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    My question is this: For example (If I use df+P then dfP+K and connect when the character is in the air because of my hit can continue to hit him/her as they are in the air?) Any input is appriciated and I hope this is specific enough.

    M. Wong
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    Do you mean....

    Can you use the D/F+P,d/f+P+K in mid combo and refloat the opponent? Yes, but the opponent probably won't float high enough for a continuation of the combo. For example, b,b+P, d+P -> D/F+P, d/f+P+K will send the opponent too far away for anything else.

    But, you do know the famous Lau combo right? D/F+P, d/f+P+K MC -> b,b+P, d+P -> P,P,P,d+K

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    Nasty nasty Lau...

    When VF3 ob came out, no.4 was playing Lau quite a bit. One of his famed combos was UpKn-Superknife, m-UpKn-superknife, PPPd+K. Very cool.

    Oh, in command form that is DF+P,df+P+K, df,d,DF+P (to modify) df+P+K, PPPd+K. This combo as posted ages ago on RGVA.


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