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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Prince_Hatim, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Prince_Hatim

    Prince_Hatim Well-Known Member

    Japan is sweet man! Just yesterday we all went to Ryan's bday party Kyasao, chibita, the lot!It was good fun.

    We had an interview at Famitsu head office, got our free ver C blue mooks and various other goodies, got Kyasao, chibita and bun bun to sign the books, wicked.

    It's really, there is always challenges, and players are really good. There are a lot of people who use waiting tactics, but there's a good mix.

    We don't really get to play hardcore everyday just VF4 because there's loads to do. At the moment I'm second dan, but the the thing is, the players here have clocked up 1000s of challenges and I've barely broken the 100 mark. I've got 50% win percentage. Anyway, when you think you are the best in your local arcade and you think, YEAH I'm ready for Japan, think again punk. These players know so much more about the game and are more than willing to spend the extra time studying the game, I'm not like that, I just try to pick things up myself and ask people about certain things from time to time.

    With all the other VFs, sega released the frame data for all the moives in the game, this time round they didn't and the blue mook has all the data in it, from Kyasao and co's hard work, they had to work it all out themselves using high quality video equipment. Hard work.

    I would regard myself as a good player in the west, but when you come to Japan it's different, overall, you will definitely lose to the best players here, but you may beat an emperor from time to time, me, Ryan and uk-guy have all beaten emperors here, but overall they win many more times. Anyway I take my hat off to ryan because he has a 10th dan Kage, and over 6th dan Wolf, Jacky and Akira.

    If you are a talented games player, you will eventually learn the advanced tactics and should be able to get to 10th dan, you need to spend time, money, you need to have patience and your aim NEEDS to be that you want to become an emperor, and it's possible, very hard, but sometimes you are on fire. By the time I get back I might have spent a total of maybe 15-20 hours at arcades playing VF4. That is not enough to get you a high ranking. During this time also, you will not always be able to increase your rank while in the arcade, because there is one thing which really P****s me off when I'm in the arcade tryng to build up my rank honestly. You need to get x wins in a row against same dan or higher to go up a level. But when you get a couple of wins and the next maybe your title match, some wankers take their card out and then challenge with jacky or something, if they beat you (probably will because their aim is to break your streak so you have to start again) our flow is broken and you feel like going round and ramming his head into the cabinet glass. I managed to hold my self (she was too cute, nah just kidding, but there are a few female players who are good.)

    So on the days that you are really on fire, escaping throws left right and centre and just generally having faster reflexes than normal, you'll find a lot of punks going real low, and challenging with Jacky or Vanessa without a card. I would definitely agree with Ice-9 about the really shit feeling you get when you go down a rank or can't go up. If you're not there for long, just enjoy challenging and don't take it seriously. You need A LOT of patience.

    That's all I have to say for now, but if you feel like coming to Japan, bring some money with you, it's not cheap. Luckily my friend Dai helped us out a lot here with accomodation and getting around, so THANK YOU DAISUKE. Sorry about all the typos.

    And by the way, mr Bungle, you tramp, I'm loving it down here man HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA you anorak.

    Thanks to everyone who reads except mr. bungle.
  2. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    SWEETNESS,:) sounds like a laugh:) do u onlu play with lau? an is you lot gonna be back for the casino comp? id liek 2 see what u lot hav picked up! the best player ive seen in london was some wolf player who battered me like 5 times an i only beat him 2wice:(
  3. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    I just thought I'll add my 2cents here...just as a general knowledge to let many of u here know how can indeed be a real pain in a butt.
    (also...this reply is kinda..uhm..a late reply to some points Jeff mentioned in his other big ass kick report abt VF4 in Japan)

    About a month ago, I was just buming around after classes...decided to go into the arcade to see if anyone was playing VF4...surprise surprise, there were two Japanese tourist playing VF4 there! They were doing lotsa cool combos n fun stuff...very entertaining to watch.

    During our very first match, I managed to beat one of them that point, I felt really was like...' hmmm...this shouldn't be happening!' And I managed to have consistent streaks for the entire time we were there.

    However, to back up Jeff's statement on how good the Japanese players in terms of defence and recovering from staggers n stuff...IT'S ALL TRUE!

    During the course of the night, I found it impossible to do certain stuff such as p Mc, throw...stagger->throw. It led me to believe that the first three rounds were just a shock to him..which he then recovered and adjusted to my style really quick. Very good defensive work.

    I believe what helped me that day was the difference in style...which Jeff also mentioned in his thread.

    Outta curiosity, I asked him what dan he was (I wanted to kinda guage how I 'MIGHT' fare if I go down there)...He told me he's 6 dan...but stopped using card. I asked him why? His replying being ' nah, I don't use fun as it's way too much of a hassle'.

    Hassles like Hatim and Jeff mentioned...the need to hunt for the same guys to improve dan...ppl electing not to use cards..thus the cycle begins all over again...he found the whole process really really stressful. Thus he decided to 'ah fuck it' and played without his card.

    Incidentally, my Japanese buddy who's also a VF nut just came back. We hooked up for some games...had dinner...I decided to ask him what dan he was...he also told me he decided not to use the card for the same reasons too~

    He gave me the same advice as well too.
    ' If u go there...forget much trouble...just go play against people u wanna play is too much pain unless u're REALLY free and VERY RICH'.

    I can be a very fun's just that since we have a time limit when we go over's best to just try it out..enjoy it for a while...just dun get so into the whole ' I must have a high rank' thing. At that stage...the whole process of obtaining a higher rank no longer becomes becomes more like an issue that needs to be addressed.

    P.S He told me I would do really well down there too. I kept thinking to myself ' gah...u haven't seen myke yet~!'

    I decided not to tell him abt myke...seeing he is already famous enough LOL~! /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Thanks to everyone who has helped accomodate me in Japan like Ryan, Gin, Go...and of course Dai-Spooky!

    Just came back from another night in West Shinjuku. It was only Thursday but there were heads everywhere!

    Yamiyodare (Dark Saliva) beat Akuma Pai 5 times to get his 'Taioh' rating. Then Akuma Pai challenged Masked Hijetetsu (Iron-Elbow) and Neotawah to some Emepror dules! Alas they kept beating each other in turns and no one seemed to be getting any closer to getting to Taioh.

    Chibita has started to play Akira!!! When I was there he had 7 wins and 1 loss on his card and was on 8 kyu or something. By the time I was leaving he was on 1st Dan and had about 20 wins!

    Saygall interestingly banged up Emperors but because his win rating is below 75% he can't get a taioh rating. He has an above emperor rating, but I'm not sure of the what it is called.

    Also stopped by Shibuya Hi-Tech. Kyasao now has 10th Dan Shun and Lion. Mucky turned up with his 8000+ wins emperor Akira...and just kept losing to people. Maybe he was just having a bad day /versus/images/icons/frown.gif

    Anyways tommorow is Friday...which means plenty of emperors representing every VF chracter will come out to play and get their taioh ratings. It will be interesting to see what rating is above taioh...and which emperor gets its first...

  5. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    Off to Kani-Spo now. Friday night VF to follow...
  6. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Excellent...look forward to ur report~
  7. [PKG]

    [PKG] Active Member

    Thats sounds dark... good to see your all having a good time:)

    When are you all back?

    P.S You lot must be blowing up over the women!!
  8. Prince_Hatim

    Prince_Hatim Well-Known Member

    Yep we're having a great time. The women are SOOOOO fashion conscious, they wear wonderful clothes and plaster on the make up, even the most butters women can look half decent. They are nice yes, and if I weren't engaged I'd sort them out, because they are all over us, even with my mad bierd, I would have thought they'd be scared, but they love it! Well it's only them who are missing out! Boy they're so unlucky!
  9. Fishie

    Fishie Well-Known Member

    You have that monstrosity for religious reasons or just to hide youre Chin ?

    Edit , sorry no insult intended .
    I myself consider myself a muslim but I dont have a beard ( well most of the time annyway )
  10. Darkseed

    Darkseed Well-Known Member

    I think he just wants to be a Jeffry-lookalike

    Next he'll probably buy himself a boat and go on a mad goosechase for a big shark /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  11. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    haha, well when i saw a pic o him winning the vf4 thing i didnt reconize him cos i=of the beard an i aint seen his boat since namco wonderland/park, anyways beards are cool in winter, id hate 2 hav one in summer!
  12. Prince_Hatim

    Prince_Hatim Well-Known Member

    Assalaamu alaikum Almaci

    Yeah, I've got John Travolta's chin.

    Nah, I'm muslim.
  13. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    wayasayin Roy!

    Ooh report...where do I start?...

    'Kay arrive at Kan-Spo at 19:00 hours. Place is already packed. Scope the crowd and spot Saygall and Guererira, decide to go over and watch their matches.

    Saygall has 1 above emperor rating but because his win rating is below 75% he does not have the 'Fist-King' type symbol. He is playing an Emperor Wolf with long flowing hair. Guereria has a 1 above emperor Aoi and the 'Fist-King' symbol because his win rating is like 78%. His Aoi has a mad yeti like hair wig and face mask. Luckily I arrive just as the two are having their first challenge. Guereria is on fire and beats Saygall 4 times in a row! Saygall is unhappy with himself and his performance, but still comes round to congrat G on every win. Finally on his 5th Challenge Saygall beats G. Interestingly this is not a title match for G, he has to beat the same rating as himself to proceed to a higher ranking. It is unfortunate that Saygall has a 'low' win raing. He is as good as the other mega-emperors. Saygall goes on to rack up a 15 win streak.

    Edo arrives and slots in his Lau card. He is an emperor with over 10500 wins! He racks up about 5 wins before beaing taken off by an 8th Dan Vanessa player.

    On another machine Haksun Lau is playing. He has a 2 above emperor Lau and is roasting all challengers. His friend PK Akira (2 above emperor ranking) is watching and laughing.

    Chibita arrives. By now Haksun has been beaten. he and PK greet Chibita. All 3 start challenging each other and no-one seems to be dominating. Finally Chibita looking slightly disgrunteled slots in his card and starts to play monstrously. He beats PK's Akira and Haksuns Lau 5 times in row to get a new rating, Mai-oh or 'Devil King'. He rings himself out 3 times against the CPU then goes home, whataguy!!

    Now Kani-Spo is getting packed, Hatim finally arrives. I point out Neo-tawah and Edo to him. He decides to take a sneaky photo. Hatim then challenges Neo-tawah and loses. He comes around to me and nods saying the guys Jacky is tough. By now more heads have arrived. Skeleton is here, as is Mucky, Gin, Iron-elbow, as well as a whole host of never before seen 10 dans inlcuding some awesome Kage, Pai and Wolf players.

    A couple of mini-emperors arrive and all hell breaks loose! In-case you don't know here is a little explanation about the system relating to 10th dan, mini-emperor and Emperor;

    A 10th has to beat ten 10th Dans to get mini-emperor.

    Once he has mini-emperor if he loses to ONE 10th Dan player, that 10th Dan player steals his mini-emperor ranking! The loser is relegated back to 10th dan /versus/images/icons/frown.gif

    Now if you have a mini-emperor ranking you have to beat TEN 10th Dans in a row to get emperor!

    So it starts like this. Saygall brings on his mini-e Vannessa, gets a couple of wins and then loses to a 10th Pai player. Skeleton then challenges with his 10th Kage and gets mini-e. Guereria challenges with 10th Jeffry and steals mini-e. Edo challenges with his 10th Dan Kage and steals mini-e. A 10th Dan Wolf player challenges Edo and gets mini-e. Skeleton challenges again and gets mini-e. By now it is getting very frustrating for all the players, and very funny for people watching like me. Ryan challenges Skeleton and wins with his 10th Dan Kage to get mini-e. Hatim then challenges Ryan with a non-card Lau and beats him. Hatim then jokes to Ryan "leave now with the mini-emperor rating and don't challenge anybody". Ryan actually thinks about doing just that.

    Now Hatim has gone bonkers and decides to challenge every emperor in the house with his 2nd Dan Lau. He challenges Neo-tawah again and Edo a couple of times and loses. I point out Muckys Emperor Akira (with 8000+ wins). Hatims challenges him and gets battered. He then challenges hims again and it is a close 3-2, Mucky only winning the final round with something like a low kick if I can remember. Hatim challenges again! I decide to watch a Kage versus Kage 10th dan vs mini-e match. A couple of minutes later I hear a loud wail from a number of close-by players and turn to see Hatim has beaten Mucky! And convincingly 3-1. People like Guereria, PK and Edo are chuckling. Mucky peaks around the cabinet to see what all the fuss is about, and see's that he has been beaten by a Gai-jin (foreigner). He challenges again and takes off Hatim 3-1. Hatim shrugs his shoulders and goes around to congrat Mucky on the win, mumbling something about Mucky being only human, and his poo smelling like everybody elses...

    By now there is another buzz going around. Skeleton has stolen a mini-e and is on 7 wins in a row! I stand behind his cabinet where there is a big crowd. This is probably the most solid Kage I've seen in Japan, Skeleton dominates all his challengers and goes on to 10 wins in a row and Emperor. I clap as does Guereria and others. I tell Ryan of skeletons escapades and soon after Ryan is on a machine with his mini-e Kage. He loses to Guereria's 10th Dan Jeffry, and says bye-bye to the mini-e...for now...

    By now it's getting late and I've got to catch a train. Hatim is trying to increase his rank on the lower rank machines and Ryan is challenging various 10th Dans in a kinda of mini-e musical chairs.

    I say goodbye to both and head off into the night...
  14. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member


    You need to get a job as a reporter! Great read! Thanks! /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif

    That's the best explanation I've seen describing the Dan to Emperor transition. I have a feeling someone in the VFnet marketing department decided to play a little trick on everyone with the introduction of Ver C, ne?
  15. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    I fairly certain there have been no changes to the 10th dan - mini-e - emperor system for version C. It is identical to ver B, the only ranking changes being in the new above emperor rankings, that also take into account your win percentage.

    Just goes to show how difficult it is to get to emperor.

    Saygall is two above emperor now with his 72% win rate Wolf. If only he could increase his rating to 75% he would get the ranking he deserves.
  16. Prince_Hatim

    Prince_Hatim Well-Known Member

    All he has to do is go to an arcade where there are crappy players and then beat them up a loads of times. Those wins that he gets will increase his percentage. Every match is counted on the card, am I right. I can't remember, what about when someone challenges without a card? I didn't take much notice.

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