Ive noticed some character are more powerful than others.

Discussion in 'Dojo' started by shankmaster, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. shankmaster

    shankmaster New Member

    It seems to me that a true master of someone like akira will probably waste a master of most other characters. So im trying to master akira now... /versus/images/icons/cool.gif
  2. ad91791

    ad91791 Well-Known Member

    That's not true. A person who has mastered Jacky can beat a person who's a master with Akira.
  3. ShunAoi

    ShunAoi Member

    i guess..but i personally hate Jacky..he might as well be his sister
  4. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    While it's true that some characters are 'stronger' than others, I've seen the 'weakest' destroy the 'strongest'. Shun is probably considered the weakest in the game since Ver. C, and I can bitch-slap some pretty good Jacky & Akira players.

    The good thing about using the non-popular characters, is that people will have fewer strategies on defending themselves against them.
  5. sayow

    sayow Well-Known Member

    <font color="lightblue">It is a shame that you use personal hatred as your measuring stick for determining how good a character is. Jacky or Sarah in the hands of a capable user can tan Akira's hide equally as well against an opponent with equal skill. Certainly, Akira puts out more per strike than most in the game but he lacks in speed compared to those he out-powers. It's a flavor thing that I'm quite sure your familiar with as well: slow and stronger at one end of the spectrum vs. quick and weaker at the other and all the other flavors in the middle...

    I don't know how long you've had the game but give it awhile. You'll see more subtlties in this game and I'm sure you'll appreciate it's balance in the long run. All you need to do is be patient and work it. Virtua Fighter 4 can be played like a pick up game. But you get so much more out of it if you take your time with it. It will reward you much better that way. Besides, you don't want to be a button masher when you grow up, eh? Peace...</font color>
  6. ShunAoi

    ShunAoi Member

    oh i know all that i just dont like jacky ..not a big deal though...i like the quicker weaker characters myself..aoi and shun..but shun doesn't seem to weak after you get a few drinks in him.........
  7. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    True, but anyone that knows how to defeat a Shun will start taking your drinks away. Vanessa is probably the easiest character to sober Shun up, next Wolf. Wolf's giant swing just takes 'em down.

    Look around for some SHU movies -- that guy is probably the best Shun around, and drinking is a very minor part of his game.
  8. ShunAoi

    ShunAoi Member

    i think Aoi is pretty good at sobering him up too..she has those b+p and f,b+p interrupt moves and many others...really? i cant believe drinkin is a minor part? when i play with him (which i haven't for a little while) i dont try and just drink a lot but pull moves that drink at the same time....
  9. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    He finished many rounds with only 2-3 drinks. The most I saw him drink at the end of a match was 6. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  10. Foondogg

    Foondogg Well-Known Member

    Its more a style thing..

    However, i still dont like Akira
    I call him Chea-tos because he's Dangerously Cheesy
  11. Clumsy_Mohel

    Clumsy_Mohel Member

    I like Akira himself, he's fighting style is really cool, and he's not unbalanced. What I can't stand is how much the VF4 people obviously favor him above all the other characters. He's the first guy you in the the intro, and he has the largest part, his face is much larger than anyone elses on the PS2 game case, he's the first in the manual, etc. I'm sorry, but I hate it when fighting games take a particular character and then try to make him the most desirable. Street fighter did it with Ryu and Ken, and while I gave up playing SF a long time ago, it seemed some characters were literally half of what Ryu and Ken were. Then you get too many people playing as that guy, or trying to play as that guy. To counter this, his moves aren't the easiest in the world, but it still irks me. In my mind, the "best fighting game ever" (which VF4 seems to have been called many times) would have all characters equal in all respects, while not being too similar. And VF4 has practically done that if it weren't for all this Akira promoting.

    Note that I'm a Lau player, and that he seems to be the guy getting the crap kicked out of him the most in the intro on the PS2.
  12. Ambition

    Ambition New Member

    Actually I found Jacky to be the one getting beat up the most in the intro. First they show him getting beat up by Akira in all four VF games. Then later on Sarah is beating him. I agree that Akira is promoted too much. I don't think it hurts the actual game though.
  13. Keeper

    Keeper Member

    Hm, well, most fighting games have their "poster boys", Tekken has Jin *pukes*, SF has Ryu/Ken, well and VF has Akira....I never bothered with them when it goes to picking a character, I just pick those who I like style-wise, not the ones I think I can win the most with....
    I ended up using Lei in Tekken (obviously, isnt it /versus/images/icons/grin.gif ) and playing Lion in VF right now; maybe also take a look at Shun....
  14. Hookkick

    Hookkick New Member

    Every single fighting game does only concentrate on one character, in this case VF does with Akira but I think his difficulty is the same as the others. Tekken is diff. the main guy for them (i forgot his name) is so freakin hard in the game it's like with only a couple punches he kills you.
  15. Dougydug

    Dougydug Well-Known Member

    Akira is promoted, but only so people will by the game. Shun, for example, might give the wrong impression (novelty fighting game), purely from a marketing point of view. Of course in VF (and most other fighting games), all characters are equal - so don't let it get you down. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif I think we should trust that the designers have weakened certain characters for a reason, but then no game is perfect.
  16. Sausage Man

    Sausage Man Active Member

    Just a wild question, why on God's green earth do so many people think Akira is that much more powerful than the other characters. I would place at least 3 to 4 characters above him at least.
  17. Keeper

    Keeper Member

    Tekken doesn have any "super" characters, by the way, which Tekken you mean, TAG or 4??
    I guess you mean Ogres, though.....and yep they are strong, but not godlike (though they are gods /versus/images/icons/grin.gif )
  18. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    I tend to disagree slightly.

    1: I don't think all the characters are equal. If they were, they wouldn't have Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced characters. Some players can win just as well with one or the other, but very few. I'll go out on a limb and say almost anyone has the upper hand when fighting against Shun, since Ver. C. That hurt so bad!

    As for why akira's so strong? I can name a few things:

    1: Most affective opener in the game. Eblow (don't know the command) /versus/images/commands/f.gif/versus/images/commands/f.gif/versus/images/commands/k.gif/versus/images/commands/k.gif. I find the balance awful that someone that does an amazing amount of damage has not only the fastest attack (for the distance) but also one that crumbles and allows for the /versus/images/commands/f.gif/versus/images/commands/f.gif/versus/images/commands/k.gif/versus/images/commands/k.gif.

    2: Tons of double-fisted blows & shoulders. Reversing his attacks are harder than other characters.

    3: Fantastic floaters, and great follow-ups for them. The 'strong' characters (the ones that have high damage combos, no matter how hard they are to use) require less chances to use them, so to speak. IE, if Shun & Jacky are playing, it'll take fewer punishing Jacky attacks than punishing Shun attacks to win -- hence your game must be ice cold. It's a trade off for Shun's quickness, although Jacky's not so slow himself. With Akira, he's got many 70+ combos, and even higher. Coincidentally, the only character I use that can compare is Vanessa, as blow for blow -- she's strong.
    Hence, people say he's to strong.

    Personally, I think he needs some tweaking, mostly what I put above, but the only real beef I've got is that his "advanced" title can be misleading. I think his moves are definitely the hardest in the game by far, but his combos do loads of damage. On the othe hand - Shun, also an 'advanced' character, has much easier moves to learn, but actually connecting with a lot of them, and doing major damage from combos is a bit tricker. Just my take on it.

    Sega obviously thinks so as well, as they've dulled him down so much, and will do even more in Evolution. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  19. Sausage Man

    Sausage Man Active Member

    You also fail to notice that Akira has absolutely no crescent attacks at all. You can dodge Akira very easily. His throw game is weak and LBF is his only decent low game.
  20. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    No, I notice that, but the other tuff offsets it, IMHO. As for his attacks easy to doge -- not all of them. Any good Akira is really good at spacing them just enough to blow you out the door. Of course any character can do that, but w/ AKira's short-burst nature, it's more rewarding.

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