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June 25-27 Events Summary

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 30, 2021.

By akai on Jun 30, 2021 at 11:19 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Ultimate Showdown has been out for a month and events are occurring more frequently. Just this past weekend we have 7 organized events from all over the world! Here is a summary of the various events with links to brackets and videos.

    June 25, 2021
    Dengeki Championship Qualifier #3
    [電撃チャンピオンシップ]- qualifying online tournaments in which 8 finalists will compete later for the 電光石火 title (roughly translated: Lightning Fire). I believe the title will be awarded to the player's Playstation account. Before the qualifier took place, Tetsujins Ikebukuro Sarah and Kyasao played a first to 10 exhibition (same format as the Shiwa vs HSA first to 10 exhibition).
    Video Link to archived Mildom Stream
    1st Place: Zeta Gundam (Jacky)
    2nd Place: Chopper (Lion)
    Semifinalists: Kentaro (Eileen) and Kaesaru (Jacky)

    Hima Jean Cup #1 [暇ジャン杯] - Organized by Hima Jean, who currently resides in Canada, is a stacked online 16 person single elimination (2 out of 3) tournament from Japan.
    Video LInk to archived Youtube Stream
    Bracket with Results
    1st Place: Janne (Jacky)
    2nd Place: Mukku (Taka) - on PSN nickname is Chlorinho
    Semifinalists: Itsuro on PSN is Pometaro (Jeffry) and Zonchan (Lei, also known as Zonrenon)

    June 26, 2021
    Legends Kumite #4
    [VFesレジェンド組手] - Every Saturday, Sega hosts an online Kumite with a strong Virtua Fighter player. This time they had Kage veteran Jin. A player that defeats the legend gets a special title [最強の挑戦者] "Strongest Challenger" for their PSN account:

    EU VF Circuit 2021: June Ultimate Edition - The monthly European online double elimination tournament organized by Blessy had 28 players compete for the first time in Ultimate Showdown.

    VF Ranse #3 - [VF乱世] organized by Tetsuko Yamada is a 3on3 online team tournament for 9 teams representing different regions of Japan.
    Video Link to archived Twitch Stream (English commentary)
    Video Link to archived Youtube Stream (Japanese commentary)
    Bracket with Results
    First Place - Kyushu: Malcolm X (AO), Tonkatsu (JA), Bokki Akira (BR)
    Second Place - Kantou: Yatsuki (JA), Homestay Akira (AK), Shiwa (PA)
    Semifinalist - Toukai: Kobajiro (AO), Mukku (TA), Chopper (LI)
    Semifinalist - Kansai: Buruha (SH), Hauru (KA), Hatto-sama (TA) or Heart-sama on PSN is kothiyasanae

    June 27, 2021
    Tokyo Bay Area Cup Volume 6 2021 - offline 3on3 Virtua Fighter team tournament! The tournament is playing the Final Showdown version of the game which is the exact same game system as Ultimate Showdown. After the tournament there was an arcade Gouraishin God Ranking battle between Itsuro (JE) and Jinzouningen (LAU) (aka Lvl 42 on Ultimate Showdown)
    Video Link to archived Youtube Stream
    Winner: 炭酸デラマイッタ Tansan Deramaitta - Reorao (GO), Jishaku (TA), Aki (LI)
    Second Place: 渋谷 Shibuya - SHU (SH), Tonkatsu (JA), Jinzouningen (LA)

    GVN Biweekly #31 - 35 players in North America participated in this second online VF5US tournament organized by FightClubHubbs.

    Upcoming Events
    Dengeki Cup #1 - July 2nd, 8 PM JST - A Dengeki Virtua Road event not to be confused with the Dengeki Championship series. 15 players invited with the last spot determined on the day of the event. Information from the Dengeki Online. Will be streamed on Dengeki Online Mildom.

    Legends Kumite #5
    - July 3rd, 8 PM JST - Featuring Tonkatsu, an arcade Tenshoushin (highest rank) Jacky player. Will be streamed on VF Official Channel on Youtube.

    4vs4 Sarah vs Vanessa vs Shun Team Battle - July 3rd, 10 PM JST - An event with a unique format (Waseda Style), the teams are:
    Team Sarah (YOU, Puyo, Fineplay, Julietta)
    Team Vanessa (Shark, Sameshima, Mirai, kiriko)
    Team Shun (Buruha, SHU, Yamada Tetsuko, 4th player to be determined) -​
    Bold, italicized are the players who will be streaming the event.

    Note: If there is an event not listed, errors in this topic, or you can provide additional information to these and future events, please do so! Post will be updated with new information when available.
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 30, 2021.

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