Jeffry Combos

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, May 16, 2000.

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    Jeffry Combos

    i've seen some clips on your site and on other sites showing some AMAZING combo's with Jeffry. i think it was done by a Tetsujin. i never thought of him as a combo character!!! anybody got some killer Jeffry combo's (please include if counters are needed) i tend to just uses a simple pattern

    Float -> 1 or 2 hits -> short pounce or pick up

    since i base a lot of my sratergy on setting up throws, i could use some good combos.

    my main problem with sticking to Jeffry was that anything he could do, Wolf could do better. For example...

    XPD Vs. Twirl-and-hurl
    Kenka uppercut Vs. Short Shoulder Barge

    on top of that, Wolf has two fast low attacks (f,d+k and D/F+P+K), a catch throw, damaging combo's and great knockdown hits!!!

    Basically, Wolf can out combo, out throw and out trap Jeffry.

    Someone PLEASE prove me otherwise
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    Re: Jeffry Combos

    only brainless opponents will let you get away with using the same throw over and over. jeff has better options than wolf when it comes to mixing up throws.

    wolf at high levels of play is light years more simple than the best jeff play. he's a very straightforward, utilitarian character: try to get the most knee or shoulder hits and giant swings as you can. there's really not much else to him.

    jeff is by far one of the most fun characters in the game. he's got so many throws, nearly all of them very useful, and there's plenty of ways to say "your yomi sucks big donkey tits" with jeff. mindgames galore with his db+P+G, his ground throw, headbutt throw, etc. and he's much more fun when it comes to combos.
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    Re: Jeffry Combos

    Gotta agree with Rich on this one. Jeff has a much more varied option set in regards to throws and mind games. I don't think anyone else has throws that end in 5 different directions, so mixing up his throws (which all range from moderately uncomfortable to really painful) is one of his key assets. Also in TB, the kenka upper is much more useful, almost as much as the short shoulder. Damaging combos from it are very easy to perform (witness Kenka-->Elbow, Upper--> Pounce for half life) and even worse, you can now combo off of the shot knee (b+k), which is pretty close to uncounterable if blocked, though it's a little tougher. While he doesn't smack of the more simplistic style of most Wolf play, he has more than enough options to really mess you up in a hurry.
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    Re: Jeffry Combos

    What kind of combos can Jeffry do of the shot knee? i can't think of much unless your against a light weight.

    i've been thinking about a little scenario

    Jeffry's back to wall, DB+P+G

    i'm not talking about the wall throw, just putting the opponent between Jeffy and the wall. i've already seen this

    DB+P+G into wall - Kennka uppercut ( DF/DF+P ) - baseball pitch ( B/F/F+P+K ) - pick up ( D+P+G )

    most people know this combo. i'm just think ing about what else is possible, f.ex, would a back throw be gurrented? what kind of combo's would be possible

    any ideas?
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    Re: Jeffry Combos

    with the right person at the wheel the BoxBreaker (db+P+G,
    dash, P+G backthrow) is guaranteed since the opponent won't
    know which to escape: the axekick or turn around and option
    select between the frontal P+G or b+P+G.

    one near wall combo that *used* to work in OB was: Boxthrow
    (db+P+G), guaranteed knee, swing hammers (b, df+P,P), low punch,

    Haven't tried this at all in TB since the condition rarely comes
    up in combat.

  6. Myke

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    Re: Jeffry (vs Taka) Combos

    You can download this one from the Jeffry section. It's listed as:

    (Taka) db+P+G -> f,f+K -> b+K -> d+P OTB -> b,df+P,P OTB

    But, for the life of me, I can't seem to get this one to connect. Has anyone else had any luck with it, or willing to try it out? I'm suspecting the f,f+K needs to MC, because my b+K never connects. Could it have been an OB peculiarity maybe?

    Note: this combo had the wrong description for the longest time until I corrected it today. It used to read something like "(Taka) df+P+G -> f,f+P -> ..." Yeah right! :)

    m y k e
    how ya gonna win when ya ain't right within?
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    Re: Jeffry (vs Taka) Combos

    Yes the combo need a MC so you'll probably never get it to connect in a vs game. I think I typed the combo in correctly when I posted the movie and text...I'm blaming ICE!!


    UK Guy
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    Re: Jeffry Combos

    I too agree with Rich--Jeffry is far more interesting to play with. Aside from what was said, Jeffry has other tools that Wolf does not.

    - d K G MC counter throw. This is a lot more useful than one might think, and a big help for those that can't get normal low kick throws consistently (like me). I was playing with the New York guys last night and Adam's Taka proved how useful Jeffry's d K G could be when backed to the edge of the ring and getting PPPed out of there. /images/icons/wink.gif

    - More R.O. options from throws. Pretty much any attack or throw from Jeff can get you a pick up. Don't underestimate the usefulness of d/b P G.

    - Jeffry also has better long range attacks. f P K are d/f P,P tools that Jeff has that Wolf has no good equivalent too (sidekick isn't a great alternative!). Jeff's f,f P,P is also critical, and again, Wolf has no equivalent.

    - The kenka upper is nearly as good as Wolf's short shoulder. KU -> f,f P,P -> pounce takes about 80-pts damage. The recovery isn't bad either, and the priority is good.


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