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Discussion in 'Lei' started by phanatik, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    Hey, All:

    I am stepping away from Content Manager. If you're interested in taking over, step up! I am available if you need help, too.

  2. GodofCookery

    GodofCookery New Member

    what is involved in content managing?
  3. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    You will have access to edit all of Lei-Feis' page(s)--the combos page, and all of his wiki pages to fill it up with content. You might just grow as a Lei player, too, because you'll need to know frame data and the various combos, OTG, meaties, etc. available in each situation. Much of the content is completed. @Myke will want you to commit to some schedule/target date(s)...
    I am just too bogged down with being a father of three, working full time, going to college, etc...
    Just take it from here and that's it. Need help with the technical aspects of the content manager? Let me or know. For player data, the Lei family is here to help as well.
  4. OmegaSFox

    OmegaSFox Member

    I'll tell undreamedalarm0 about it
  5. ShinyBrentford

    ShinyBrentford Well-Known Member

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