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    After playing the game for a bit (its been a few days now ;), I can suggest some VF4 tactics with Jacky that seem to work really well. (Summers read the attack/movement section)

    Jackys lead in attack should be single p

    In VF3 my jacky strategy consisted highly of two lead-in setups, In VF4 both strategys seem to work slightly modified.

    Fron single p, condition your opponent to block low by doing p, low kick. In VF4 the low kick crumples. After the crumple follow up with a BKC, or Beatknuckle heelkick, backdash.

    This takes off pretty good damage I would say maybe 35%.

    After the low kick crumple I think the BKC is guaranteed, its kinda like akira's SDE crumple DLC. I have to try it out more.

    Once you get your opponent blocking low throw out an elbow to stagger them, then play the guessing game. Basically you watch to see what they are doing. P low kick can be delayed or executed immediately its important for you to get an intuitive feel for this setup.

    I prefer doing p, d+k, p+k, k, b, then kg to fake them if they tech roll or getup with a rising attack.

    Once you backdash its just like jacky's b+p+k+g.

    Setup number two, I took this from Chin Pan Jay watching his VF3tb beattribe style of play. He was a really good jacky player that knew how to use his low kicks to keep a distance of his opponent.

    low kick them to doom.
    low kick, low punch
    lowkick, elbow

    get your opponent used to blocking low, then throw out the elbow, now with the backcrouchdash you can do low kick, low punch, then backcrouchdash, and play an awesome machi spacing game with jacky. So one or two low attacks, backcrouchdash, watch to see what they do, if they whiff a move like knee or something, do a BKC or knee combo to dish out some damage.


    Summers pay close attention to this since you were a movement whore in VF3 ;) I moved around the screen alot in the mid days of VF3tb and I found that jacky has a great attack/movement mixup.

    Heres what you do after you knock your opponent down, lets say d/f+p, his new uppercut looking move. you can do ff, d/f D/F, ff then go into heelkick for instance out of the FF this is a pretty intimidating style of movement once you master it you never know if high attack or mid attack is coming out at you, watch akira kid play jacky vs. moonsuk (akira) from tbzone. I sent cause the top three clips of them playing that I like it shows off alot of akira kids attack/movement with jacky.

    Machi movement, d/b d/B, release joystick to neutral, d/B D/B instead of crawling backwards, ala constant backcrouch dashing, jacky looks like he is rising up then you can enter another backcrouchdash, this just looks fancy, and can be used as a form of Fuzzy Guard, since while you are rising up up you cant be low thrown and you can block mid attacks such as knee or elbow.

    You can also do, d/b D/B, d/b D/B, then ff, and repeat this looks pretty fancy too, akira kid does both of these movement techniques in the movies vs. Akira. he often does d/b D/B, neutral, d/b D/B, ff+kick.

    Lastly what to do after a blocked BKC, since jacky's back is turned get used to entering (g) auto turns you around, then d/b+p (low backfist) or pp, you wont see the turn around only the move come out right away. I'm not 100% sure that you have to enter g, but im doing it anyway.

    What to do if BKC hits try doing a low backfist if they come at you, if they do a rising attack, hit d+k for the TA low kick which will whiff then b+P+K+G for the sway step, hit kg for the fake then grab. This of course is just fancy stuff you can do after the BKC hits, work some attacks instead of kg into the sway step after TA low kick.

    Heres a cool wall combo that I did:

    Knee, pp, Knee (into wall), d/B+pk, k, k, k, k, d+k all of it hit on mid weight and light characters. The opponent might be able to roll out of the low kick depending on if it hits before they land on the ground or OTB.


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