Kumite Strategy for Vanessa

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Guest, Mar 29, 2002.

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    After a shaky beginning (this is my first VF) i finally hit upon two strategies for clearing the AI opponents.

    I am currently DragonLord level Vanessa with a 90% win streak (450 wins, 50 losses, most of the loses coming from early games, i win like 97% of the time now) . I also just finnished a 126 win streak in which i got 14 of the spheres, unlocked Dural, and got my 100 win item.

    The strategy is simple, get some distance then perform a fully charged b,b+K+G. Whether the opponent blocks it or not you get a free df+P+G throw on them. Follow it up with a df+K soccerkick, then backdash to a safe distance again. Repeat this strategy and you can win most any fight.

    When the b,b+K+G is guarded you can also use the standing K+G which is useful in stages without walls. Because once the opponent blocks a K+G you can keep doing it over and over again, as he keeps blocking to push him out of the ring. At the lower difficulties this may actually knock an opponent down, be careful not to perform the K+G again after knocking an opponent down, as this will put you in a bad position.

    If you find yourself in too close with the opponent and need to get some distance perform d+P, ws+P until a while standing hit connects well enough to knock back your opponent. These moves are generally too fast for the opponent to interrupt, so it works most of the time (but this works only in defensive stance, as MT stance changes the d+P to an elbow)

    Lastly, learn to techroll away by pressing either d or u and P+K+G as this gives you more distance aswell, but be prepared for the opponent to rush you after this aswell.

    Hope this improves your ability to hammer the kumite ai.
  2. Moby

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    Hey ETP, thanks for your suggestions on how to "cheese" your way through Kumite with Vanessa... but please refrain from using Tekken terminology for VF. d+1 and ws+1 mean nothing in VF, there is no button labelled "1".

    It's d+P (or low punch), and ws (while standing) punch. Just to reduce any possible confusion over the already-humungous VF terminology.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    lol, sorry about that. Old habits die hard i guess.

    I editted my above post to insert the proper instructions. I'll make sure to check for that in my future posts.
  4. Moby

    Moby Well-Known Member

    No problemo. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif I have a couple hardcore Tekken friends who are switching to VF, and they have the same problem as you. They keep saying "down one" all the time while playing, lol!

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