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    Check this page for some list of combos (Some of
    them basic, a few you may not have seen before.
    Note: Quite a few of them are labeled Aoi only
    Taka only wall or whatever. And blame me if you
    want but I don't feel like translating.)

    I browsed the through the message board of that
    page and it's pretty clear that VF3 is dying in
    Korea as well. A lot of the posts dealt with attempt
    to meet up with what's left of competition. There
    was one post complaing "WTF is VF4 coming?"

    (Well, at least at this board even such effort stopped
    altogether, leaving Chanchai to rant pointlessly
    and jaded old timers to kill boredom reading his
    posts in apathy.)

    Anyway wading through "I will be there at so-and
    so arcades at such-such time and please people come
    play me." posts, I found what happened to the #2
    VF2 player I have met in Korea back in VF2.

    His nick was Quizking for whatever strange reason,
    and played mean-as-hell Akira and Jeffry. He probably
    could have rivaled Kashiwa Jeff for the world's strongest
    VF2 Jeffry title IMO. Anyway according to the posts
    there he pretty much gave up on VF3, and moved on to
    Tekken. Supposedly he is now getting rusty on VF3
    for lack of competition/practice, but
    one poster said even now Quizking is still a super strong
    player who can give him a pounding on any day of the

    In many posts that lament the demise of VF3, one person
    commented the breakpoint must have been the close down
    of Megazone arcade. According to the post, at least up to
    that point it was easy to organize competition on
    that place. But after that arcade closed many people just
    moved on, I guess. (Also, it seems Dreamcasts are pretty
    much non existent.)
  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post, was an interesting read.

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr>

    (Well, at least at this board even such effort stopped
    altogether, leaving Chanchai to rant pointlessly
    and jaded old timers to kill boredom reading his
    posts in apathy.)


  3. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    > (Well, at least at this board even such effort stopped
    > altogether, leaving Chanchai to rant pointlessly
    > and jaded old timers to kill boredom reading his
    > posts in apathy.)

    My point of view exactly LOL
  4. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well, I personally don't think my rants or messages are without point. At least if you're taking pointless as "devoid of meaning." There's always a reason, whether you care or not. This is not the most serious discussion forum so I don't intend to make the most out of my messages and structure them, but rather just express what I'm feeling in the moment. This being a forum about a game, a game I love, so I just express my love for the game and there is a point, and often that is the point as well as the subject of my posts. Given the responses that people do submit adds to the fact that there's some meaning. Given that I discuss the same things out of the forum with old and new schoolers with decent to good results makes me believe they have a point or meaning. Given that people usually criticize me on seperate threads instead of within the threads makes me feel that the threads I start or contribute to have a point.

    Furthermore, if you're declaring a lack of meaning from my posts for reading only a portion of it, that only says more for ignorance than the contents of my posts. I'll understand if that just says my posts were too much for you to read, but it doesn't make them all that pointless (as in ineffective) when I know that at least some people read them completely as opposed to nobody. However, I won't assume that to be the case as I don't have "definite" proof of that, and that would be ignorance on my part.

    As far as pointless as in "ineffective," at least I do get a response and the attention of newcomers and old-schoolers. At least I have met quite a few of the active members of this forum. At least I will continue to meet some of them. At least I'm making an effort because this forum is about VF and I still care about the game. I'm only expressing how much I love VF and some other tidbits that I find might be interesting to some of the readers of the board, but at least they have something on the board and if they actually read what I put out, it's not completely devoid of any meaning or reasoning. My impression is that many can relate to what I've posted. Not to mention that they had a similar time in their life where their enthusiasm was on the same level as mine.

    Of course, the fact that I got into this late makes me an easy target to pick on. But despite that, I keep with it, and I enjoy it. I think some old-schoolers enjoy some of my posts and generally relate to my enthusiasm and statements. I don't care if their afraid to admit it in the established old community, but in all reason, I was of the new school that did my best to relate with the old school. Within reason defending them, and within reason defending the newer school as well. I gave you guys honesty and an objective view, though inspired with good emotions.

    Would you rather I stop posting to this message board with my "pointless rants?" I know you didn't express whether you liked it or not, but sometimes I really don't enjoy being a target for doing what you guys did as a group years ago. Expressing a love for the game, a curiousity in discovering more into the game, and trying my best to keep what little is left alive.

    Not to mention I look forward to meeting more people (in person) that contribute to this forum this month.

  5. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    maybe hyun should rethink what he said about chanchai. if it wasn't for him (chanchai, not hyun) versus city would be like a forum graveyard. it's chanchai who gets the ball rolling (so to speak) by addressing virtua fighter tactics and other matters for everyone else to continue to discuss, and he informs us about fighting vipers news too (which i am personally very interested in, and i'm sure i'm not the only one). :p
  6. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    I can't possibly reply to this in full, as I don't really have time read your essay. I'm sure it's nonsense anyway :p
  7. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    you go, Chan!

    Chanchai rocks large because he actually is interested
    in posing questions or trying to come up with answers
    when questions are posed. If old timers are as pathetic
    as you make them out to be Hyun then they don't get to
    have an opinion in what Chanchai posts about. People
    dictate their own level of involvement in any situation.
    Chanchai remains active and honest in his activities here
    in VF.com whereas others seem content to sit on the
    periphery. If you want to dictate content then do it
    by generating it the way you did with that link to a
    Korean combo page or when you responded to the thread
    on Motion Capturing.

  8. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Hyun, I hope you didn't take my defense as an offense. It wasn't meant to be. Just had the personal need to stick up for myself and I still stand by that.

    Anyways, with all due respect, I've always respected you to be honest. I have no clue what you are like as a person, and won't presume so, but I'm referring to your contributions to the old community, particularly VF2 era. Honestly, I like your Sarah VF2 faq (a lot) in content and design. Such things as putting in the basics section right before the moves analysis, stuff like that, works out great. I think I recall you contributing quite a bit back in the THoVF days, for the small time I was lurking around it (I gave up on gaming for awhile soon afterwards).

    On the topic of Korea, I understand there was a huge scene for VF3 back in the day... I thought it was long gone... What I have heard is that it's pretty much TTT and DDR land.

    I'm surprised Pump It Up isn't doing as well as DDR (at least based on what I heard, I could very likely be wrong). However, I do admire the Korean DDR players, lots of street-style. Different from the Japanese style (hard to describe, the Japanese style is good and all, just sometimes harder to take seriously). However, this is based on my observations like 7 months ago...

    On the Tekken side of things, I didn't want to create a Tekken thread (it would probably be heresy here/images/icons/tongue.gif), so I'll stick it here... There's a nice Korean Tekken site (it's in English as well) that just launched this month, and is pretty darn good imo. It only has movies so far, but the recent batch of match movies have been great. For those that care at all about Tekken: http://www.tekkencentral.com Thank goodness (as far as Tekken goes especially) it's not just a bunch of combo clips.


    P.S. The movies on Tekken Central are encoded in the DIVX/MPEG4 format, so make sure you have the codec installed. You should be able to look it up on a search engine if you don't know where it is.
  9. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    For those that gave me support, thanks/images/icons/smile.gif

    It's greatly appreciated. Sometimes it does feel like it's me against VFDC/images/icons/tongue.gif Either that or like I'm a nutcase in an assylum/images/icons/smile.gif

    Again, thanks a bunch!

  10. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    Chanchai rocks large because he actually is interested
    in posing questions or trying to come up with answers
    when questions are posed.

    True and I agree. But Chan CAN make his posts much more concise. So that's my advice for you, Chan. It is often more difficult to write a short enough paragraph that is to the point.
  11. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice. Believe it or not, I reduced the size of my posts (like one paragraph, half of my norm or less) a lot recently, but probably went by unnoticed and the comments kept coming for a good amount of time (month, maybe more?), so I was like screw it. I'll just post what's on my mind, be inconsiderate and save myself the time of cutting it down.

    Not only that, but sometimes I do extend my posts or detail them, for completeness. Probably a built in defense against people with counter arguments as a word can make such a huge difference at times (and often while I type or think, I throw the counter arguments at myself in preperation). That or having to deal with people that require many examples in detail to understand what I'm saying. Then again, sometimes I purposefully make statements vague, but with enough clues to figure out more into the meaning... Anyways, it's a habit and the way I like to communicate in "casual" environments. Works better vocally though/images/icons/smile.gif

  12. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    I'll just post what's on my mind, be inconsiderate and save myself the time of cutting it down.

    That's one of the worst things you can do, both verbally and in writing. It may save YOUR time while it wastes OUR time. If you want your messages to be read, focus should be on what the readers want, not on how easily you can write the messages.

    After all, if the message is long, many people usually skip or skim through. So even if you're aiming for the completeness, writing in full(I mean...FULL) often has an adverse effect.
  13. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    I do agree that that Chanchai could make his posts
    smaller but I also know that reading comprehension
    seems lacking in this community sometimes. Clear
    points are often removed from context and argued
    completely wrong...intentionally or not, I'm never
    sure so I can also see Chanchai's reasoning for
    being extremely verbose.

    For me, If any post is overlong and not juicing
    me up than I'll just skip over it and read the
    responses since people tend to cut and paste
    the original bits they're debating. Saves me

  14. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Hehe, Shota, that's why I stuck in the word inconsiderate, but in case you're wondering, I am trying to cut my messages down now. However, it depends on the post. Informational posts I try to keep down... Argument posts, that varies, becaue I often have a lot to say. But I'll try to stick the posts shorter, I felt like teasing you earlier so I was, but at the same time, I was pretty honest in that post too.

    Godeater's really right about my mentality on completeness. No offense to this forum, but reading comprehension does seem low. However, I just take that as the basic assumption of people on the internet or over communication to many people. I've seen so many misarguments and what not and so that's the main nature of my posts being as complete as I intend it to be. Trust me, I actually do omit a lot of things, but I try not to let my posts be misleading. Also of note are when I do use paranthesis, or sentances derived from the topic... However, you may remember an earlier argument where I was quoted and my small, but further explanation in parenthesis was stripped and made the meaning look different, and the post that did this criticized my mentality for it. And then I explained what was omitted, but I argued within reason and as non-offensively as I could without compromising my point. Things like that I won't compromise. And I'm not commenting on the responder's comprehension directly, I think that person is quite thoughtful, just overlooked one of my "balance" statements. I guess part of my "problem" at times is making sure that I go by what I strongly believe in, "context is important," and so, by assuming comprehension is low, I have to layout the context for the general reader.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that the general rule in life is that people want answer to be as simple as possible etc... And though complicated problems/questions/situations/ideas rarely have simple answers or responses, I tend to let the complexity sink in... It's my "inconsiderateness" as well as my love for writing/expression. I myself love articles that are loaded (such as a Michael Porter article in Harvard Business Review for example) and I tend to express the same thing (loading my statements, not just in size, but in things such as tropes). Maybe writing is just too much of an art form to me. But I'll try to write things shorter, as this is a forum. Didn't mean to stomp on your advice earlier/images/icons/tongue.gif It's well considered and understood.

    However, within reason, I'm still gonna go on to explanations such as I did in the Taka post. Why? Because a question like "How do I play Taka?" will get me flamed. So I explain my situation which is, "I have a somewhat starting point, but not much, as I'm lost in the fact that Taka's changed a lot in tb, more than I even see listed as far as I know, etc...Please help" However, since I was requesting help, I tried to keep that post short.
  15. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well, I have to sort of make this statement here...

    If you look at the majority of Rich's post (some of them are designed to pull your leg, I know, look past that though), they are generally very good and reasonable posts unless you dwell on the tone. He tends to put a slightly negative tone on his messages, but I personally don't mind. As important as tone is, it's the last thing to be judged in my book. Context and content are of importance first.

    Godeater's mentioned this, I've mentioned this before quite a few times. However, I guess the message got across lately, as I don't see people freaking out over a Rich post anymore.

    It is my belief that if you communicate with Rich directly about any objections you might find, you find the guy to be very, very reasonable. He is strong on his perspectives, I'll admit that, but he has good reason. Just take that into consideration into context. If he mistakes something and you explain it, he'll understand. This isn't that often though.

    Anyways, I guess I was thinking about this while I was thinking about my communication style and how Rich and I carried so many conversations at NYG2 (which people appeared to think it was shocking that Mr. Giddy and Mr. Grumpy were talking for hours everyday). I'm a sort of "lounge communicator," I communicate freely and casually. Unfortunately as one of my English Professors have said, there's just way too much going on in my mind, hence I have way too much to say. As far as academics go, I get praised and scolded for this, hehe. Mostly praised in fact, but I can't forget about being scolded :p

    The point of this message regards comprehension. Having seen people misinterpret Rich's posts (well, the ones where he's not pulling everyone's leg, but trust me, it's not that common), I guess I got the impression that I had to be extra clear and complete in posting. Otherwise, people tend to gut point A and turn it upside down into point V and what follows is an emotional response to a response and much meaning lost. In addition, you'll notice that when I acknowledge my misunderstanding, I'm vocal about it, but I have to clarify things so it's not seen in "weird" ways. Though I may be discredited for my long posts, and I'll admit to that, I'm not really discredited by the contents of the posts, and for me, that is most important (perhaps a preference thing). I feel similar about Rich's posts, you can discredit the tone, but it's not often that you can discredit the content. I just spell my posts out to avoid a ridiculous amount of backlash.
  16. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: Time wasting?

    Maybe I post long as well...hehehehe...Chan can verify this over my icq mgs....But I always make sure the person on the other side does not mind long msg...otherwise I do really short n concise postings or msg.

    However, I don't mind reading long postings. As long as it's a topic which I'm interested in. When it does not interest me, I do EXactly what GE does, read the responses.

    Then again, communication is a two-way street. So I don't agree with what Hyun has to say about Chancai.

    Plus, I've seen other boards with longer postings...Warren ellis's board comes to mind. No one EVER complains about it though.

  17. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Re: Time wasting?

    Don't think I'm familiar with Warren Ellis. However, don't you hate it when people read a long post on a message board, and when they respond to it, they put the entire freakin' message in the quoted sections?! My how blessed we are on this forum!!! /images/icons/tongue.gif

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, read the Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 or Domination 101 threads in the shoryuken.com forum. However, this is a habit that seems to be everywhere, but VFDC.

  18. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: Time wasting?

    I KNOW WHAT U're referring to....
    Especially when the quote the ENTIRE DAMN POST!!!

  19. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Re: Time wasting?

    I enjoy the shoryuken.com style of message boards not the long quotes mind you but I realy like the laid back style it feels more like casual chit chat and you can use words like "best" and "how" without fear of being scolded about how the word "best" is disrespectful to other players and the word "how" sounds like you are too lazy to find this stuff on your own.I also enjoy Chanchai's long posting style.

    P.S. I apologize for run on sentences.

    Under the surface of the most jaded cynic lies a dissappointed idealist- George Carlin
  20. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: Time wasting?

    Same here...I dun mind long postings....I mean, sometimes
    I am an offender as well....

    Funny u should mention abt the way SRK.com board is...
    half the time is full of posters complementing each other n blah...(just my personal opinion)
    the other half turns into flamewars....

    However, What I do find abt that particular board is IT does have more of an atmosphere....


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