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Jacky Punishment List

Discussion in 'Jacky' started by Cozby, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Cozby

    Cozby OMG Custom Title! W00T! Content Manager Sarah

    Stn Cozby
    Heres what Jacky's punishment looks like:


    Vs. Standing Recovery
    -10: Throw

    -12: [P][K] 32 dmg, +4 on hit

    -14: [3][P][P][P] 53 dmg, knockdown
    [6][P]+[K] > [P][K] 50 dmg, +4 on hit
    [7][K]+[G] 62 dmg, knockdown

    -15: [6][6][K], 31 dmg, knockdown

    -16: [6_][K]:[G], launch
    [P]+[K][P], launch

    -17: [6][K] launch

    -19: [4][P]+[K]
    Vs. Crouching Recovery

    -12: [2][P] 11 dmg, +4 on hit

    -14: [6][P][K] 39 dmg, knockdown
    [7][K]+[G] 62 dmg, knockdown

    -15 [6][6][K] 31 dmg, knockdown

    -16 [P]+[K][P] launch

    -17 [6][K] launch

    I addded [4][P]+[K] because I was having trouble punishing somersaults. The damage can be really good from it anyways.
  2. Sashaz

    Sashaz Well-Known Member

    Thank you that is very useful. What about side turn what punishment would you recomend?
  3. pana

    pana Well-Known Member

    Forgot about that completely.
    Cozby's list is fine but I can add some specific stuff and remove something to have a better list. I'll just do a rapid thing listing what I think are the most important ones.

    vs. Standing Recovery:


    [P][K] for 32 dmg, don't use this on Taka.
    [P][P] is an alternative. After PP hits your opponent can only avoid the throw or the mid follow-up (PP6P), don't use this on Taka.
    Instead of the simple PK, use [P][P][6][P][K] on Taka for 57dmg. You may also use
    [P][P][6][P][P] and play the string game since PP6PK doesn't knockdown

    [3][P][P][P] for 53dmg, don't use this on Taka.
    [7][K] for 62dmg, don't use this on Taka.
    Use [6][P][+][K] -> [P][P][6][P][K] on Taka for 75dmg (dmg is 69 if you use 6P+K ->
    You may also use [6][P][+][K] -> Throw (make it connect at the 11th frame), especially when opponent's back is facing the wall. 6P+K -> 46P+G (Wall Bounce) -> 7K (you can use 66K, but damage is higher with 7K) does 115dmg (dmg is 70 if Wall Bounce doesn't happen) and 6P+K -> 64P+G does 80dmg but throws aren't guaranteed, still nice to know that Jacky's Max Damage off -14 can be so high.
    Note: 3PPP (Wall Hit) -> 7K when opponent's back is facing the wall does 84dmg
    and is guaranteed, if you use it on Taka you won't get a Wall Bounce but you can follow
    3PPP with 66K for 70dmg, still lower than 6P+K -> PP6PK but for five point less Taka is down.

    [6][6][K] (Wall Splat or Wall Slump depending on the distance) -> Combo when
    opponent's back is facing the wall, continue with combos you can find in combos
    [3][K][+][G] (Wall Splat) -> Combo when you're in the "Wall Side Stun angulation" and
    Jacky's back is facing the wall, continue with combos you can find in Wall Side Stun
    category in the Combo List.

    [P][+][K][P] -> Combo. Only use [P][+][K] (Wall Splat) -> Combo if opponent's back is facing the wall, if you're not too close to the wall P+K won't cause a Wall Splat but it'll cause a Wall Hit that you'll follow with 4K+G (HB) -> Combo. Don't use [6_][K][G], P+KP and P+K always do higher damage.
    Note: 6P+K -> PP6PK is still the best punishment for Taka in this situation.

    [6][K] -> Combo.

    [1][P] (Wall Side Stun) -> Combo. Use 1P if you blocked from an angulation where 1P
    causes a Wall Side Stun.
    [4][P][+][K] catches Jacky recovering from 7K if it was blocked from mid range (6K doesn't).

    vs. Crouching Recovery:

    [2][P] for 11dmg.

    [6][P][K] for 34dmg, it doesn't KD Taka so you may use [6][P][P] (which has a mid follow-up) on him.
    [7][K] for 62dmg.

    [6][6][K], again, only if opponent's back is facing the wall as dmg for it alone is 31 only.

    [P][+][K][P] or [P][+][K], same as vs. Standing Recovery.

    [6][K] -> Combo.

    [1][P], same as vs. Standing Recovery.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2013
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  4. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    Since it was not mentioned in this thread yet, in Final Showdown 7K is just as fast as 7K+G so you no longer have to press G to get the faster version.

    Secondly, flipkick is 14 frames only from point blank range. At even minor distance it can become 15 frames (hit on later active frame cause opponent is too far away). I don't offhand remember specific -14 situations where this might matter, but I wanted to point it out anyway since blocked flipkick is bad. -15 is a very common number on block, so this is usually not an issue.

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