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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Hyun, May 2, 2002.

  1. Hyun

    Hyun Well-Known Member

    Well, not entirely. This looks like a general PS2 oriented show on a Korean cable TV. It showcases a few games no one cares about, Tekken4, FF8 ending, then shows exhibition VF4 matches. And uh yeah, some cute chicks.

    1. Click on the link called "VOD" on the top right.
    2. On the pull down menu, choose "20" (the latest show)
    3. If you are only interested in VF4, go to the halfway point.

    The guy giving commentary is Akira Kid. (His comments are not meticulous or anything though, considering this show is geared toward casual console gamers.) The one next to him is, umm, a chick they paid to look cute and say stupid things.

    The show apparently accepts any VF4 clan that can bring in three members to the station on Mondays. (I don't know what AK does for living but he probably gets paid to give commentary here.)

    It's quite obvious that the guys here are mostly fooling around having fun. But in any case the whole set up is quite amusing IMO. Can't say we don't want to have something like this in the US.

    Lastly: Yes, the subwindows with players's heads are annoying. And Korean players in TBZone also complained about those windows blocking the view of the matches themselves.
  2. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    hyun, thanks for the clip, it was sort of interesting, tho less interesting without knowing korean.

    103 megs, OoOf. Not for the average aoler.
  3. Hyun

    Hyun Well-Known Member

    Well, trust me, you are not missing too much because you don;t know Korean. I am not sure the show is archival worthy, but I think it's amusing enough to make it worth a viewing. Here is an example of what was being said: When that silly Kage player did TFT, f,f+K

    AK: What was that combo??
    The Chick: How is it that YOU don't know?
    AK: (rolls eyes) No, you stupid b*tch that was a rhetorical question!!

    Okay okay that's not what AK said : ) Still the whole commentary thing going on was kinda silly. I believe more episodes will be uploaded on that site.
  4. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    arg, I Can't watch it cause of the stupid firewall
  5. chingdude

    chingdude Well-Known Member

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.magoja.com>www.magoja.com</a> had mirrored this a few days ago but i could never download it entirely. from what i did see, it really wasn't worth the time to download the +100 MB of footage. although that's interesting that that anchor dude is shinz.

    edit:~wow, i just read that over and i sound like a jerk. sorry, hyun~
  6. Hyun

    Hyun Well-Known Member

    Well, well, it's okay. As I said, I am not sure if it's archival worthy, especially since only a fraction of the show deals with VF4 matches, and the competition is very casual at best. Again, only recommended to those with high speed connection and haven't seen those Asian video game shows.

    [edit] Again, the show is geared toward the casual console gamers. You can see them wasting quite some time introducing the items you can have in the game. Still, the webmaster of TBZone himself encouraged people to sign up for the show. The messages on the board basically said: "VF players need to support the shows like this to increase popularity of the game. If people stop signinig up because it's Monday or whatever the show will cancel the VF section. Also, don't low punch throughout the match. It needs to look flash in order to attract casual players."

    Things are not that different outside Japan.
  7. AkiraKidWannaBe

    AkiraKidWannaBe Well-Known Member

    VF has been on since the 18th show.
    So you can see VF from 18,19 and 20 on VOD listing.

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