Jeff Kumite/Gameplay Options (series for excellent wins)

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by mindelixir, May 4, 2002.

  1. mindelixir

    mindelixir Well-Known Member

    Jeff is extremely powerful and not given enough credit. So go ahead and select him and try this.

    (this particular series will get you an excellent against the computer quite often, and it'll generally work well against humans as long as you switch it up a bit)

    f+pk, d/f+pkg, d/f+k
    hellstab, powerbomb, stomp
    nice little jeff opener, if they begin to reverse the powerbomb, use the iron claw (d+pkg) or the machine gun knee (d, f+pkg), if your opponent is a multiple throw escaping monster, pull out a double hammer (b, d/f+p,p) and watch for that tech roll

    if you get the low throw
    -try dashing or crouch dashing until you are right on top of the opponent and as soon as he gets up but right before an attack could hit you (so either you hit first or interupt) use his double body blow (d/f+pk, p) then splash mountain (d/f, d/f+pg) for an excellent victory with the health set at normal....

    so we have, hellstab, powerbomb, stomp, (dash), double body blow, splash mountain... Excellent!

    I know that the above series is a little bit cheap and that it doesn't exactly work on humans every time, but the point of this post is to bring a bit of Jeff awareness to the board. When played correctly Jeff can be an evil force in the high/low/throw mindgame of versus play, and considering that from each level he has many quick high damage options, I have wondered why he is ranked bottom tier. If need is demonstrated, Jeff flowcharts, options and my own tweaked advanced combos will be posted.
  2. G_Snowman

    G_Snowman Member

    Sorry, but this is chump strategy. Here's how you really put on the cheese as Jeffrey. I'm High King, near undefeated, but the room has a rancid smell of cheese whenever I finish playing...

    1) Get your kumite opponent down.

    2) As he get's up, use the b,f,f, P. The opponent will block it and stagger.

    3) Follow it up with a f, K+G. The opponent will block and stagger

    4) Repeat these two moves until you either get a ring-out or the opponent hits a wall.

    5) If the opponent bounces off of a wall, employ the f, P+K into d,f, P+K+G before they get their guard up. Repeat step two and three.

    Voila! Even works on Vanessa and Jacky too. They instinctively block the punches. I seriously wish there was a whole thread for easy VF4 cheats and to hell with skillz because Tekken owns. There, I said it.

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