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Discussion in 'Jacky' started by garyBusey, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. garyBusey

    garyBusey Member

    Sorry if this topic has already been addressed...but does anybody know a good technique for Jacky to deal with Vanessa's low kicks? It comes out so fast and its not a small hit. I generally try to keep away from her because I tend to get slaughtered in a close game. I can't get a throw off and old reliable elbow spin kick doesn't seem to be a good stategy. Occasionally I've been able to hit with a single lightning kick or lightning knee, is this the way to go? Should i stand and take the low kick? If I low block I'll get nailled by an uppercut. Any suggestions?
  2. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Which low kick of Vanessa's are you talking about?
  3. garyBusey

    garyBusey Member

    She has a couple of low kicks that are both really annoying. The standing low muay thai kick and also the crouch kick. I'm I missing something obvious?
  4. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    1) If you're talking about her Defensive Stance d+K (from standing--normally followed by one or two punches) then remember that it's only a real threat if it counter hits you.
    2) Go into Command Training mode, pick Vanessa, figure out where her low kicks are (particularly Muay Thai Stance) and try to get a good idea of which strings have a low kick or two in them.
    3) After step 2) you'll probably want to go into training mode, have Vanessa as your opponent, set the CPU to level 5 and maybe even turn off throws, and practice defending attacks and strings for awhile (and hope the strings you are concerned about pop up). Setting the speed to slow motion might help if you haven't memorized a lot of the strings, so you might want to do that--but remember that real time practice is one of the bigger goals.

    Hope this helps. In addition, it sounds like you're trying to beat out the low kicks... I wouldn't recommend trying to throw in the heat of battle until you get good enough at reading the flow of the match and your opponent's likely responses. Elbow Spin Kick is good after blocking a number of attacks. Dodging wouldn't be a bad thing to practice. Defending would be fairly practical.

    Too bad I don't know Jacky all that well in VF4. I figure the knee might have some use here, but I can be way off.

  5. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Well, obviously you need to learn to recognize which is which so you'd know how to deal with them accordingly!

    If you block her d+K+G, a knee after is guaranteed.

    If you block her DS D+K, elbow after is guaranteed.

    If you block her MT D+K, throw after is guaranteed.

    If you block her d+K, it's a mini-guessing game on how the Vanessa player completes her string. But you can d+P to interrupt if you wish. Note that d+K,P,P is low, high, high. In MT she can switch up to d+K,P,K which will end in a middle knee.

    If you get hit by her d+K and it's not a counter, you can block her two punches after.

    You need to invest the time to 1) PRACTICE, 2) study frame data.
  6. garyBusey

    garyBusey Member

    Thanks...My biggest problem is not owning a PS2 and trying to remain competitive fighting people who can go home and practice

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