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    can somone give me expert strategies on JEFFERY THANX....
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    Jefflaw: As you may have guessed from the underwhelming response so far to your queries on strategies, you may not get much of a response. If you are willing to listen, I can give you some advice that might help you in the future. First, stick to specific questions. Most people won't respond to a very general request for strategies, since any good response would fill up several pages at least. So it's not feasible to give such a response. Also, if you specify that you want "expert" help, as you did, some will be unwilling to respond because they don't wish to appear presumptious by accepting the title of expert. In fact, what often happens is that instead of the question and answers getting further explored in the thread under which they are posted, people tend to get diverted into personal arguments and attacks, such as "What credibility do you have to make such a statement?" etc. One little bit of Jeffry strategy advice though -- if you play Jeffry, learn to block well and learn to set up throws, and make sure you have the astuteness to discern throw opportunities and the reflexes to take advantage of them instantly. Don't negelect his mid-level attacks. Others may disagree with my albeit simple advice; this is only my perspective on the most basic things a student of Jeffry needs to keep in mind while learning to play him. One last piece of advice, and it's meant sincerely. If you are a beginner to VF3, the best strategy with Jeffry is to not play him. Try some other character for now.
    Sincerely, Imashroom
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    Being the non-expert that I am, I can only suggest that you check out the step1 faq. I know it exists, if I recall properly. Once you get through with that, then go find a complete movelist and if you want, practice all the moves and combos you find, given they are possible. In time, I advise we all learn our own strategies through experience. The questions the experts and more practicing players will give answers to are probably along the lines of if you tell them, "I like to do.... while playing Jeffry. However, ... seems to happen. Is my strategy flawed? etc..." However... I think most people here are interested in talking about strategy as opposed to teaching it.

    I guess most likely what happens is that if they did give advice to all of us who have not mastered much of the game, then everyone else will flow into this board asking the same questions. Not to mention that it will get annoying and this is not really a tutoring board. We are here to all experience VF3 and share it.

    I guess though, it gets annoying when you have to explain it over and over. I also know that the community will respect us more if we do well by utilizing the resources on our own, but for the most part if we learn stuff on our own. Using faqs or what not is included on "learning on your own" I assume. But if we start asking 20 questions all the time, I think some members here will just get annoyed with it.

    Anyways, you know that on a personal basis, i like learning and sharing strategies with you. So we'll do that through email. I'll practice what I find, dig up some of that info and advice to beginners and we'll work on improvement together.

    However, I think for the sake of the experts, usual members of the board, and the community... we should refrain from asking general questions like what to do with a character... especially because it's true in VF3tb that you can apply many many many strategies and themes to any character. So I feel that if someone did reply, they have to confront the possibility of looking like an egotistical moron, a self-righteous know-it-all, someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, or maybe even an expert... however, they will be criticized for all of those potentially.

    Anyways, I don't want to discourage you from getting better at VF3tb at all. I'm here to support all those who play VF3tb. You just have to email me, which we've been doing, about how we're getting better with each character and what we've learned on our own or on faqs and such... And I advice that you get to know people personally in the community, and ask them casually if they'd be willing to help you after they're cool with you. Keep in mind though that the intention of getting to know them is getting to know them and finding another friend online who has a common interest in you. It's not for help really. Asking for help is something that comes along the side and you can usually tell before you ask if they'd be willing. But if theys seem like they would, then go ahead and ask. If they say they're too busy, then don't bother them with that, but maintain a good friendship or relation to them, and you can still talk VF3tb. If they're interested, you can ask them about what they personally do or did to get better and stuff like that. But don't ask for things that are too general.

    Anyways, this is just advice that I'm giving :) I don't want you to be looked down upon at all, but I think if I understand correctly and some of my assumptions are right, I'm not too far from figuring out some of the unspoken etiquette in this community. They are there for good purposes, so do understand that. They're not trying to keep the newbie in his place. They're trying to advance everyone including the newbies, without excluding the more experienced. Just remember that they highly respect those that have found the answers on their own work. I hope you don't take that statement the wrong way. Basically, if you find documentation, practice it and work on it. If you have an idea, definitely try it out. Training mode is great for some of this. Master control, and then utilize those skills you have mastered into strategy.

    Anyways, I think if anyone disagrees with this post, they'll say it in a reply and that's fine. At least it tells me where I got the message wrong. But if I'm right, there might be a reply saying, yeah you're right. Or no reply at all. In any case, I'll still be your training pal who will talk to you about strategies and learning... but let's keep that on the personal 1 to 1 basis because I don't think they're crazy about hearing it too much. However, if you find a novelty (chess term for basically a cool new idea, strategy, or tactic that seems to work) or just get excited about something you figured out, or even think you know all there is to a move, by all means post about it. There are a ton of questions I think you would personally love to ask and hear a reply to besides the "help me as I'm learning so and so" questions. No offense to you. I respect your dedication to learning new things and asking questions. Again, I'm just telling you all this to give you another perspective.


    PS. The VF community is a great mature buncha gamers :) Don't get the wrong idea of them at all. We're all busy people without much time on our hands. I usually ask for help in ways that are more "interesting" as I see it towards them. Like my thread on "best/worst moves" and "style." It's educational for me, and it's fun for all of us to talk about it :) There is an artistic aspect to seeking information :) Some just won't see the art of it.

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