. How that turn out? VFDC's traffic must be raping these days...


    oh hey @Libertine: how's that 980Ti going?
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  4. Shang

    Shang Well-Known Member

    Oh.. and I don't get me started about "Pedo Mod". How come nobody's talk about that? Oh right because oh lord how's VFDC ever gonna get sponsored if they found out its mods were accused of molesting underaged girls.

    And FYI, I happen to think Oliver got set up, but that's not reason to silent community events just because it doesn't fit your motto.
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  5. Chief_Flash

    Chief_Flash Well-Known Member

    T1L ALL AR3 0N3
  6. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    How you feel about the whole eSports movement, sponsorships, commercialisation of gaming, etc. is totally your prerogative. But what is sad is that, once again, another VF event gets derailed by Shang for reasons only known to him. However, the pattern is always the same:
    • People having fun with VF
    • Shang sees people having fun with VF
    • Shang gets mad at people having fun with VF
    The situation with LAA is news to me, and as unfortunate as it is to hear, I think we have the capacity to both be upset that big commercial interests often squeeze out small business owners, and still come together during these occasions to enjoy playing VF. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

    So, before this dumpster fire is put out, I just wanted to address a few claims being asserted which are outright lies. I feel that if not addressed, then unsuspecting readers might believe them to be true. I assure everyone that they are not.

    Firstly, this notion that "the owner of this site [is] trying to get sponsored by Sega" is completely false. What is this even based on? The fact that this site does not run ads should tell you just how corporate (and advertiser) unfriendly it is around here. Many years ago when Google ads were run on this site, they were often disabled due to many (many) content violations. Rather than clean up the site to be more advertiser/corporate friendly, I removed the ads altogether.

    Secondly, that the mods have "been alienating and silencing community dissidents" is also false. Where's your evidence? Mods have no agenda to "silence dissidents" or anyone for that matter. In a forum, opposing or challenging views are always welcome, but if you can't express yourself without being defamatory or abusive towards other members, then, disciplinary consequences should come as surprise to no one. If you can't behave within the site's Terms of Service, then that's on you, not the Mods, or a secret agenda. Also, throwing in a couple of personal attacks aimed at other users, particularly an ex-mod (akai) who contributed tremendously to this site and (this is the best bit) has not been active for the last 4 years is real classy! I've heard of people holding a grudge, but this is next level.

    Finally, the issue regarding oneida was dealt with privately, and had nothing to do with you, or anyone else than the parties involved. There was a mutual agreement to end his association with VFDC effective immediately when the news came to light. So, this notion that VFDC is trying to protect some kind of corporate image is false. In fact, if I cared so much about the corporate image of this site, I would have plastered the news of ejecting a "pedo mod" all over the place as some kind of faux SJW move to appeal to sponsors.

    All this over some fucking energy mints!
  7. Chief_Flash

    Chief_Flash Well-Known Member

    T1L ALL AR3 0N3
    Man idk what's more impressive: that you covered all bases or that your book has zero mispelled words and zero misuse of grammar. ELITE @Myke!

    1FK owned?
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  8. Shang

    Shang Well-Known Member

    @Myke for your service, I made you:
    What do you think?
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  9. Libertine

    Libertine Well-Known Member Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    It's sad...

    It's sad that poor little Shang can't tell the difference between a person not knowing how to do something and asking for a best method when trying something for the first time. :meh:

    It's sad that our little Shangy Wangy likes to act so tough, thinking that the NAVF veterans all have his back... but do they? :unsure:

    Our poor little Shang was in the LAG thread, unable to understand why Tetsuko Yamada was able to beat "VF lifers" in the United States. Little Shang is unable to understand that she is also a "VF lifer," is married to arguably the best VF player in history, and plays in Japan where the best players in the world play. I guess that all of these things, which are obviously major advantages when it comes to improving in VF, mean nothing... if you're female. o_O

    But VFDC, please don't point out our little Shang's ignorance. Let him think that he's smarter than everyone else on this forum as he usually does... It makes him so happy. :LOL:

    Now what happened when poor Shangster posted his crap in the LAG thread? The NAVF veterans whom he thinks love him soooooooo much asked for his posts to be removed, and they were. :D

    Our poor little Shang, who thinks that he's so knowledgeable and that the vets love him, tried to create an app that he called "The New VFDC." That's right... that's how much our big boy Shang thinks about himself. He said that the "vets" would support it, but they all made fun of our poor little Shang, made him cry, and he was so embarrassed that he deleted his thread. :oops::cry:

    Our poor unloved Shang, who wants attention so badly, then revived a thread that's over 10 years old, in order to make fun of someone who hadn't even posted on this forum in a month. Poor little Shang, so desperate for love that he has to bump old threads that nobody cares about. :(

    Poor little Shang, calling people bigots, acting like he's a good guy...

    While calling BlitzballChamp stupid for having hope that North Korea and South Korea may find peace together...

    While making fun of people on his blog calling them retards and accusing them of "loving/sucking cock"...

    While intruding into people's personal lives on social media under the name Wolf Hawkfield, because as everybody knows (though maybe not, because it's rare for anybody to be as smart as our Shangster), people who are good people need to remain anonymous about what they say in public...

    While having been banned from this site multiple times, including for threatening to pull a pocket knife on someone! :eek:

    What do the veterans say about this? The following is by no means an exhaustive list:

    Shang is...

    An asshole...

    A piece of shit...

    He thinks that he's perfect...

    Poor little Shang, why do you hide behind "the veterans" when they don't like you? :unsure:

    Wasn't it you who told me that I wouldn't be anything in the VF4 era? Wasn't it you who then mentioned a whole bunch of names of veterans who will always be better than me?

    But poor baby Shangy, what did you ever accomplish in the VF4 era? I remember Myke calling you a "scrubby 2P Wolf" while saying that BK_, a player you were insulting, was much better than you. Wasn't it Myke who embarrassed you in an offline FT10? Could it be that you're not very good, even while telling others how bad they are, which explains why people ask players like Myke for advice but not you? :censored:

    Poor little Shang, don't you wish that you were good enough for people to mention your name among the veterans?

    Yes poor little Shang, I was a lurker years ago on this forum, and I remember lots of what happened back then. :ninja:

    Poor little Shangy, what have you ever accomplished? Wait, I know, because you cried your eyes out about it:

    VFDC: When Shang can't play, it's because he hasn't been serious since 2006. When he wins, it's because you're a scrub and he's so much better than you are. :ROTFL:

    Of course, our little Shang seems pretty serious when he loses...

    Poor little Shang, who says that he's so much better than me, who says that he's so much better than everybody (except for the veterans whom he thinks love him so much... :love:), what have you accomplished?

    You talk about the VF4 era. Alright, what did you accomplish back then?

    You said that you haven't been serious since 2006. Alright, what did you accomplish back in 2006? :rolleyes:

    Little baby Shang, you said that I can't beat Denkai, or GT, or Japanese players. Alright, can you? :unsure:

    Poor little Shang, what are you accomplishing now? Deleting your posts when you're embarrassed? Heading towards your next ban? Posting on a blog that nobody reads? Getting more and more players to hate you? Intruding in people's personal lives?

    Wait, I know!

    You're thinking of your next insult! Let me guess...

    "You suck cock!"

    Wow Shangy, you're so edgy! You're so cool. :cool:

    A guy who's in his late 40's to 50's making penis jokes... Yes, this isn't embarrassing at all. It's not like DX coming out in their old ages doing that kind of thing... No, because unlike Triple H and Shawn Michaels, you actually still sound like you're in your adolescence. :ROTFL:

    Another thing you're accomplishing is getting people to laugh at you for trying to make fun of people who haven't been active in years. akai? LOL. Are you that desperate for attention?

    So, so sad... :(:cry:

    Pathetic too. (n)

    P.S. - I'm enjoying my 980 Ti just fine!
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  10. kungfusmurf

    kungfusmurf Well-Known Member

    So Congressman, what games are you playing with that 980 TI?
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  11. kungfusmurf

    kungfusmurf Well-Known Member

    Way too much facial hair.
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  12. Shang

    Shang Well-Known Member

    980Ti are like $200 on eBay now.. NEXT!
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  13. Libertine

    Libertine Well-Known Member Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    I knew that you were going to post that picture. :rolleyes:

    So no arguments against anything that I've said? Just a lame meme from over four years ago? :zzz:

    I'll ask you again: Since you love to belittle others, what have you accomplished?

    It's funny how you posted a picture of me with my Rising Snack Award. :D That is more than you have won lately...

    So sad... :(

    Was this thread's title intended to be synonymous with your life? :p
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