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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Chanchai, Feb 21, 2000.

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    Regarding the Chibita following... Well, he's just one of the few Japanese players I've heard about... I don't know much about it, except he plays as Lion(?). Actually, I know nothing about Chibita really except that it seems that Shota looks up to him greatly, some other VFers (I guess mostly Chicago people) seem to admire him, and other than that I'm guessing some know about him and many here might not. Anyways, inspired by 199's post (can I call you by your known name?), I just wanted to start this thread up.

    If any, what Japanese VF players do you look up to? What are they known for? What character do they use? How good do you think they are? Do you think they have any weaknesses? Are you willing to make a video clip of them in all their VF glory? Oh yeah, the focus is VF3(ob or tb), but I'm cool about VF2 and VF as well. Maybe if some of us that know not in the ways of the Japanese VF gamers got to know this, we might have some sort of basis for a better perspective on good Japanese players (however, it would only be second hand so it's not a real valid perspective, just interpreted and passed on).


  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i do not, and cannot, "look up" to someone i have never played or met.

    that said, the people i enjoyed playing the most over the past couple of years are mason wood, jim ross, jo shun and joji suzuki. not just in terms of their playing, either, but who they were, their company, etc etc. that counts as much as their skill.
  3. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Can you hear the can opener grinding?

    ooh boy.

    Worms everywhere.

    I agree 150% with Rich. I don't look up to anyone I haven't played against. As far as the Chibita thing, it's a clique-y thing on the net apparently. All I know is that it's a very sensitive topic with some on here.

    Those whom I've played that enjoyed playing with the most are Rich and Yupa - and the bestest of times are always had with my sparring partners Kbcat, GodEater, Clem and Jo Shun. I respect all of them equally for their presence in and out of VF.

    Chanchai - you ask how good are they? Well, I have never played anyone as fierce as Jo Shun. In my mind, he is truly formidable and possibly the best ever. At the T2K, Rich's gameplay had jumped quite a notch and he is now, imo, a terrifying monster - one of the best players I have ever played with and a great Kage peer.

    Those out there that I would like to play are Ryan Hart and the UK boys, GLC (for VF2 esp ;) and lastly Myke - dare I say, I feel a connection with this one in particular. ;)


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  4. Chanchai

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    Re: Can you hear the can opener grinding?

    Wow, Rich and Llan, honestly those were great responses/images/icons/smile.gif. Thanks for your input, and I agree with you about looking up to those players you have played against. Part of me wanted background in more of the foreign players. Part of me just wanted to see who inspired who in VF and that actually includes everyone (though I made the thread say Japanese, I should've just made it an open ended topic).
    KBcat I know I can't wait to play, if there was a chance of another gathering, I'd love to participate, but everything sounds so quiet now that I wonder if everyone's just waiting for VF4 first. I really do look up to GLC's knowledge, as well as Rich's. I look up to almost everyone who contributes here quiet resgularly. Of course I haven't played anyone here in VF either, but I enjoy most of the insights, ideas, and general chatting here.
    Anyways, sorry if my post has offended anyone or opened a huge can of worms. Didn't mean to take Rich's name in vain earlier, it's just that I was curious about the background of inspiration to some players, and I should've meant all players from everywhere. And I will admit, my true inspiration to play more VF besides the game itself, was the competition I got in VF2 with the group of arcade gamers I was commonly playing against at the local arcades while in High School. As far as VF3tb, I probably play the game mostly for 1) a love for the game and 2) having found other players such as all of yourselves who appreciate the game.
    Well, take care everyone and if I somehow offended anyone, my apologies, was definitely not intended. The focus of Japanese players would be because the Japanese gaming culture is hyped up in me... But I believe and know that some of the best players around are just right around the corner, and some I may have even communicated with before /images/icons/smile.gif. However, I now admit "best players" is a misnomer... I meant highly skilled players. Best players consist of character.

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think Chibita deserves our respect because the VF scene in Japan completely dwarfs the US and UK scene and really can’t be compared. The player count is a LOT higher in Japan so they're bound to be a lot of really good players, So the thing is out of so many players he is recognised as one of the best to me that’s quite a feat. I'm not an ass kisser but you have to give respect where respect is due.
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    Oh yeah who won the Athena?

    The Wall
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    let me try to understand this:
    chibita deserves respect from people 12,000 miles away, who will never play or know him, simply because the arcade scene in his country is larger than it is in theirs? sorry, but your logic is as bad as your grammar.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry Spock for my failed logic but you prove my point, why are we here discussing him? Why is it everyone in Japan wants to beat him? Why is it that most players in Japan hate him? Because he really is that good. I'm sorry you can't be as good as him but maybe with a bit of intense practice you might, just might, be able to beat him a round, so put that jealousy aside and train harder.
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    ahh...vfdc. a rancid blast of humorlessness each time i visit. love it!

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    Re: Can you hear the can opener grinding?

    I think I have to agree with Llan on this one. I would honestly put my list as Adam Yuki, Ice-9, Harold and Shota, simply for the facts that they impressed me the most, and on continued play with them. The exception being Adam, where in the couple of days I did play with him, I was able to my first really solid example of Akira. I would have liked to have played Rich definitely, and most of the Toronto gang more than I did in Chicago. But I guess that's my list in the short of it.

  11. GodEater

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    Re: Can you hear the can opener grinding?

    Rich kicks butt. His game has always moved forward since the first time I played against him. I'm not a true barometer but the others I hang with are and Jo Shun had to change his style to try and shut Rich down; That in itself earns kudos.

  12. Guest

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    oh my! checked back to discover the "stupidity" erased.

    add occasional blast of "evil moderator bastard" to previous list.
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    At your service. /images/icons/wink.gif

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