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    Ok Im sure I miss spelled the topic and second Im sure this has been talking about before but I couldn't really find anything that helped me.

    I got my Copy of VF4 with a Jap PS2. Theres a mode called Kumita . Is this the mode where you earn items? I played that mode tell 67 wins with Jacky and I got nothing. After quitting a little box appeared saying something which I couldn't understand sense it being in Japanese. I also don't got a memory card yet because they are sold out everywhere in my area, hard to believe, isn't it? So here are my questions.

    1.) How do I earn items?
    2.)How do I get access to them after I earn them?
    3.)Can you use them in vs or arcade mode?
    4.) Is a memory card required to earn any items at all?
    5.) Is there some site that has info on Kumita that's in english?

    Thank you.
  2. Yupa

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    1) Different ways... you can steal items during mirror matches if you win. There are also items that you get for playing badly.

    2) There's a character edit option from the menu.

    3) Yep.

    4) Most likely.

    5) It's "kumite"
    Just search for "kumite" "item" "VFnet" "VF.net"
    and you'll find answers to all your questions. Do a little research on your own. You're not going to be able to take advantage of any of this without using a memory card, so don't worry about it for now...

    There's a very recent thread with both the words "items" and "kumite" in the subject.

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