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Discussion in 'General' started by Post Man, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. Post Man

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    I just wanted to say whats up to all the toronto VF players. I'm kind of new to VF but not new to the arcade. My name is Anson and my job is as a Mail Man. Thats why I call myself the 'Post Man'. Is Emil on this forum? Emil, I'll kick your ass in Chess! o_O (I'm working on the VF part, I know you want to give me a good VF beating. You better take your shots while you can! :) ) NEways, I've envyed the VF players for a long time. Since VF2. You guys had the best crowd in the arcade. Joe was one of the nicest guys in the arcade. He was well respected by us guys who played other fighting games.

    So, I want to learn VF4. Where do I start? any pointers? My favourite character is Lei Fei. I'm just into the whole kung fu, Shaolin thing. I found only one faq at Gamefaqs.com is there any such info on this site? iof so, I havent found it. hopefully I just overlooked something. And by the sounds of it, you guys use alot of Japanesse words. I'm gonna need some help on those.

    Glad to be here. Hopefully I'll get the chance to learn from the T.O. crew.

  2. Emil

    Emil Well-Known Member

    "Is Emil on this forum?"
    Yup :)

    "I'll kick your ass in Chess! o_O"
    I quit. My ass is ripe for a kicking. :)

    Email me when u get a chance.



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