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    Well, after a night of practice and finally playing with the US version with the practice mode, I managed to actually learn some new things with Sarah. Mostly stance dependent.

    1)f+K,d/f+K - lightweights/level ground/minor counter/open stance --> will always connect except for extreme range, and small pounce seems guaranteed.
    90 damage

    Best situation --> downslope nearly parallel to wall -->
    f+K(MC),d/f+K(hits the wall after this),d/b+K, big pounce --> 132 damage
    f+K(MC),d/f+K(hits the wall after this),P,P,P,K, d/f+K --> 121 damage
    f+K(MC),d/f+K(hits the wall after this),P,P,P,b+K --> 108 damage

    Akira --> lightweights/slight uphill -->
    b,d/f+P+G, f,f,f+P, f,f+K, b,f+P+K --> 127 damage

    Tonight was my first stab with US DC TB. It seems to me that floats are even easier in this one than the Japanese version, but maybe that's just me.

    Side note --> looks like we will only have 3 DCs and tv/VCR sets. sorry guys.
    The max will be played on Rodney's new 50" TV (it's sweet, I loved it)


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