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Kage IS the main character...

Discussion in 'General' started by Genzen, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Genzen

    Genzen Well-Known Member

    Here's undeniable proof that Kage is the main character:


    Notice the use of the definite article 'the' as opposed to the indefinite article 'a'?

    The truth has been exposed!
  2. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member

    <span style='font-size: 17pt'>It's listed in Wikipedia! It must be TRUE!
    <span style='font-size: 14pt'>How dare we suggest its knowledge be fallacious?!?</span>
  3. KrsJin

    KrsJin Well-Known Member

    Ninja-puhlease. We all know big papa Jeff be the main running the show!
  4. Shidosha

    Shidosha Well-Known Member

    Ur Not Shidosha
    his real name is also CAGE
    he's Ken Hayabusa's Nephhew n Ryu Hayabusa's cousin
  5. SoulKatana

    SoulKatana Well-Known Member

    kage the main? maybe cause dural was/is the boss?? lol
    i think akira is and will be 4ever the main chara from VF...

    btw. i'm a kage, sarah, akira player...
  6. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Yah, everyone knows that it was one of AM2's development staff that edited that page and not just some random n00b.
  7. combo2008

    combo2008 Well-Known Member

    I thought everyone new he was the main character. j6 kidnapped his mother killed his father and whiped out his whole clan. too bad he didnt make the cover though
  8. Slide

    Slide Well-Known Member

    As opposed to an encyclopedia?

    Wikipedia may be on the internet, but it can also be corrected immediately if information is wrong. It has it's many faults such as this Kage thing, but IMO wikipedia is and can be a great and credible source. Whereas, something published differently(in print) might have misinformation such as this, and would need revised publications that might never even see the light of day.
  9. Seidon

    Seidon The God of Battle walks alongside me! Content Mgr El Blaze

    I thought Jacky was the main character.

    Jacky, what do you think?

    Jacky: 'YEAHHHHHHHH'
  10. ShinyBrentford

    ShinyBrentford Well-Known Member

    Everyone thinks Akira is the main because he's on the cover and looks like Ryu.

    Fun Kage fact:
    Kage is also danish for "cake"
  11. ShinyBrentford

    ShinyBrentford Well-Known Member

    Its funny that Jacky won the sega rally championship.
  12. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    On both the jap and english wikipedia it lists Akira as the main character, Wikipedia is confused!
  13. CobiyukiOS

    CobiyukiOS Well-Known Member

    No, it was HACKED! That person must be grinning right now. Yes, him.
  14. dblax20

    dblax20 Active Member

    I think it's brad.. he gets da women.. dont we all Agree..
    /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/b_.gif /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/f_.gif /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/k.gif+ /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/g.gif in da face of anyone who does not accept dis fact..it's fact..
  15. Truesonic2k

    Truesonic2k Well-Known Member

    I concur.
  16. Griever

    Griever Well-Known Member

    SEE!? And we all know that the CAKE is a LIE!
  17. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    kage never gets his face on the box..
  18. The_Shunjinkogh

    The_Shunjinkogh Well-Known Member

    Kage might be the main, but he competes with Akira.
  19. UKDiddy

    UKDiddy Well-Known Member

    As much as I like Kage, I have to get a magnifying glass to even spot his blue ass on a box, while I get enough of seeing akira's face, so I'd say akira's the man, and not Kage. Kage's going after akira's posterboy paycheck. Speaking of this though, does anyone know how to find a post from a few years back where some guy was writing "interviews" for the vf characters? It was hillarious and I read it a while back, but can't find it again. This just reminded me of that because I remember one of the questions to akira was about his feelings about Kage being jealous that he's the main guy making main guy bank. No one probably knows what I'm talking about, but if someone does figure it out, let me know cuz it was funny and I've been trying to find it on here again for a while.
  20. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member

    KingofCarnage asked me about this thread some months back and I was able to find it. IMO its required reading for any VF fan.

    It all starts here. Goh Interview by ONISTOMPA

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