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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Nov 4, 1999.

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    Although I've been playing figting games for years (Street Fighter to Soul Calibur)I am new to Virtua Fighter. I have a DC and I fell in love with the intensity and mind games in a 2 player game. Before I started playing, I read the Step 1 FAQ on this site for Lau and it helped a great deal. Though I don't feel I've mastered Lau at step 1, I feel confident in using him at this level. Is there a Step 2 and 3 FAQ available? I would love to incorporate a higher level of strategy into my gameplay. Thanks a lot.

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    Ice-9 & Sumeragi

    what are you doing regarding these guides. Although I can perhaps contribute it with my "weird style" Lau (courtesy of Sumeragi and Maya-Lau), I don't think the style is as inspiring as the conventional "cool" Lau's.

    that also makes me remember Ice-9's request on writing Jacky's step 1 guide. Haa...if I write it, it may be no more than a paragraph: P, elbow, throw.
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    Re: Ice-9 & Sumeragi

    My first goal is to get Step 1s for all the characters done first. Step 2s are going to be hard, as they are meant to be comprehensive. Step 3s, on the other hand, are supposed to be a collection of articles from veteran players.

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