Lau's P(d+)K+G and Pai's PP(d+)K+G DO exist

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    In a previous thread, I questioned the existence of Pai's PPK+G and Lau's PK+G moves. The general consensus of everyone who entered a post there (including myself), was that these moves in fact do not exist. Since that time, I've conducted a few experiments that I believe show otherwise -- these moves do exist, and there are even variations of them which till now have remained unpublished, at least to the best of my knowledge. In the interest of sharing information, I'll describe the experiments I conducted and what I uncovered.

    Let me start with Pai and the experiments I conducted with her. (All experiments were done in the DC training mode vs. a mannequin.) First, I inputted PPb+K+G, making sure the punches whiffed. The last input (b+K+G) produced Pai's reverse crescent as expected. Then I repeated this with the punches getting blocked. Again, the same expected result (a reverse crescent) occurred. Then I began repeating this, but this time with the second punch hitting for damage. When I did this, no matter how much I tried, the reverse crescent would not come out. Instead, I got the same crescent attack I would get if I had just inputted PPK+G in the same circumstances. This would seem to confirm that PPK+G (with the second P hitting) is a canned combo. I then tried the same experiment with PPdb+K+G, and got analogous results. When the punches whiff or are blocked, the last input (db+K+G) produces Pai's quick sweep. But if the second punch hits, the quick sweep won't come out; I always get the same sweep I get when I input PPd+K+G. This seems to confirm PPd+K+G is a canned combo too. As further proof, PPd+K+G always gives a fixed damage of 30 when the second punch hits, no matter how close or far Pai is from the enemy. But it has a variable distance-dependent damage (as low as 20) if the punches whiff or are blocked. Similarly, PPK+G with the second P hitting gives a different range of damage than when the punches whiff or are blocked. When the punch hits, the damage ranges from 20 to 38. When the punches whiff or are blocked, I can never get below 25 no matter how close I get (there's an upper limit of 45). Also, to further confirm distance was not a hidden factor, I tried doing PP and letting the second punch hit, and then G-canceling or waiting a bit before inputting K+G or d+K+G. Since the distance from the enemy is obviously unaffected when I G-cancel or wait to input either d+K+G or K+G, the damage should be the same (if there is no canned combo) as it is when I input the sweep/crescent commands right away. But it isn't; instead there is variable damage for the sweep and 25+ damage for the crescent. This also shows that there is a difference between "normal" K+G/d+K+G attacks, and those that come out as a part of the canned combo. Now here is a new wrinkle I've found, which I don't believe has been written about before (unless it's mentioned in the mooks): The same experiments work with PPP. Thus, if the last P of the PPP canned combo hits, the special sweep/crescent comes out (and you can't get a reverse crescent or quick sweep). Also, the same is true for df+PPP; if the last P hits, it too is followed by a special sweep/crescent when continued into d+K+G or K+G. And this is true for TT PP, TT PPP, and TT d+PPP as well. And finally, it also works with PK+G and Pd+K+G when Pai is "far" from her opponent.

    I did similar experiments with Lau. Lau's Pd+K+G, PPd+K+G, and PPPd+K+G always give a fixed damage of 30 when the last punch hits, and variable distance-dependent damage (as low as 20) when the punches whiff or are blocked, or if I wait a bit (or G-cancel) before inputting the sweep. And when doing his PK+G and PPK+G and PPPK+G, if the last punch hits, it gives a different range of damage than when the punches whiff or are blocked. If the last punch hits, damage ranges from 20 to 40. On the other hand, when the punches whiff or are blocked, or if I wait a bit (or G-cancel) after inputting the last punch, the damage never goes below 25 no matter how close Lau is to his opponent. I also discovered that the same special d+K+G or K+G appears if you input it right after the "near" version of Lau's DF+P lifting palm. Curiously it doesn't work with the far version, or following an autopalm. It also doesn't work following a df+P knifehand or dfdf+P lunging knife hand.

    In conclusion, I think I've shown that Pai and Lau have special K+G and d+K+G moves that act like Lau's autopalm. By this I mean that a variety of attacks ending in a K input cause the autopalm to come out when they hit, and I believe analogously that a variety of Pai/Lau attacks ending in a P input cause the special d+K+G and K+G attacks to come out when the P part hits. I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has an alternative explanation for all of this, or if any related discussion occurs in the mooks. Or any other comments as well.
    Regards, Imashroom

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