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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by samuraiwarrior, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. lau seems to have very strange ways of unlocking his items.

    i was messing around in vs mode with him vs my conquerer jacky, and i unlocked items from the weirdest things.

    i got his dunce china bowl hat, but i dont know how

    i got knocked out of sarah's stage (the coliseum one) and won an item-- no clue why, then i knocked jacky out the next match and got another item

    i had a similar situation at kage's stage, the open one with the blowing leaves

    shun di also seems to have unusual ways of unlocking his items

    i have various shoes with shun, and a few hats, not many items though, i dont play him much

    for lau i have tons of greaves and shoulder pads, the 100 win opera mask, the coin hat, the dunce hat which doesnt look bad at all, and 3 wrist bracelet things
    did anyone else notice these trends, or does anyone know any ways to get more of shun's or lau's items?
  2. some of the weird ones i won for lau were:
    glorious pads
    yellow greaves
    phoenix pads
    thats all i can remember for sure

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