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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Dec 8, 1999.

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    Hey I'm completely new to the whole VF3tb thing and was wondering if you had some good tips for me to get a hang of the game.
    I've started to play as Lau and try to use some moves from move lists and stuff but usually just end up button mashing so a little help wouldn't go astray, anyone???
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    Hi Kaneda (sorry if I mispelled that, thinking of "Akira"),
    Well, I'll advise you to go to virtuafighter.com/war. That is an excellent place to get information. In general, it has basics such as a lexicon, system faq, some faqs on more advanced and basic techniques and all the other good stuff. There's a nice faq on character selection also. Not to mention that some of the characters have a step-1 faq. Basically (Ice, correct me if I'm wrong), step-1 faqs will show you some good uses of the characters. They focus on moves that are sound for that particular character, a description of the moves and how and best to use them at the beginner heading towards advanced levels. They also give you some basic strategy and insight into your characters. In addition, some bonuses are in many of them such as some basic combos for the beginner as well as some characters having flowcharts to ease the beginner into more organized fighting patterns. I heavily encourage you to start with the Jacky Step-1 faq as he is one of the three very beginner-oriented characters (Pai, Jacky, Sarah) and right now is the only one of those three that have a step-1 faq. Step 2 faqs will be complete raw-data and some more strategy tactics and themes for the character. These will be for advanced and intermediate players. Step 3 faqs will be pretty mch for advanced players seeking for higher level strategies and statistics and information.

    Anyways, here's the big tipoff... Read all the dojo and fundamental faqs. ALL OF THEM. At least skim them. They'll give you a good idea of many things about VF3tb. Then pic a character (and I suggest you do abide the recommendation from the choosing a character faq). Once you've selected that character, find a step 1 faq for him or her. If you can't, well either pick another character or dig arround the net trying to find at least a movelist for that character. Alright, now the big tip... Any question you post on a board should not have to be something that is explained in these faqs. Unless you want to clarify that data (because it wasn't written in "english" to you). If the data is either poorly written, vague, or you think can be expanded on in some way, then such a question would be valid. But I recommend you first write to the author of the faq before you publicly post a question. Just don't give us the impression that you're too lazy to search for you information or at least read it on a faq. Like I said if it's unclear to you, you then have a reason to ask about it. If you have your own strategies, I guess that's fine to ask about too.

    Anyways, hope you read all of that and hope it helps you. The information is all here, and it's in the form of faqs and archived articles and emails. Read the basic ones and you should do well :) Then you can ask the right questions after that /images/icons/cool.gif.

    Good luck with VF3tb man, it's been a great experience for me so far /images/icons/smile.gif.


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