Jacky Bryant: Meaties and Okizeme

Discussion in 'Jacky' started by Chibiaya, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Chibiaya

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    Bus Orez
    Since there is not a thread for this. Partially my fault because I didn't make it when I had intended to do so.

    Common moves that lead to good Okizeme and potential Sideturned okizeme.

    [4][6][K][+][G] Dashing once leads to oki. Can use all of oki options after this.

    [K][+][G] [K] No dash needed, Can go directly into [4][K][+][G]

    Ending a combo with [1][P][+][K][P][P] slight dash into meaty is required since the last hit pushed them back a little bit. If you end the combo with the [K] extension, No dash is required if you use [3][K]

    [6][6][K] Really great knockdown and advantage Slight dash is required however. See below for further details

    Meaty frames -6 ~ -8
    Normally -8
    Meaty hit -2

    *Note: Jacky's hit throw, works really well as a meaty because it leads to guaranteed damage on hit. If opponent blocks, You are still safe.

    Meaty frames-5
    Normally -7
    Causes knockdown

    Meaty Frames -1~0
    if hits sideturned meaty this is +2/if blocked -1?

    Meaty frames -6
    Normally -6
    sideturned blocked -3
    Sideturned hit +8(If landed perfectly +11~13 Free [6][P][P] and Free [P][P])

    Meaty Frames +0 - +1
    Normally 0

    Backturned SS [3][3]:k: [P][+][G]
    Meaty frames -4 ~-5
    Normally -6
    Meaty hit -0 ~-1
    Note: This can only be used from backturned after ending a combo with [4][P][K] or landing the move outside of a combo. Leads to guaranteed damage and leaves you far away from the opponent for okizeme spacing

    Meaty frames: Knock down
    Standard block: -4
    Sideturned blocked: 0? More testing required
    Note: This move actually sets up meaties quite nicely. if your opponent techrolls right after this move they are in prime position to be hit with another one or meaty [3]:k: which is +9 in this situation. You could also set up meaty [2][P][+][K] for a max of +3 on block

    Meaty frames: +3~+4
    Meaty block: +2~3
    Sideturned block: +5 or more
    Note: From here you can go into SS [P][+][K] without your opponent being able to counter attack you. Be careful vs evades however

    Meaty frames +5~6
    Meaty Blocked: -3?
    Side turned block: 0

    BT [2][K]
    Meaty frames: Knockdown
    Meaty Block: -16
    Meaty Sideturned: -13(this occurs if the opponent exact techs i believe

    Note: As it is a meaty, it cannot be stepped, Adding to that it is a low that knocks down on normal hit. This on normal hit perfectly sets you up for meaty [4][K][+][G] should your opponent decide to tech roll again. Any combo ending in [4][P][K] can easily set up this meaty


    Meaty frames: Juggles the opponent
    Meaty block: -0 ~ -2
    Sideturned meaty block: +1~ +2

    Note: This is a very easy meaty to set up off of [4][6][K][+][G] and off of combos that end with [9][K][+][G]. If an opponent neutral techs the timing of this does not change. If they stay on the ground after a knockdown that you want to use this as a meaty for. You will have plenty of time to block the wake up attack should they do one even if they do the fastest possible wake up attack.

    BT [P][+][K]
    Meaty frames: Crumple/knockdown
    Meaty block -4
    Meaty sideturned: +1
    Note: This move pushes back quite a bit on block. Can perform a combo on an opponent if this move hits them. Any combo ending in [4][P][K] can easily set up this meaty

    Meaty frames: +6~7
    Meaty block: -4~5
    Meaty sideturned Block -0~+2
    Meaty Sideturned hit +10
    Note: Off of most knockdowns, you will be able to do [P][P][6][P] to time this on oki against techrolling. Obviously the first 2 hits will whiff but if done correctly it can be extremely easy to time the meaty. Even in high pressure situations. Examples that this works in are [4][6][K][+][G], [8][K][+][G], [4][P][K], [9][K][+][G].


    This will cover options that are not meaty per sae but can yield massive advantage.

    Hit class: high
    Hit advantage: +6 Normal hit/+9 Counter hit
    Block advantage: -8 Normally/ -6~7 on side tech roll if timed properly
    Maximum hit advantage +9 Normal hit/+13 Counter hit
    Note: This move obviously would be used as a means of preventing stepping. When used in this situations the frames of this move drastically change. Of course you could just use the unblockable here and set up a meaty techroll situation but on counterhit this allows you to get a free sideturned situation in which you can take your free [6][P][P] or [P][P][P]

    Hit class: high
    Hit advantage: +5 Normally/ +8 Counterhit
    Block advantage: -6 normally/ On sidetechroll -4
    Maximum hit advantage +7 / Counter hit +11~12
    Note: This move does leave you backturned but you can yield some serious +frames from the use of this move. This move is actually quite safe on block as well so you can still continue to space. It also pushes back as well.

    Hit class: High
    HIt advantage: Juggle state / Counter hit Juggle state
    Block advantage +3
    Maximum hit advantage: Juggle state / Counter hit: Juggle state

    Note: For those who are unaware, This is probably going to be your most used move when you arent able to set up a proper meaty with Jacky on oki. 16 frame start up but it recovers really fast. If your opponent blocks it then you are at advantage so they will have to duck. Which is dangerous vs jacky as you can see for many reasons. If you are using this as a meaty move in general, it is pretty good but remember that high attacks cannot land as true meaty moves.

    SS [K][+][G]

    Hit class: High
    Hit advantage: Knock down
    Block advantage: 0 ~+2
    Maximum block advantage: +3

    Note: Personally i love this move on wake up for several reasons.
    1. Its completely safe on block / Advantaged block if blocked after techroll
    2. its really deceptive
    If you are near a wall, This will wall splat your opponent if they do not block it. Its great in general for over all pressure


    Hit class: high
    Hit advantage +5 ~6
    Block advantage: +4
    Counter hit advantage +10
    Maximum hit advantage: +11 CH +8 NH

    Note: This move nets you alot of advantage on block and on hit. If this move hits, your opponent is now turned sideways and they must deal with your side turned pressure. If it counter hits you get free [6][P][P] or [P][P][P]. This can also be mixed up with the punch option if your opponent decides to duck this move.

    To be Continued...
  2. Sozos

    Sozos Pai Sucksan Content Manager Pai

    Thx Chibiaya. Great thread and ofc im waiting for the continue. Anw after some dojo with jacky some days ago i was trying some of his meaties .You already wrote about 1P as sideturned meaty that is +2,its just in some situations like 4PK > 8661P for example, 1P connect as a sideturned meaty with +3. So its between +2 or +3 depends how perfectly to land it. Its just i wanted to share it and add it.
  3. Chibiaya

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    Bus Orez
    Thread updated
  4. Chibiaya

    Chibiaya Well-Known Member

    Bus Orez
    Updated again...Will keep trying to update when i have time
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  5. Cozby

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    Stn Cozby
    [3][P][+][K] is a really good meaty just because its solid guaranteed damage regardless if the opponent is hit standing or crouching. Same with [P][+][K][+][G] [P] or Step in [P] or [K]
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  6. Manjimaru

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    I dunno about "good", cause it only has 2 active frames, but it is safe mid that does good damage on crouchblock compared to other options. I use it myself as one of my meaty options, mostly because its fast enough that I can check whether opponent techs/quickrises and then time it on their rise. 4K+G is so slow you kind of have to initiate it blindly and hope opponent rises to it.
  7. SDS_Overfiend1

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    You use it yourself...
    So don't that make it good?
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  8. Cozby

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    Stn Cozby
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  9. Manjimaru

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    I reserve rights to consider something good or not. It is a fucking personal opinion. Deal with it.
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  10. Chefboy_OB

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    Jacky players complaining about how good just one of their several options are...

    S-tier problems
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    I don't have to, because you already did!
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    Bus Orez
    Thread updated....
  13. Dhaval Katbamna

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    Every combo you end with [2][P][+][K] SSS [P],[P] always (you get what I mean. Use it as your meaty of choice) use [K][G] (“universal” kick cancel) [4][K][+][G]. It’s very easy to time with the kick cancel. You’ll be fuzzyable disadvantage on block. Hit or ch you get a combo. If you chose to end your combo with [1][P][+][K],[P],[K] dash [3][P][+][K] :[P][+][G] will meaty.
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  14. Dhaval Katbamna

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    Something else I developed. Real okizeme as opposed to ukemizeme. On throws such as [4][P][+][G] or [6][4][P][+][G] or [4][6][P][+][G] you can CH your opponents mid getup kick. After the throw [2]([8])[4][4] ,[4][4][P] while they are still on ground or rolling. From BT time your BT[K] to hit during the active frames of the mid getup [K]. If you CH follow up with SS,[P] which is guaranteed from your CH BT[K]. From +16 You get your big damage [6_][K]:[G] combos.

    Secondly, if your opponent doesn’t getup kick you have infinite options. I’ve seen someone walk back BT into throw, in jpn arcade at high rank. So the sky is the limit have fun experimenting

    Note: it’s tough to time, and even harder online.
    Secondly in some cases you may be able to space out a low getup kick while doing your BT[K].
    Please try this at home, I’m not an expert.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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