Jirawatt?..ice-9...Jeffery & d+k+g OTB....?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Oct 23, 1999.

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    Where is he? I remember reading his faqs all the time...used to be my vf2 guru, anyone know what happened to the chum?

    "Play me and you won't get bored. Unless you're a boring player. Guaranteed to rechallenge should an opponent defeat me as many times as the opponent wants or until my card finishes. Stop playing me if you see me yawn."

    Hehe ice-9 I was looking through hardcoregaming (cuz i was hardcore bored) and i came across that...got a good laugh. Were these your early vf3 days?

    Also, With Jeffery, Are there any shink kick OTB combos? Is it possible? I know d+K+G OTB works against Aoi (knee knee d+k+g)...
    Also, what are the frame delay/recoveries for Jeffery's catch throw? I can never get a follow up move intime except ppp or ff+k against taka...

    Pitter patter.

    Oh if you only knew. /images/icons/crazy.gif
  2. ice-9

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    LOL, those were the older days when I was younger and much more brash.

    As for Jeffry, he doesn't have any catch throws. Are you referring to his hit throws instead?

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    he still floats around on irc, (efnet) #vfhome. you can ask him yourself, but i think it's the normal path we all take to retirement from VF, having a life, a job, and strippers...all getting in the way of VF. he was also a bit isolated out in florida.
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    Oh yea I did mean his d/b+P+G...
    No Shin kick otb combos? :( I saw that one taka combo with the d+p hitting otb...I wanna pratice some other OTB possibilities with JEffery..any hints?
    Ice9: the links to the movies for Lion's combos in his section dotn work..just to let you know.
    Great job you're doing man. I know we all appreciate having someplace to call "home".

    Slippers Akira.

    Oh if you only knew. /images/icons/crazy.gif

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