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    Hi there. I'm writing a fanfic about Virtua Figther (I know, sounds lame already), and I just can't imagine Judgement 6's motive for doing any of what they did. Why attempt to kill Jacky and kidnap Sarah? Why did they blow away Kage's village and use his mother as a blueprint for a fighting machine? Will they attempt to snag Pai next? Will Akira have to save Aoi in the future? Is Judgement 6 some kind of militant feminist group? Any thoughts?

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    Well, just to enlighten you a bit. On the other side of the world, in the Japanese/Chinese manga industry, Virtua Fighter has come out, and it provides some interesting stuff.

    1. Pai and Akira are the protagonists.
    2. Sarah has a crush on Akira.
    3. Lau is in charge of the Koen-ken Syndicate, which he leaves to Liu Kowloon, his henchman to operate.
    4. Jacky and Sarah are both anti-violence officers (?) and they go around putting things right.
    5. As for J6, they wanted to kill Jacky as he was the eldest son of the Bryant family, a organisation devoted to fighting narcotics and drug trafficking.
    6. And Sarah got kidnapped (in the comic) by Kage (who happens to be a mercenary who was later converted by Pai and then rescued from Commander Shelly [elaborate on that later])and brainwashed.
    7. Jeff, Wolf take on unimportant roles.
    8. Akira is the hero... goes around looking for 8 stars which he could see when he was young, but lost sight of them when he became proud and cocky ( ala VF1 when he lost to Kage)
    9. By the way, Lau's organisation is huge and he is EVIL until the 'train incident' which is VF2 by then. Oh - forgot - the story spans from VF1 to 2, with some cameos from 3!!!
    10. More... like the elusive Commander Shelly who's actually Dural within her. She is the 2nd Dural, the 1st was Kage's mom who was blown up in an airship incident.
    11. Train incident - hey, I think I'll put up a weekly post on the comic storyline - think it'll help a lot. Cheers!
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    Hey there.
    Well.... I've seen the anime, and I've also read the Marvel comic of Virtua Figter (by the by, do you know where I can get any issues beyond the first?), but I was impressed by neither. Each series portrays each character as rather shallow. To me, none of the characters are evil (not
    even obsessive compulsive daddy Chan or vengeful, misguided Kagematu). My story is going to go incredibly deep into each character, at least as I see them. So far, my story only goes up to Jacky getting into his Indy car before the accident and Kage having a nightmare before he has to flee his village. It's almost ten pages already, and I've only introduced three out of ten characters!


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