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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 3, 2014.

By Myke on May 3, 2014 at 3:33 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Last month saw the release of a new Arcadia mook titled "Fighting Game REMIX" in which a number of fighting game titles are covered, including Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. In this edition, the cover the latest tier list for VF5FS.


    Tier List
    As of 2014-04-18

    SS: Akira
    S: Taka, Lion, Brad
    A: Jacky, Jean, Vanessa
    B: Goh, Shun, Wolf

    (Large Gap)

    C: Sarah, Kage, Lau
    D: El Blaze, Jeffry
    E: Aoi, Pai, Lei-Fei, Eileen

    After four years is the "Final Answer" here?!
    Four years has elapsed with this game. With such a long time and so much strategy evolving, could this be the final ranking (?)

    Points about some important characters
    There is a big gap between B and C rank. We will discuss some of the major points.

    One of Akira's main points is his jumping ascending [K]. It whiffs lows, starts combos and defeats sabaki, and is a full circular that defeats evade. It is particularly powerful during sideturned with +6 where it is guaranteed on evadeCD, and at +9 on sideturned is guaranteed on evade.

    For the characters in A rank compared to S rank there is not a large difference in their fighting abilities, but it is their basic abilities that attracts high praise. Amongst these is Taka, who was getting a lot of interest at the recent BT cup. While Taka can rely on throws and [4][P][+][K][P] against most characters, the opponent must concentrate on specific combos and untechable situations, focusing on the system side to fight Taka, so it is very difficult to have tactics against him. For people unfamiliar with Taka, he is more threatening than Akira.

    Amongst A rank Jacky stands out. The reason that he has fallen in rank is that his options to overcome a guarding opponent are finite. His returns on throws are not that high, and when his high damage throws ([6]and [4]) are broken it leaves him sideturned. Choosing the right move to throw out is quite difficult, so while he may look like a simple character to play, the value in really dedicating yourself to him is difficult. Of course, against an opponent who lacks defensive skills he is S rank.

    Amongst the lower ranks, Blaze and Sarah are well suited to tournaments, each with their attacking options from stances, and are fast so even against opponents adept at defence it can be tough. They are rarely used, and so they may be even more threatening than higher ranked characters if the opponent lacks match up experience. The other character who has ranked up is Jeffrey. His weight is high so damage inflicted is low, and his [P][+][K] and [1][K][+][G] one command moves are powerful.

    Thanks to Unicorn for the tip, and noodalls for the translation!

    Edit: Homestay Akira's Tier List
    Originally posted by Myke as a reply in this thread on Nov 23, 2016:

    So here is Homestay's tier list:

    S: Akira, Jacky
    A+: Goh, Lion, Taka
    A: Brad, Jean, Vanessa
    A-: Kage, Lau, Shun
    B: Aoi, Lei, Pai, Sarah
    C: Eileen, El Blaze, Jeffry, Wolf​

    The only additional information provided was:
    1. Lion and Goh can be S rank if the player is really good.
    2. Taka is not considered S rank because while he is strong against some characters, he is still weak against others.

    It sounded unlikely that we'll get a more fleshed-out explanation of why each character is where they are. If I do, I'll post it up, but don't hold your breath. Regardless of where your particular character lies on this, or the Arcadia, tier list I'm fairly certain there's a lot more work we can do to improve our own game.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 3, 2014.

    1. MarlyJay
      I wonder which players were involved in the formation of this tier list. Some characters have moved quite a bit which to me says something has been discovered that blows them up.
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    2. Unicorn
      Personally, I am not surprised by Vanessa being A tier. What surprises me on other hand is Jacky being "only" A tier while Brad being S.

      On other end of the list, well - Jeff above Aoi and... Pai?!? And Lau being marginally worse then Goh/Wolf?

      As Marly, I also wonder who was involved in this tierlist creation and based on what it was formed.
      Dhaval Katbamna likes this.
    3. 40i4
      Does it really mean anything?
      I thought Brad is a crap, but above says he is in the 's' group. If so, did you see him ending on high place in a tourney? I've seen a few Japanese events, and I could say one for sure.. . Brad and Van lost almost every time i saw it. Were those players really such noobs or what?
      Could anyone review/analyse brad moves? I'd like to read reasoning behind that.
      Really. :)
    4. EmperorPaine
      I'm still gonna continue using Aoi. I don't care what this list says.
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    5. Sozos
      Pai E tier? Wtf
      BlueLink likes this.
    6. Unicorn
      Lol yes :)
      You have Itoshun, the undefeated Tenshoushin. And on this years SC, Brads where doing quite well as well :)
      Reasoning is that Brad have insane damage and that he can force anyone (including Akira/Jacky) to take a risks while keep his own game quite safe. Plus he have probably the best punishment in VF..?
      My5 cents
      Exactly :)
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    7. MAtteoJHDY
      If the list is drawn from data collected around tournaments in Japan, then it only explains what characters are most used to place well in tournaments,

      In other words, its 'objective' only insofar as a particular context is concerned, and not an universal statement about the intrinsic worth of each character,

      Thing is, any anecdotal evidence of, say, watching YT videos is even less objective as we don't really know how many tournaments are played and which ones are streamed.
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    8. Tricky
      hahah welcome to the bottom tier bitches. The only consistant thing is Eileen is lowest.
    9. Tricky
      one can make the assumption that the character choice of tournament players says something about overall thoughts about how strong a character is too though. This is a very objective way to get a tier list.
    10. Chefboy_OB
      Jeff is still the worst! Brad does way too much damage(who didn't know that?) Jacky is the strongest. I will never stop the rallying cry!
    11. Dhaval Katbamna
      Dhaval Katbamna
      I'm sure this is a mistake. Jacky should be in a tier all by himself called based God tier
    12. MAtteoJHDY
      It would be interesting to see if there has indeed been an upsurge of Akira players in Japan.
    13. Devdan
      This seems ridiculously wrong. I'm garbage at this game, so my opinion is worthless, but nothing has ever led me to believe that Aoi could be worse than Jeffry. I always thought the general consensus was that Aoi and Pai were UNDERRATED, not overrated. And Jacky not top tier? Apparently I know nothing about this game.
    14. Unicorn
      I do not think so, because otherwise Taka will be SSS tier. He seems to get ridiculous popularity and results lately
    15. Harpooneer
      This list is all about damage on a correct read. Notice how high Taka is, and that Jeff went up? Punish characters and oki characters stayed the same or went down, and mixup characters dropped. This is cause the game is out a long time over there and everyone is familiar with the setups and mixups. Characters with crazy tools are still high, like Akira, Lion, Shun. That's because they have things that let them get around the game so they are still as dangerous now as they were.
    16. Terracrush
      Great now I got an excuse every time my Aoi loses to Smurf and Cruz.
    17. MarlyJay
      We need a translation of the article. @Modelah & any other Japanese readers, could we make this happen?
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    18. Kobi
      Yeesh... The heavier the women, the more tier presence they have.
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    19. Ytpme_Secaps
      This whole premise is absurd.

      Tiers dont exist in VF the same way they do in other fighters. In other fighters, your choice of character is a significant part of your advantage/disadvantade, I think that is B.S. in VF.

      But while I am critiquing , aoi should be towards the top of the list, I guess many people have yet to discover how powerful the 43p+k is combined with tenchi and reversals, and an endless sabaki list.

      And how come akira's linear-ness doesnt seem to be taking into account.

      Are these tier lists based off of "actual" great players, that fuzzy everything -5 and better, and always GTE,ETE, or ECD?
      Cuz from my experience , many of these tier ideas are based way too much off of mid level gimmicks, and without much in depth thinking on move list/situational adv.

      rant over...

      p.s. Jacky is moderate at best.

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