Jacky Players Unite!!! *Strats*

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Blondie, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Well after getting VF at home I've found how to do the iageri consistently. Also, found an incredible setup after the BKC, may be nothing new but I think its down right cool. BKC, finish BT (Backturned). Instantly go into a forward CD (crouch dash) backwards, now you shouldn't turn around if you do it right, if they techroll- Blinde beatknuckle, or BT low kick. If they sit there, jump over them. It works like a charm against the CPU, and also wonderfully against a human. Also another good move I've found is Jacky's Backfist b+P, on MC it stuns heavily, so I'm working on some nasty backfist combos and setups. Any takers? Also a good move to throw out if you get initiative is b,b+p going backturned. on MC you get a 6 frame advantage. That six frame advantage is on a move thats one frame slower than the standing jab. Use It!!! =) hopefully this thread will be a good one. Please feel free to post new stuff as more and more people just getting VF for the first time are starting to play and possibly choosing "Jacky". later guys.

    Here is a list of Jacky moves I've found useful:

    b,f+K+G: 25 pts. great for evaders, and starting matches. This move is a little wierd as to what happens when you throw it and hit someone. If you hit them with this move, Crouch dash forwards or away immediately as you don't want to lose precious advantage with them on the ground, while jacky claps his hands. =)
    Beatknuckle combo: always =)
    Beatknuckle+K, Shuffle step<iageri kick, working on followups.
    b+P, major crumple now
    b+P, d/b+p, good low move to go to for last hit.
    f,b+P+G throw is excellent good damage and non techable
    d/f,d/f+P+G is also a good throw to do especially after a MC standing jab or successful evade kick, now this throw is Techrollable so go ahead and count on them teching after the throw, whats wierd is sometimes depending on which way they tech the camera switches sides and throws you off, so practice watching which way they tech roll and go with it. When they tech, they'll probably be really pissed you hit them with that throw. Go neutral on it!!! You'll be in there face, with them pissed off chances are they'll be punching with you that close, neutral parry+P, dash in for either another d/f,d/f throw or f,b throw. They'll be really mad!!! Whee!!
    also with jacky his punch sequence combos don't really possess a deadly low attack, "Other than" his b+P, d+K, sweeps everytime. You want the sweep to ground for okizeme game. All other sweeps leave you helpless. Although you can use them for a good last hit. Also with Jacky go with a regular low kick a couple of times when the opponent gets up. If they are good they know jacky really doesn't have a great low attack to go to and its hard to out time a good player. So regular low kick the first two times or so to get that players brain to play tricks on them. See they know Jacky doesn't have a good low attack, and they can usually see the backfist<sweep combo coming a mile away. So Jacky's Major strenths are his timing and mid moves. If you can get that opponent to duck say two or three times when getting up. A good jacky player will use elbows, BKC, and backflips to take big damage and win the match quick. Its when you have them on the ropes that you can really get sick stuff off on them. Putty in your hand. =)
  2. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    reply, hehe, just trying to get my quote yellow, seeing if it worked =).
  3. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    After the b+P crumple, common combos are his f+P,P,K and his K,P,K. Both do a nice chunk of damage.
  4. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Ice thank you for always taking the time to look and add to my posts =). Your swell. And also, found some interesting new jacky things. Its confirmed that you can jump over the opponent CDing backturned and get the later half of the Jacky Ura Setup off. Very nice looking on humans that feel they should rising attack at a Backwards crouch dashing jacky after a BKC on mC or MC. =). add more please.
  5. SilentKnight

    SilentKnight Active Member

    What's an iageri? and um, the BKC thing? I looked in VFDC's terms (glossary) section, but couldn't find it.
  6. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Iageri is off of Jacky's Shuffle step either b+P+K+G<K or after any of his strings that end with a roundhouse hit "Back" and Kick, then hit guard as you just start to hear jacky say YEAH!! during the kick animation. You should see him yank his foot back after it impacts. Even on block you get a +2 frame advantage. Also BKC refers to Beatknuckle Combo =). P+K,P, either d+K or K. Thanks for asking questions. Hope I can help more in the future. Feel free to add to this thread also. =)
  7. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    b+K+G is also nice, guarantees a pounce at mid range and a combo close in. The CPU seems to love doing db+P+K,K,K as a poke... other than the really fast mid hit, I don't see any use for it. Unfortunately, Jacky's basically limited to f,b+P+G and the occasional df,df+P+G... fortunately, he's got f,f+P+G to avoid RO, but it doesn't do much damage. df+KK connects more often than it should, and takes off a lot of damage for a sidekick.
  8. SilentKnight

    SilentKnight Active Member

    thanks guys. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  9. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    More strats:

    The more I play Jacky the more I find its all about spacing. Jacky's kickflip is a must for big damage at high level play. A lot of times I'll hit the opponent with jacky's b+P on MC and get the backflip off for pretty good damage. Most of the time with jacky its good to not totally finish your combo, really trying to get that opponent to tech roll. One thing I highly recommend that a jacky player masters is his Supersonic lightning backwards crouchdash step. And another movement strategy is using his b+P+K+G shuffle step<d/b,d/b or d/f,d/f. Also you must get his iageri down. Use it instantly off of his b+P+K+G. A good followup after the iageri +2 advantage on block is his P,P,u+p or his d/f+p,p,p both have gauranteed stomp afterward. Mind you that if these are blocked especially d/f+p,p,p you must OS at least two throws =). sometimes I'll do this string on purpose to get the throw counter and force them to fear me =). When the Iageri hits your going to want to do BKC or ff+K. Do not throw!! My first reaction after the iageri hit was to f,b+P+G throw, they stagger too heavily and it won't connect. The throw really comes into play when you get the Crouch dashing down and can really get in there face to exploit the MC jab or MC lp, or stagger with an elbow<throw. Jacky really has no effective low moves so your going to have to really be a whore and hit them with as many d/b+P's as possible. Keep in mind that it will usually hit, when it hits you get a +3 in a crouch position. You really don't have anything to work with from what I've encounter so far with Jacky in crouched position. So your options are to either LP going for a stupid retaliation after they've been hit by this for a MC into a throw or I sometimes do backfist (B+P) trying to get the MC, followed by backflip, this hurts.

    Also, with jacky, I broke down every character in the game and figured which direction to OS effectively with each. Factoring in there throw commands, damage, and Okizeme potential (which way I'm facing). A good thing to also do is before you fight a certain character know what big moves they posses be it there fastest and most damaging. Usually a good jacky player won't let any charge up moves go unpunished. When fighting certain character know in your mind which way you want the majority of your sidesteps to go in "Critical Situations", take akira for instance. Most of his attacks can be dodged to his backside, use this. When you dodge a linear attack and get his evade kick off instantly go for a d/f,d/f+P+G throw or f,b+P+G throw. Make Them Break throws!!!! Your attacks interrupt there throw commands they are breaking on MC!!! Good luck. I'll post more as I progress.
  10. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    I found my old Jacky thread and added, sorry its been awhile =).

    More strats for Jacky:

    New moves that prove useful time and again:

    Sidestep cancelling: with jacky its almost essential to sidestep cancel that way you can dodge linear attacks and cancel the sidestep to block non-linear crescents.
    also since myke just posted on this topic I'll let our Cat out of the bag. Me and IMF have done some experimenting and basically found that the "Lenny Manuever" is essential to get out of harms way in some circumstances. basically the shape of the movement is in a "L" shape so we nicknamed it "Lenny" lol. Basically it involves a backdash into a sidestep cancel. You can experiment with this and find good situations to use it.

    Back to Jacky moves, sorry got distracted: When perfoming a successful sidestep or in FC. the d/f punch from FC is very good to use and delay for MC. It can be followed up with elbow, p, k combo. This combo just needs to be delayed a split second.

    I've mastered Iageri, and found it most useful when an opponent is getting up or TRing. Nothing is gauranteed after Iageri hits, but a Nasty guessing game is put into full effect.

    Jacky's d/f+p,p,p is essential also for those people that like to throw escape after throw counterable moves. They'll take these punches on MC and you get a stomp afterwards. Also, even if they evade the punches will track an evading opponent. Whats great about these punches is that they're not "Throw Counterable". Use them like the Mishima Flash Punch in Tekken.

    Jacky's "MAIN GAME": "p,p" working d+k, elbow, throw, or b+p all giving different advantages and scenarios.

    d+k- when this hits, generally a evade is most useful. But on High level players after a low attack that leaves you at a negative advantage "THEY THROW" so here's what you'll want to do after the d+k, evade and cancel with a CD, follow up with a lp on MC immediately and "THROW BACK" =).

    elbow- you can either delay the elbow or immediately do the elbow out of the p,p sequence. I generally delay it. After the elbow hits learn to recognize immediately what type of hit it was. On regulare hit chain a "k" onto the elbow and ground them for Okizeme followups. If they were silly and ducked, which is what you want them to do, they'll be staggered. I usually find effective either delaying another elbow or rushing immediately and hitting them with either f,b+p+g throw or d/f,d/f+p+g throw. High level players always DTE evade after getting hit with the elbow. At that point start delaying moves like f,f+k or another elbow.

    throw: p,p+throw usally works well with either one of f,b+p+g or d/f,d/f or d/f p+g. "ONLY USE THIS IF YOUR ELBOW ISN"T WORKING". you'll also need to know that p,p+elbow with no followup is throw counterable. this sucks =P.

    b+p: The most fun of all the p,p sequences. After b+p either hits or is guarded the opponent must block the followup k(can't be delayed). You can then start another p,p sequence or "G" cancel and get them with either f,f+k or throw depending on there reaction to blocking the kick. This is by far what makes Jacky Mind Numbing!! Of all the p,p sequences the one that leads to the most damage and driving a person to either ringout or a brain tumor is this sequence.

    I hope this helps some Jacky players out there. While I'm no Dan ranked Jacky I'm improving constantly and will try to keep updates on info on this thread. later.
  11. imf

    imf Well-Known Member

    Actually, I was talking to Chanchai about this last night and we couldn't quite be sure if you actually can cancel the backdash with a sidestep or if it's more of a buffer. To me it certainly looks like you can do it fast enough at times to sidestep before the end of the backdash...maybe even halfway through the backdash...it was hard to really tell tho. I'll look at it more today. Does anybody know for sure?
  12. imf

    imf Well-Known Member

    heh, just to answer my own question...yes you can... /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  13. Jerky

    Jerky Well-Known Member

    After Iai I'm pretty sure it's safe to go for a knee combo. When It connects close it's kinda difficult to avoid if unexpected. If you can pull it off it's really useful, you can push someone to the wall after the knee with PG's then go for a canned pp+fppk(or d+k)
  14. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    Yes, but, If anyone has ever played IMF or seen the Hydra match struggling is his strong point. "I don't go for anything that can be struggled out of". Generally I try to mix up a throw, or wait a split second for his OS attempt and delay the knee. =). Thanks for sharing.
  15. Jerky

    Jerky Well-Known Member

    Yes, you're absolutely right. I just thought I'd add that in as some of the things you can do because I didn't see it at top. Good stuff.
  16. mourning_zero

    mourning_zero New Member

    If you can land a k, k you get a free d, k, k (the d may need to be buffered during the second k of k, k)while they're bouncing all over the place. It's real tricky to land a quick techroll when bouncing like that so you may follow up with an u, p since they'll be spending a few moments on the ground.
    An extremely easy combo with great damage and it covers a good distance too for those ring-outs.
  17. Blondie

    Blondie Well-Known Member

    =), not sure if your right? A k,k is just a canned combo. first k hitting high, second hitting mid. There are no gauranteed followups after this. If you want to ring out just fight someone that doesn't duck and hit them with two p,p,b+p,k's. If the backfist is blocked the kick must be blocked also. When the k is blocked your at a +1 or +2 I can't remember =/. good luck with your jacky.
  18. mourning_zero

    mourning_zero New Member

    It's a float / juggle whatever you want to call it when you're bouncing someone off the ground with successive hits.
    And yea k,k is risky but 55-80 damage (80 if they don't manage a techroll before u,p lands) just can't be ignored, it is afterall more damage than a BKC.

    Personally I usually pair k,k with an evade when facing long combos, if they don't cancel in time it works well. It's also an ok follow up after a crumple with b, p.

    sorry to use the term guaranteed, still getting used to all the lingo.
  19. alucard

    alucard Well-Known Member

    When the k is blocked your at a +1 or +2 I can't remember =/. good luck with your jacky.

    Its +3.
  20. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    just to say that on paper (cuz I dun play Jacky) his stance change kick looks very good for okizemi. pkg,k.

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