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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Jason Cha, Oct 25, 1999.

  1. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    After abusing one of Mike's favorite tactics for a while, hitting with elbow-palm, then hitting p to major counter any opponent's follow up attack, then d/f,d/f+pg throw, I've noticed that when playing against Pete's Lau, he managed to interrupt my punch after the elbow palm hit, with a ppp of his own. this seems interesting as i've tried, with pai, to interrupt lau's elbow flowchart here, but have been punished with a major countered p.

    now, obviously most of this probably has to do with the proper buffering in of moves, after all a +1 frame advantage means nothing when you haven't buffered in the moves properly... but are there dynamics, other than frame stats and buffering in, at play here? I'm talking distance, reach of pai's arm versus that of Lau, or other reasons why this has occurred?

  2. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Jason, I deem you the first to have brought up a topic for discussion that is new and, from the sounds of it, worth delving into. ;)

    I have no definite answer at this time. I would think that physical characteristics (like arm length) should play a role, but I have never seen any figures for them besides weight for each character.

    Must think further.


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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    According to the famitsu mook, there are situations where Lau will lost the Punch battle even after elbow palm hit >_<
    IIRC, Akira is one of them that can beat Lau's punch despite the -1 fr situation (for no logical reason whatsoever), i am not so sure but i think it also depend on stance. But, all of the 8 fr punchers will lose to Lau's Punch after elbow palm just becuz Lau's punch does more dmg and it is 50/50 ^__________^

    So Jason i assume you and Pete are playing Lau against each other? then maybe Lau is another character that can win the punch match after getting hit by elbow palm. (i wonder if Jacky can also do the same...)
  4. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    Re: Lau's f p, b,f p

    I think you're right Mike. If Lau loses to Akira's punch, it seems like he also loses to another Lau's punch. Strange that these 9 frame punches win, but the 8 framers don't....

    Or I could just be sucking with the tightness of my Lau's flowchart.

  5. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    Re: my experience is different

    This is one of the very occassions where I disagree with Sumeragi, at least in some points that he brought up.

    Let's see...first of all, after getting hit by Lau's elbow-palm, 8-frame Ps will win against Lau's P. Not only that this is a consensus among my VF friends, I've had enough of this when fighting against Harold's Kage or Sarah.
    Yes, I too am lttle confused with 50-50 situation, but my experience convinces me that Kage's P will beat Lau's P.

    On the other hand, 9-frame P will lose to Lau. Again, the frame stats make sense(something I rarely do), and more or so, I've had enough where Lau's P interrupting my Jacky's P. guess for the mysterious inconsistencies:
    1) Slow reflexes (could be Lau's or the receiving character)
    2) difference between P and F+P

    F+P advances you forward; and it has actually different stats for some characters. Even though P and F+P may look identical stats-wise, F+P has more priority. Try it with Jacky vs. Jacky (or Kages), where one does P and the other does F+P at the beginning of the round.

    Another example is Taka's P. If F+P hits MC, Taka's throw is guaranteed. If P hits MC, throw is NOT guaranteed.

    Akira's P, I recall, has built-in forward advancement. Akira's F+P advances even further, but his regular P still advances forward, at least more than other characters' P.

    All and all, doing P against Lau is a bad idea, period. Especially after the elbow-palm situation, all P achieves is to stop Lau's throw and another elbow-palm (for some charatcters). But elbow also stops both and more.
    P will lose to Lau's:
    1) P(except for 8-fr P)
    2) Hadoken (b,f,f+P)
    3) Chisotai (f,d+K)
    4) Crouch-dash (CD + UpKnPPP does 50+ damage)
    5) E

    All of the above options are very viable for Lau. Elbow will stop pretty much any incoming attack (other than P). If Lau uses E to dodge elbow, it's your time to throw.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: my experience is different

    Ok, after going back to read the mook, i believe the mook did say Lau's P after elbow palm will lose to Akira/Lau/Jacky 's punch in some stance (it doesn't say which...the picture shows Akira in Open stance after eatting the elbow palm). The reason is unknown. It also says the 8 fr punchs do lose to Lau's P in this situation due to the dmg factor. This applies to both arcade and dc.

    Anyway the mook can be wrong of course. I do remember losing to Adam's punch from time to time even if i buffer in the P >_<; also, i remember the time when i was playing Kruza's Pai, He kept on interrupt my 2nd ElbowPalm after elbowPalm with Pai's P interrupt, after 2-3 times i finally get smart and switched to P ^^; , i am very sure he was still doing the 8 fr P and Lau's P did succeed in beating Pai's P here. (The same thing repeated quite a few times therefore i am pretty sure Lau's P beat Pai's P after elbow palm)

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