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    Ice 9 I've been using your Step 1 guide to help me become a better Lau player. Now I've tried to do the D/F P,P,P but I don't seem to get it. Is the action more like a Ken fireball in SF, and then P,P,P. Another thing...I've been trying to use the Jisoutai as my main low attack...also been trying d/f K,K to attack low, as well as d/f P+K. The d/f P+K can that be made into some kind of combo where you continue to strike as you would the elbo/palm? What other low hits can I use to with my combos? Any input is appriciated---Thankz---M. Wong
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    ->Now I've tried to do the D/F P,P,P but I don't seem to get it. Is the action more like a Ken fireball in SF, and then P,P,P.

    Well the easiest way to do upknife is to crouch first, then move the stick to D/F and press punch. You can get a slightly faster Upknife by using crouch dash, then D/F+P (make sure you are in crouch status when you press the D/F+P), some people also use dragon punch motion to get crouch dash (f,d,d/f), then D/F+P. A small note, you have to do the dragon punch motion slower than what you do in SF/KoF ^^;

    Lau's low attack = Jisoutai, that is it (!) nothing else. Of course you also need to use CD, low punch a lot, but d+k,k...etc isn't quite useful at all (bad frame stats, first kick leave lau standing, no counter throw guranteed if any of the kicks counter hit, 2nd/3rd/4th kicks are all blockable unless the 1st counter hit.)

    -> d/f+P+K : as for as i know it is only 1 hit (?).
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    Another method, is to use the "Duckwalk" motion. By Duckwalk, one holds on to d/f for a small amount of time, and then depress P. By using a certain amount of timing, you should be able to obtain the D/F+P. =]

    Hope that helps.
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    It does help thankz. What about this Lau Low four hit combo? What are the moves?
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    I think they were talking about the 4 sweeps, D+K,K,D+K,K+G

    There are some odd uses for this in combos, but it's usually pretty limited. I haven't toyed with it much though, since Lau isn't one of my favorites. The best I've gotten with the 4 hits in it was on a downslope against lightweights, u/f+K, d+K,K,D+K,K+G. On a MC you can get a P in after the u/f+K for 6 total hits. Not much damage, but hey, it's different. For damage off the u/f+K MC on a downslope, D/F+P,P,P,K, light pounce will work.

    The only good use of it I've seen in a combo is when taka is knocked face down. Then all 4 hits tag him OTB.
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    ::What about this Lau Low four hit combo? What are the moves?::
    Move the joystick to down {not down/forward) and while holding it there, press K twice, then very quickly release the joystick to neutral and return it back to down (holding it there again) while pressing kick (while in the down position) and then pressing K+G as quickly as possible (while still holding down). This must all be done smoothly and very quickly. It will probably take a lot of practice to get the fourth kick out -- you may even find getting the third kick out to be hard (depends on your reflexes, timing, and dexterity).

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    I believe someone once posted on the old board an alternative method of doing the 4 low kicks which I find to be much easier - d+K x4. Yup, just repeat d+K 3 times and then d+K+G ( ie TAP not hold d with every press of K or K+G ). Works all the time.

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    Lau's four sweeps are best used as a mini-guessing game:

    <pre><font face=courier>
    D+K,K, D+K ->
    -> elbow crouching opponents
    -> throw standing opponents
    -> final D+K+G sweep if the opponent tries to interrupt or stays standing

    The third low kick is best since the recovery is fastest there among the four. be forewarned that if the 4 sweep is blocked, Lau is at a big disadvantage.

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Thankz guys this has helped very much.

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