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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Chanchai, Dec 17, 2000.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well, I've put about maybe 5-10% of the VF3 related documents I have on some webspace I have.

    It's not really a site, in fact, it's just some html index pages, and some files so don't expect anything. I don't have access to my main computer at my apartment right now so I don't plan on putting all my documents online for quite awhile, and in fact, probably won't put a lot of them out until I actually do have a page (which I am working on some sort of design scheme for these days).

    I'll warn you guys that a lot of the stuff on there is in MS Word format. This is just a mini/partial archive at the moment, eventually I'll convert stuff to either rich text or html.

    A lot of the stuff that is on there was provided by Rich, if he wants any of it off for whatever reason, I'll take them off. As well, in character sections, I sorta cut and pasted pieces of GLC's "Gamest Combo" and "Gamest Counter" lists. Those translations are credited to GLC and as well, if he wants them off there, I'll take them off. Rule of thumb, if any of the owners of the materials on the site want their property off my site, let me know. For the most part, I can think of GLC, Peter, and the old contributers.


    Also, people might remember that I announced long ago that I had put together an archive of the Lion posts on VFDC. It was finished back then, when I announced it, but I didn't set it up for html format, so that's probably why it was never put on VFDC. Here's an MS Word document of it:

    http://www.users.qwest.net/~nsaenguraiporn/vf/vf3/library/lion/Lion Notes From NYG2.doc

  2. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    some notes on your lion notes

    u+k, when blocked, continue the hoppy kicks with another k (hit it right after you begin your block stun). smacks lots of people.

    after the from crouch f+pg throw, always do high pounce, unless going uphill, in which case do d+k,k, or d+k, d/f+p if the angulation is high.

    HCB p+g, e, d/f+p is not guaranteed. Since so few people struggle, I prefer quarter dash forward u/f+k.

    I always thought if you had the timing right, the back throw was guarenteed after the SE. Especially when they're waiting there to block your d/f+p,p. SE d/f+p, CD_f+pg is an old classic.

    Don't underestimate lion's hop kick, d, u/f, k (need a slight pause there.) It's a decent lifter often setting up a CD f+p combo.

    I can't believe you wrote notes on lion without mentioning bb+k, p+k. well you did once but that was only in a combo.

    I'm sure there are lots more stuff, but that's all that came to mind so far..

  3. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jason,

    Don't worry. Those Lion notes were Lion notes taken at NYG2. I have a TON of Lion notes now, but I really appreciate the input.

    u+K, [blocked] K-- I love it when I hit people with this. However, I don't use the u+K that much except after some sort of zone setup (opponent whiffs). From there on, I tend to do some sort of range carrying combo. However, good thing that you mentioned it as there is only one other place I've really seen mentioning it and it's the Lion faq that was compiled by Nycat I believe. It's a great thing to know with Lion.

    fc, f+PG throw-->high pounce-- Yep, I definitely have been doing this like crazy the last few months. Another good point that I don't see mentioned enough in general. I don't know if it's because it seems obvious to some, but anything obvious should obviously be stated somewhere.

    HCB+PG-->qd, uf+K-- Hmm, I don't do this one that much. I do the E-->df+P. I think it was Shota or Hiro that told me that if the opponent plans on doing E as his/her rising option, then Lion can do E-->uf+K instead and get the pounce.

    SE-->Back throw-- Shota mentioned also that the back throw is guaranteed. For me, I have no clue what the timing is exactly on this. In fact, I think both Tellure (from Vancouver) and I freaked out when we heard that it was guaranteed. Is it simply just a quick dash and throw?

    SE-->df+P-->CD, f+PG-- Ah, yes. Peter told me this one and is big on it as far as I know. In fact, at NYG2 he practically made it a point for those that are aware that the second P following df+P is blockable/reversable. As for me, I should practice it as I don't do that enough (oddly enough, I get away with u+P+K or df+P,P--However, I recently made it a point to the people I play against that they can break my bad u+P+K habit by dashing or crouch dashing away).

    hop kick-->CD, f+Pcombo-- oh damn!!! Thanks a lot on this one, now I have even more to practice and experiment with, regarding Lion. Woohoo! I gotta practice this today/images/icons/smile.gif Oddly enough, if I see a ranged low attack or something similar coming by, I like doing Lion's ub+K. Maybe it's just adding insult to injury or telling the other person not to telegraph, but it's kinda fun. I think Tellure was puzzled about why I would ever use that move since it is so slow. Guess it's a slow response to even slower or whiffed moves/images/icons/smile.gif

    b,b+K-->P+Kcombos-- don't worry, I mess with these a LOT and have been since I started using Lion (though I didn't use them at NYG2 for some reason, maybe because I was using Lion for only a week and a half at that time). As I said in the above, the notes were from NYG2. Gotta love the MC variations. As for normal hit variations, I sometimes experiment, but often stick with the classic b,b+K, G, u+P. If the opponent doesn't struggle, I do heavy pounce. Gotta love the many variations of b,b+K combos. While on this topic, do you have any tips or advise on setting up b,b+K opportunities for either normal or counter hits? If I'm fighting a really aggressive opponent, I tend to setup a zone for the TA Kick.

    Hmmm... Lion's a fun character imo. For many reasons and for many things you can focus on with him. I like him as a combo character, but I don't use him that way all too much (unless you really want to consider OTB hits as a combo character). I like him for his varieties of throws. He can be a pecking nightmare/pest. I like using him at close, mid, or even long range. I like him as a range/RO character. The list goes on... but because of all of this, what I like most is that I can really switch up strategies and tactics with Lion in an instant, whether or not my opponent realizes it. It's also nice how effective his uf+E can actually be. Not to mention that Lion has some fun okizeme/ura options.

    I guess what I really need to learn about Lion now is why he is considered either so weak or so hard to use by some/many. It's also interesting how he seems to have been an abused/overused character on the West Coast long ago, guess it was the scrub thing with his seemingly confusing attacks (at least to newbies).

    One last tactic: Shota mentioned this to me before, but it's very risky. Using f+P+E as Kurai Nage. This is something I personally cannot do at all. However, I've used f+P+E to piss people off by confusing them with the resulting position (given that they were being defensive when I do the F+P+E or by luck I dodged a hit).


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