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Discussion in 'Lau' started by doctor_lau, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. doctor_lau

    doctor_lau New Member

    I love this game and have been using Lau lately. I've found out that he is a great character and is awesome at juggling.
    For some reason, he is often overlooked by many VF4 players.
    Maybe it's because he isn't flashy or he has no reversals or special stances. At the local arcade, he is at the bottom of the list of usage %.
    After using Lau a lot, he has become my favorite guy. It's easy to set up throws and juggles. About the throws, people never really notice that his throws are very good. His /versus/images/commands/df.gif/versus/images/commands/df.gif+/versus/images/commands/p.gif+/versus/images/commands/g.gif (shoulder whip? correct me if I'm wrong) and
    /versus/images/commands/b.gif/versus/images/commands/f.gif+/versus/images/commands/p.gif+/versus/images/commands/g.gif are very good and accessible. You can also do /versus/images/commands/df.gif+/versus/images/commands/k.gif(stomp)right after.
    Of course, Lau's specialty is juggling. My favorite way to start a juggle is /versus/images/commands/df.gif+/versus/images/commands/p.gif+/versus/images/commands/k.gif(and as a bonus, people really hate the sound he makes). When I have someone with their back next to the wall, I like to sweep(/versus/images/commands/d.gif+/versus/images/commands/k.gif+/versus/images/commands/g.gif) so they bounce and start my juggling with /versus/images/commands/df.gif+/versus/images/commands/p.gif(knife-hand). I use /versus/images/commands/b.gif/versus/images/commands/f.gif+/versus/images/commands/p.gif(spear palm?) a ton. It's almost as fast as a punch, does good damage, and you can set up throws from it.
    If you like Lau and understand him, you can share some of your favorite moves and combos and strategies. This can help people who want to learn more about Lau. And, hopefully, some players will recognize how great Lau can be.
  2. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    I think that one problem with Lau is that it's easy to play
    him in a very predictible manner. IMHO, It takes a pretty
    good Lau player to play him and keep your opponent guessing.
  3. doctor_lau

    doctor_lau New Member

    Yeah, that's true, but I do not have very much human competition. I think Lau was a litle bit better in VF2.
  4. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    Excuse me, Lau was "a little better" in VF2? /versus/images/icons/smile.gif He was a MONSTER!

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