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    Hey Mo, this is a kick-ass post with a lot of insights that only someone who's played the game extensively can make.

    I just have a quick question before I have to run off to class: what's Kage's most damaging TFT combo, no walls?
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    I think TFT - Knee - P - db+PPb+PK is the standard works on everyone damage combo.

    If you can pull it off TFT - d+P+K - Knee - PPK works on everyne and does decent damage

    On lights TFT - d+P+K - P - d+P+K - P - db+PPb+PK is said to be doable, heven't pulled it off yet.

    Oh! TFT - Knee - PPb+P - d+P+KK is doable on lights for awesome damage

    Lastly this one has critical timing but if done right is not techrollable
    TFT - b+P - P - d+P+K - ub+K+G or d+P - DP(LW)
    Still efort to win with Kage though ;)
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    uk-guy, I whipped this up a little while ago. I'd appreciate any input, especially with the TR and weight notes.

    I'll wait for the PS2 version for the exact damages.

    by Rich Williams <scumchop@hotmail.com>
    version .07 (last updated 11/1/01)


    This guide is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced
    electronically / placed on a web page or site as long as it is unaltered, with
    this disclaimer and the copyright notice appearing in full. Any information
    used from this document, quoted or not, should have this author's name somewhere
    clearly as acknowledgement. Feel free to distribute between others, but this
    guide is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being
    used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into
    magazines, etc. in ANY way.

    The following are combos taken from various Japanese sites. The sources for the
    combos come from translating these following sites:


    By no means do I take any credit at all for their work in finding and commenting
    on the combos. The point of this document is for Western/English speaking VF
    players to be somewhat clued-in when the game hits their shores.

    I do not read or speak Japanese at all, and the following translations were done
    mostly through a web tool. Please understand that some of these may be
    incorrect; take all combos with professional skepticism.

    If you have any combos, notes, or corrections to add, please do not hesitate to
    email me.


    The difficulty and full potential of many of Kage's TFT combos depend greatly on
    which character is being tossed, as well as how the opponent chooses to risw. In
    the Notes section, there are some keys which will let you know which maximum
    weight class the combos is possible on, as well as if the combo can be avoided
    in part by opponents using ukemi. Here is the key:

    LW: possible on lightweights, i.e. on Aoi, Pai, Sarah, Vanessa
    MW: possible on midweights, i.e. on Shun, Lei, Lion, Kage, Jacky, Lau, Akira
    HW: possible only on heavyweights: Wolf, Jeffry

    TR: parts of combo sequence can be avoided by techrolling
    QR: parts of combo sequence can be avoided by quickrising

    Regarding the weight classifications, these are not entirely cut and dried. It's
    difficult to divide 13 characters into three easy classes, and some combos
    classified for one class may extend partly into other classes in their potential
    (i.e. a LW combo may work on one of the lighter MW characters). This is a very
    general guide, don't be afraid to experiment on all characters.

    Rising knee (FC,f+K) floats

    FC,f+K counts as the first hit.

    2nd hit(s) 3rd hit(s) 4th hit(s) 5th hit(s) 6th hit(s) Damage Notes
    b+K+G -- -- -- -- -- --
    ub+K+G -- -- -- -- -- MW
    FC,f+K -- -- -- -- -- --
    f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- -- --
    PPb+PK -- -- -- -- -- --
    db+PPb+PK -- -- -- -- -- --
    uf+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- TR
    PPb+P d+P+K,K -- -- -- -- --
    db+PPb+P d+P+K,K -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K df+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K ub+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K d+P+K,K -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K db+P ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    d+P+K f+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    P b+K -- -- -- -- --
    P PPb+PK -- -- -- -- --
    P db+PPb+PK -- -- -- -- --
    P FC,f+K -- -- -- -- --
    P b+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    P f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- --
    P df+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    P ub+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    P df+K ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    P P d+K -- -- -- --
    P P u|d,P+K+G -- -- -- --
    P P b+K+G -- -- -- --
    P P f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    P P df+K+G -- -- -- --
    P P ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    P P PPK -- -- -- --
    P P d+P+K,K -- -- -- --
    P P f+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- TR
    P P b+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- TR
    db+P db+P db+P ub+K+G -- -- --
    db+P db+PK run,K -- -- -- --
    P d+P+K df+K+G -- -- -- LW,TR
    P d+P+K ub+K+G -- -- -- LW
    P d+P+K,K d+K -- -- -- --
    P d+P+K f+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- --
    P f+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- MW,TR
    P b+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- MW,TR
    P b+K+G d+P+K,K -- -- -- --
    b+P JM,PKK -- -- -- -- MW
    b+P d+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- TR
    b+P d+K+G df+K+G -- -- -- TR
    b+P d+K+G d+K f,d,df+P -- -- TR
    b+P d+K+G d+K df+K+G -- -- TR
    b+PK d+P+K,K -- -- -- -- LW

    Whirlwind blade (d+P+K) floats:

    d+P+K counts as the first hit.

    2nd hit(s) 3rd hit(s) 4th hit(s) 5th hit(s) 6th hit(s) Damage Notes
    u|d,P+K+G df+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    b+PK d+P+K,K -- -- -- -- --
    FC,f+K f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- --
    FC,f+K ub+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    FC,f+K PPK -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K d+P+K -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K u+P+K -- -- -- -- --
    d+P+K df+K+G -- -- -- -- TR
    d+P+K d+P+K d+P+K,K -- -- -- --
    db+P db+P db+P d+P+K,K -- -- LW
    db+P db+P db+P f,d,df+P -- -- --
    db+P db+P db+P ub+K+G -- -- --
    f+K+G d+P+K,K -- -- -- -- TR
    b+K+G b+K+G b+K+G -- -- -- --
    df+K P ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    PPb+P JM,PKK -- -- -- -- --
    P P+K -- -- -- -- --
    P uf+K d+K -- -- -- --
    P P f,f+K+G -- -- -- --
    P P f,f+P+K+G -- -- -- --
    P P f+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- --
    P b+P JM,d+K -- -- -- --
    P b+P JM,PKK -- -- -- --
    P b+P FC,f+K -- -- -- --
    P b+P f,f+K+G -- -- -- LW
    P b+P f,f+P+K+G -- -- -- LW
    P d+P+K f,f+K+G -- -- -- LW
    P d+P+K f,f+P+K+G -- -- -- LW
    P d+P+K PPb+PK -- -- -- --
    P d+P+K P d+K -- -- --
    P d+P+K P b+K -- -- --
    P d+P+K P d+P+K,K -- -- --
    P d+P+K P FC,f+K -- -- MW
    P d+P+K P f,f+K+G -- -- MW
    P d+P+K P f,f+P+K+G -- -- MW
    P d+P+K P PPb+PK -- -- LW
    P d+P+K FC,f+K -- -- -- --
    P b+K+G PPK -- -- -- --
    P b+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    P b+K+G d+P+K,K -- -- -- --
    P f+K+G d+P+K,K -- -- -- --
    P FC,f+K f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    P FC,f+K ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    P b+K PPb+PK -- -- -- --
    P b,b+P PPb+PK -- -- -- MW
    P b,b+P P d+P+K,K -- -- --
    P P P f+K+G f,d,df+P -- --
    b+P JM,PKK -- -- -- -- MW,TR
    b+P P f,f+K+G -- -- -- --
    b+P P f,f+P+K+G -- -- -- --
    b+P P PPb+PK -- -- -- --
    b+P P d+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- --
    b+P b+P P d+P+K,K -- -- --
    b+P b+PK b+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- --
    b+PK P d+P+K,K -- -- -- MW,TR
    b+PK P f+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- LW
    b+PK P d+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- LW

    Turnaway punch (b,b+P) combos:

    b,b+P counts as first hit.

    2nd hit(s) 3rd hit(s) 4th hit(s) 5th hit(s) 6th hit(s) Damage Notes
    PPb+PK -- -- -- -- -- --
    P PPb+PK -- -- -- -- --
    P f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- --
    P ub+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    P d+P+K,K -- -- -- -- --
    P b+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    P b+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    P b+K+G ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    P d+P+K PPb+PK -- -- -- --
    P d+P+K P PPb+PK -- -- LW
    P d+P+K P b+K+G -- -- --
    P d+P+K P f,d,df+P -- -- --
    P d+P+K P ub+K+G -- -- --
    P b,b+K d+K -- -- -- --
    P b,b+P f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    P b,b+P ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    P b,b+P P f,d,df+P -- -- --
    P b,b+P PPK -- -- -- --
    P b,b+P PPb+PK -- -- -- --

    Wall TFT combos:

    Kage must have his back to the wall when executing the TFT.

    1st hit(s) 2nd hit(s) 3rd hit(s) 4th hit(s) 5th hit(s) Damage Notes
    ub+K+G ub+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    ub+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- --
    ub+K+G b+K+G -- -- -- -- --
    ub+K+G b+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    uf+K+G P P P b+K+G -- --
    uf+K+G P P P f,d,df+P -- --
    uf+K+G P P P ub+K+G -- --
    uf+K+G P P b+K d+K -- --
    uf+K+G f,d,df+P -- -- -- -- --
    uf+K+G f,d,df+P d+K -- -- -- --
    uf+K+G f,d,df+P ub+K+G -- -- -- --
    f,d,df+P PPb+PK -- -- -- -- --
    f,d,df+P f,d,df+P,K -- -- -- -- --
    f,d,df+P P f,f+P+K+G -- -- -- --
    f,d,df+P P f,d,df+P -- -- -- --
    f,d,df+P P ub+K+G -- -- -- --

    Misc combos:

    All after TFT.

    P -> P -> P -> P -> P -> P
    b+P -> b+P -> b+P -> f,d,df+P
    b+P -> P -> d+P+K -> ub+K+G
    b+P -> P -> d+P+K -> d+P -> DP
    df+P -> b+PK -> P -> d+P+KK
    df+P -> b+P -> b+P -> F+P -> d+P+KK

    (c) end of document
  4. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    Damn..damn, damn..now if only I had a machine to play on..excellent job.
  5. alexchin

    alexchin Member

    Regarding bb+K+G – G – DP

    Been trying out some of the stuff you posted, but it seems I couldn't G to turn back fast enough for the DP to connect... What the timing of pressing the G? Do I need to delay it a bit after bb+K+G?

    Also, about ff+K, G-cancel, it always seems that Kage cancel the move without having his back turn, again, a timing thing?

    btw, f+P+G – van halen(Wall Hit) combos are fun :) thanks.
  6. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    Hmm..Havent tried VF4 much, but thx for the info..
    Btw someone needs to write a Kage®faq and put it on gamefaqs.com..
  7. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Regarding G backturn, do the bb+K+G and release K whilst holding guarding. You'll see Kage turn after the bb+K+G, then just buffer in the DP. Don't rush the combo, you have all the time in the world, so just wait for the turn animation then buffer in DP or df+K+G

    Regarding ff+K, G cancel, if you HOLD G you will cancel and turn around to face forwards again whilst blocking, to remain back turned you have to TAP the G and NOT hold.

    Rich I have the TFT list, big thanks. Some of them seem highly suspect but I'll try and confirm as much as I can.

    Lastly I have resorted to bb+K+G, u+P. I think it is not escapable and does the most damage. Also the u+P works with some wall combo's. For example if the Last kick in TFT - Knee - P - db+PPb+PK cause the wall hit than opponent can't techroll and stay on the ground longer. Sure you could do DP etc but they take little damage, that u+P does some meaty damage! Just don't abuse it cos if people struggle you'll get banged up.
  8. koro128

    koro128 Well-Known Member

    I've started to get a hang of b,b,K+G and a turn ard df,K+G. Abt 85%-90% success rate.

    I've got a question, hopefully can get some good answers :)

    it's Jacky's pounce. Whenever I TR and escapes his pounce, what is the follow up? It seems that Kage cant throw him cos Jacky's posture after a missed pounce is Low. I tried a uf,K+G but seemed too slow.
    A df,P also seems too slow.

    Can i have some expert opinion on this please? thanks!!
  9. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    Haven't run into this much, but since you're within throw range you could always try for ub+K+G... at least it's fast enough to tell you if you've got solid options.
  10. koro128

    koro128 Well-Known Member

    hmm... ub,K+G is an option i didnt try. I was thinking of trying to float him. i wonder how much damage ub,K+G will do on this situation.

    will have to explore more on this. Thanks.
  11. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Tech Roll into d+K+G or D/f+P.

    Try DP or ub+K+G if you are close.

    You can also side throw I'm sure or do bb+K+G, u+P
  12. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    blocked elbow (f+P)

    Just want to correct something I noted earlier regarding the blocked elbow into stance. I mentioned that Kage could auto-reverse any counter punch attempt, but this only applies to those with slow punches. That is, those with fast punches will nail Kage cleanly, but they have to be alert. If they hestitate for a few frames, Kage will score the reversal.

    b, d+P+G – b+P: Can work as ura.

    It helps if you dash first (f,f) before the b+P. However, this also serves as a neat setup for Kage's mid-kick reversal in stance. After the throw the opponent head towards, face up and in this position, their high rising attack is a straight attack rather than a sweeping one. So, after the throw, use b+P to enter stance, and enter P+K+G in time to reverse their high rising attack. See note below for mid-kick reversal followups. If they opt for a low rising attack instead, K+G in stance can go over low attacks and stagger them.

    f+P+G – DPK: Best damage and guaranteed follow-up, sometimes the kick can miss though, especially against Akira.

    The kick misses MWs and up if they're crouching after the f+P+G. If you anticipate the crouch, here's a nasty alternative:

    * f+P - uf+K+G - d+P+KK, or
    * f+P - f+K+G - DP

    The f+P produces a back stagger against a croucher.

    Just some additional notes:

    PPb+P - Is guaranteed on normal hit. I think this was mentioned in another thread, so I thought it useful to include here.

    mid-kick reversal - A good followup to this is to evade-roll then DPK. According to Arcadia this is guaranteed if you evade-roll in the right direction. Not sure what the 'right direction' is but I'd guess it'd be to the opponent's leading foot (so as to get behind them).

    TFT - d+P+K - b+PK - has the ability to RO opponents over low walls from some distance away. This is from Arcadia again, and I couldn't get it to work but it looks possible. The d+P+K has to be timed perfectly.
  13. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info Myke, anymore stuff from Arcadia?
  14. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Rich some notes

    TFT - Knee - b+PK - d+P+KK
    Always works on Lion, whiffs against everyone else.You have it down as a LW combo...never worked against lighties for me...

    TFT - Knee - Knee or Knee - P - Knee
    Never got these to work, are these for real? Perhaps wall or something.

    TFT- d+P+K - b+P - (JM) PKK
    If done properly you cannot TR

    Nearly all the bb+P combos can be done after a perfectly timed d+P+K.I think d+P+K - bb+P - P - d+P+K - P - PPb+PK is the only one that is not doable

    Here are some newies, sorry if you already have them.
    TFT - Knee - P - db+P - PPb+PK (LW)
    TFT - d+P+K - P - d+P+K - Knee

    Myke notes

    TFT - d+P+K - b+PK ring out over low walls
    Wow! This works very well and from quite some range.

    Stance kick reversal - stance dodge - DPK
    This is indeed a combo, I think you have to dodge the opponents 'back foot' or the foot furthest away from you. This gets you BEHIND the opponent in a way so DPK/ d+P+KK/ f+P back stagger should all be doable. I think you can do the stance reversal after df+P+G and P+G to, and it works against Akira's normal rising kicks.

    Here are Kages most useful TFT combos

    Most damage:
    TFT - Knee - P - db+PPb+PK (everyone)
    TFT - Knee - d+P+K - ub+K+G (everyone)
    TFT - d+P+K - b+PK - d+P+KK (everyone)
    TFT - d+P+K - Knee - PPK (everyone)
    TFT - Knee - b+PK - d+P+KK (only Lion?)

    Ring Out ability
    TFT - d+P+K - b+PK - P - P - d+P+KK (MW)
    TFT - d+P+K - b+P - P - P - db+PPb+PK (LW)
    TFT - d+P+K - b+PK - P- db+PPb+PK (MW)
    Sadly I can't get d+P+K - P - d+P+K - P - PPb+PK to connects :( But I think the above are just as good, AND because there is less repetition in the moves (i.e.d+P+K and P) there are also more damaging, and you still get good distance :)

    Lastly FexiaQ mentioned you could buffer moves whilst backturned, this works with Kage for multiple 'block stuns' and some laughs.

    bf+K - fb+KK

    I think I'll sign off with one of Creeds infamous quotes.

    "Kage brothers rejoice and run enmasse into the sea"
  15. Oni-Kage

    Oni-Kage Well-Known Member

    Wow this thread is downright invaluable, thanks folks! I'm compiling a list of juggles and strats to take to the arcade so I can get a feel for the game and for Kage.

    Can someone do me a quick favor though? Since there are no real FAQs out there for VF4 Kage, can someone please post a list of all of his NEW moves for VF4(and changed notations for previous moves too)? I know about various ways to Jumonji but I think this would be helpful so I can experiment with his new stuff. Thanks!
  16. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

  17. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Here some basic stuff with the Ninja that may help nebies out there. And some general stuff about VF4 in general.

    Kage Basics:

    df+P – P – d+P+KK: Best combo against MW and HW.
    df+P – PPb+PK: Best bet against LW; add DP or ub+K+G near wall.
    df+P – P – P – ub+K+G: Doable on everyone, but open stance
    df+P – PPK (or PPPb+K) – DP or ub+K+G: Works against everyone near wall.
    df+P – P – d+P+K – d+P+KK: Doable on LW (MC?).
    df+P – P – d+P – DP (or ub+K+G): Doable on everyone but distance dependant.
    df+P – P (Wall Hit) – P – P – d+P – DP: Multiple wall hit combo
    You can use the df+P ‘evasion’ animation in certain situations. For example if Lau does elbow-palm (f+PP), you can block the elbow then do df+P to ‘evade’ the palm for a MC float. This works for other moves like Lions f+PP. Please experiment and let me know of other similar set-ups for df+P…Don't do the df+P after an elbow, you'll get raped!! Generally do it after a MC d+P (buffer in a dash), after a MC P, against tech rollers everone in a while, and sometimes it works well after a d+P+K.

    uf+K+G – d+P – d+P+KK: Best combo against Lightweights
    uf+K+G – d+P – DP: Best combo against Mid-weights
    uf+K+G – DP: Best combo against Heavy-weights
    uf+K+G – dbPKG – ub+K+G: MC, open stance, up to MW, for show-offs /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    f+P (blocked)
    f+P (blocked) – GTE: Your safest option
    f+P (blocked) – db+K: Not as useful as VF3tb, the db+K has very high chance of whiffing now due to some dodgy collision detection.
    f+P (blocked) – shinsodan away: Useful as ever to get out of hairy situations.
    f+P (blocked) – stance – P+K sabaki: Useful against aggressive types.
    f+P (blocked) – d+P: The low jab will stop some moves like a knee, beware counter elbows!
    f+P (blocked) – P: Will stop a lot of moves but beware of stuff like Jeffry’s Kenka Upper, Sarah’s db+K, Lau’s UpKn etc. All will beat jab for MC float (1/2 bar combo for Jeff!!).
    f+P (blocked) – f+P: Not as useful as VF3tb because the elbow is much, much slower. In Vf3tb you could do f+P twice to stop both Jeffry’s Knee and Kenka Upper, now both will MC hit you /versus/images/icons/frown.gif
    f+P (blocked) – b+K sabaki: Actually works a treat, but limited options due to back turn.
    f+P (blocked) – Korean Step - TFT: Has its uses, especially if you get the MC dodge.

    Basic Ura
    d/f+P+G – df+K: The df+K seems to be more guaranteed than in version A
    d/f+P+G – d+P+K+G – stance dodge roll: Can work as ura.
    P+G – DPK: Can work as ura.
    b, d+P+G – b+P: Can work as ura.
    uf+K+G or b+P: Both these moves can go ‘through’ or over high rising kicks so Kage ends up behind the opponent, experiment…

    f+P+G – uf+K: Guaranteed but all follow-ups after uf+K are TRollable
    f+P+G – DPK: Best damage and guaranteed follow-up, sometimes the kick can miss though, especially against Akira.
    f+P+G – d+P+KK: Less damage then DPK, but guaranteed.
    f+P+G – df+K+G: Opponent can dodge it or some characters can TT kick-flip counter.
    f+P+G – df+K: Will stagger crouchers or MC reversal attempts by Aoi.
    f+P+G – uf+K+G: Opponent can block it or TT attack, but if they try a low attack then follow-up with your standard uf+K+G combo. If the opponent does nothing you will get a special back-turned high leg flip animation (think Lions df+PP after df+P+G), so you can tak on a guaranteed df+K+G or u+P.
    f+P+G – uf+K (Wall Hit) – P – d+P+KK
    f+P+G – uf+K (Wall Hit) – d+P – d+P – DP
    f+P+G – DP (Wall Hit) – DP or ub+K+G

    If you can pull of TFT – Knee – P – d/b+PPb+PK (up to MW), then you are getting the correct (ideal) height for the knee. If not you have to buffer the knee in earlier!
    TFT – d+P+K – b+PK – d+P+KK: Easy damage combo if you can’t do the knee.
    TFT – d+P+K - b+PK –PPK: Works against heavies, good ring-out potential.
    TFT – d+P+K – b+PK – dbPPb+PK – DP: You can get this to connect from round start position on smaller walled rings like Vanessa’s stage. Works up to MW.
    TFT – d+P+K – Knee – PPK: Ryan Hart did this against Wolf.
    TFT – d+P+K – b+P – P – dbPPb+PK: Another RH combo, awesome ring-out potential, and up to MW.
    TFT – d+P+K – d+P+K – Knee – ub+K+G: Against LW
    TFT – d+P+K – Knee – d+P – DP: Against MW
    TFT – d+P+K – d or u P+K+G – d/f+K+G: You can use the d or u P+K+G to ‘angle’ a ring-out.
    TFT – d+P+K – d+P+K – d+P+K – d+P+KK: Funny and demoralising combo.

    TFT Wall combos
    After most DP otb wall combos (TFT – Knee – PPb+PK – DP) you will end up on the other side of the opponent and worse near a ring edge or destroyed wall (due to the combo!). Do P+GP to get back over the opponent, and out of a sticky situation fast! The canned punch part also seems to shift you away from any rising attacks too.

    bb+K+G – G – DP: Your most guaranteed damage combo after the bb+K+G.
    bb+K+G – G – d/f+K+G: Timing is more critical than above.
    bb+K+G – G – u/b+K+G: Can connect but ‘picky’. Maybe close range or stance dependant.
    bb+K+G – u+P: Most damaging follow up, but you can struggle out.

    TFT: If you miss your TFT combo opponent can Tech Roll, thus losing no energy when they land.
    uf+K+G: Will beat dodge attacks at the start of the round.
    uf+K+G: If you do this at the start of the round and Wolf does bf+P+K, Wolfs shoulder will hit Kage in the ‘back’, and then Wolf can do TT combos.
    db+K: Very dodgy collision detection on this move now, nearly always whiffs so be careful.
    df+P+G – u+P: Works well if near wall.
    TT P+KK – u+P: Most damaging and guaranteed follow-up
    TT d+K – DP or d/f+K+G or u/b+K+G or bb+K+G.
    f+P+G – b+K – f+P+K+G or f+P+K off wall: One way to use a new wall move.
    d+P+K+G: Annoyingly Kage will go into his stance when you attempt a low throw escape, because of the similar command. Low throw characters can use this to their advantage…
    bf+K: Can hit high rising kicks, but v.hard timing!
    bf+K (block stun) – TT d+K – DP or df+K+G: Works a treat.
    bf+K (block stun) – TT P+G: Worth throwing in to the mix.

    Korean Stepping
    It’s in the game, but you have to MC dodge in order to get the super-smooth dodge into crouch dash motion. Try something like d+K, KS as people will generally attack you after a low kick. Or at the start of the round do a KS b+P+G instead of dodge b+P+G, because you’ll get the TFT instead of the side-throw. Basically it’s up to you to set up the situations where you can do the KS effectively in combat, and it still has its uses.

    d+P+G pick-up
    Wolf and Jeffry’s ground pick-ups are a lot better now then in VF3tb. Kage is quite fortunate because you can struggle into a backwards shinsodan to get out of trouble. Do this enough times and then struggle into something more aggressive like PPP or d+K+G. If you are picked up near a ring edge or wall then your best option is probably struggle into uf+K.

    Wall Hits
    If you can get your opponent near a wall, than think about tactically causing a wall stagger for ‘free’ hits. Simply using a jab or low kick will be enough to cause the opponent to bounce off a wall, allowing you to follow up with attacks. For example:
    Kage: d+K (wall stagger) – u/f+K – ub+K+G
    Jacky : P (wall hit) – f+PK – u+P
    Lau: f+PP (wall hit) – UpKnPPP
    Pai: f+P (wall stagger) – u/f+KK

    Moves beat throw?
    It seems certain moves can be MC thrown. For example here’s something I witnessed in a Jeffry vs Wolf match. Jeffry does b+P at start of round and Wolf does Giant Swing…Wolf grabs Jeffry in the middle of his move! Jeffry can also be grabbed out of his f+PP, and Lion can be grabbed out of f,f+P. I don’t know whether more moves are now throw-able (like Akira’s e bff+P and last part of DLC in VF3tb), or whether certain throws can interrupt moves, maybe catch throws? If anyone has details please share.

    Minor counter throws
    It is possible to minor counter throw some moves. For example if Jeffry’s d+K+G or Lau’s d+KK (second kick) connects in a normal way then characters like Jeffry and Wolf can low throw guaranteed. Don’t know if this works for high/ mid moves so experiment.

    d+K combos
    Apparently d+K MC – double-palm is guaranteed for Akira, does this mean Akira can d+K MC throw? And do other characters have d+K MC combos? or throw opportunities?

    Guaranteed tech roll hits
    It seems some moves can lead to guaranteed counters if the opponent tech rolls. For example:
    Kage does ff+P+K+G – Tech Roller can attack Kage before he recovers, so Akira can do guaranteed double-palm for example.
    Wold does his new ¾ circle throw: Opponent can TR and counter attack Wolf.
    Lau does df+P+K – P - df+PPd+K: Sometimes the last d+K sweep connects as an otb hit and the opponent can TR into counter, For example Jeffry can low throw or f+K – d+P – ff+PP Lau whilst he is still recovering from the sweep, even though the sweep connected in the combo!

    Tech Roll/ Quick Rise dodge
    Dai (Genjin Jeffry) uses the dodge from a quick rise or tech roll and it does have its uses. QR/ TR dodge Splash Mountain is kinda demoralising. Also the dodge is very quick and beats nearly anyone trying to attack the TR/QR. Some moves can beat the dodge like HCB+P with Wolf, and of course you can throw, but then a good opponent will mix-up dodging from TR/QR or going for a ½ bar knee combo to counter throw attempts heh, heh!

    On a side note Kage’s TFT – Knee – PPb+PK (wall hit) – DP takes less than half-bar, say about 40% if you’re lucky. Jeffry's f+K - KKP or a well timed Akira dodge bff+P+K do more damage; sometimes well over half-bar!! Akira’s HCB+P reversal – bff+P+K also does ludicrous damage, up to 2/3rds of a life-bar! Some characters have definitely been toned down in terms of damage, whilst others can drain your whole life-bar in a few seconds. Me thinks a VF4.1 or version C will definitely be arriving sometime in the future, but probably only in Japan, as usual.
  18. Oni-Kage

    Oni-Kage Well-Known Member

    A few observations and questions here...

    I've noticed that the new sidestep attack works well against rising kicks... basically I would knock them down with something then u or d+P+K+G and it would cut through their rising attempt. I dunno, maybe I was able to do the new "dodge" which made the technique work?

    Also, I'm wondering if the Jumonji kick reversal would be effective against a rising kick? Or do rising kicks have too much priority? I haven't had a chance to test this, but I'm thinking a quick attack like the elbow into Jumonji would perhaps bait the standing kick and the reversal would grab it.

    Anyways, I'm still having difficulty adjusting to the game so I may wait for the PS2 release, heh.
  19. Dash_Lewis

    Dash_Lewis Member

    does anyone have any juggles off his FC, df+1?
  20. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I don't... but Chibita seems to combo off of Kage's downward chop quite a bit. Downward chop is what I call Kage's FC, df+P.


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