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  1. TONY_T

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    Hi im a newbie, just wondering if anyone could give me some Lei Fei combos to get me started, thanks...
  2. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Tony, check out the combos FAQ under the VF4 section.
  3. TONY_T

    TONY_T Active Member

    lol, sorry to be a newbie but where the hell is that???

    can you give me a link?
  4. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member


    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.virtuafighter.com>www.virtuafighter.com</a>

    no kidding.

  5. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    here's a hint
    'virtua fighter 4'
  6. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Meet up with me one day and I'll walk you thru Lei-Fei. I go to Playtime every Friday.

    But here are a few to get you started:

    Lei Fei Combos:

    Basic: These are Lei's Combos that do not require stances or other special conditions.

    A good move that FLOPS the opponent. Flops allow you to connect high attacks. This move is fast enough to counter slow/med moves or blocked low attacks.

    uf+kg, p, p, p
    uf+kg, p, p, (IS)d+K
    uf+kg, df, df+p, p, k+g

    "df, df+p, p"
    Lei duck under many high attacks for double punches. Second Hit is guaranteed after first and will float.

    df, df+p, p, df, df+p, p, kg
    df, df+p, p, d+pk, p(TG)
    df, df+p, p, f,f+K(IS), kg
    ....K = Hold k

    Lei's best throw. Most (good)players will throw counter this one consistently so use sparingly. This throw cause a FLOP as described above. So all the followups will work.

    "df+pg". df, df+p, p, kg
    "df+pg". df, df+p, p, d+k
    "df+pg". pk, p, p (light to midweights)

    Next lesson I'll explain the stances and other advanced combos.

    IS= Independant Stance
    DM= Defeat Miss Stance
    EV= Evade Stance
    TG= Tiger Stance
  7. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Other stuff on Lei fei:

    <a target="_blank" href=http://virtuafighter.com/versuscity/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=versus&Number=22085&page=&view=&sb=&o=&vc=1>Lei Fei Opening Moves</a>

    <a target="_blank" href=http://virtuafighter.com/versuscity/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=versus&Number=23438&page=&view=&sb=&o=>Head Crumple Combos</a>

    <a target="_blank" href=http://virtuafighter.com/versuscity/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=versus&Number=19910&page=&view=&sb=&o=&vc=1>Some useful Lei stuff for IS or Crane Stance</a>

    <a target="_blank" href=http://virtuafighter.com/versuscity/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=versus&Number=20259&Search=true&Forum=All_Forums&Words=retsam&Match=Username&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=20142>Other Lei Fei Combos/movelist</a>
  8. ken

    ken Well-Known Member


    1. Indepedant Stance, IN
    2, Defeat Miss, DM/MD
    3, Evasive Stance, EV
    4, Tiger Stance, TG

    IN Stance:
    Lei's IN stance is important as it gives him the most options. Ie: Mid, Low, Throw. Which is best used when Lei has the iniative.

    -Mid, Low, Throw variations
    -Auto Reversal any punch attack

    -Zero mobility
    -Auto-reversal only when fully in stance.
    -MC on any succesful hit on Lei Fei

    <font color=orange>Moves while in IN stance</font color=orange>

    d+k (exit to MD),
    causes stagger for an awesome combo listed in the links before. Leaves you in the DM stance so be wary to hit "p,pk" or "pk" if you're blocked.

    Combo#1 (close range)
    (in)d+k, (md)k , (in)d+pkg, (md)p,p+k, ff+K

    Combo#2 (long range, as the above misses at longer ranges)
    (in)d+k, (md)u+pkg , (in)kg, uf+kg, "ppp" or "other variants"

    "kg" (exits to natural stance),
    causes a knockback stagger for uf+kg combo. Followup with "uf+kg -> ppp"
    Also good to kick them off the bounce(OTB) after a "ff+K(IN)" float combo.

    Mid Kick that leaves you in IN stance. Can be used to OTB. Good to mix up the options in IN stance. Most will be looking to duck the "(IN)d+k", "kg", "throw" so use this to mix it up.

    k, k
    As above but with extra hopping kick. Not too useful outside of a float or OTB combo

    Exits into MD stance. A good lunging mid punch. Good range makes this a good move and medium distances.

    g (exits to natural stance),
    exit stance for throw oppurtunity

    N (neutral joystick),
    auto reversal all punch attacks.. important to pull this off frequently to keep opponent from using punch based attacks. Especially low punches and elbows.

    <font color=orange>Entering the IN stance:</font color=orange>

    Hold K to enter stance. This is among Lei's best moves. Slow execution time but kick great for float combos as the following (IN)kg will OTB.
    This is also the best move to attack a back turned opponent as they will stagger for another canned (IN)k, kg

    Lei's dodge attack kick. WIll float on MC, so look for the kg followup. The following "u+pkg, p" is a set move and is guaranteed. Dodge attack is one of lei's only options at close quarters.

    "kg" or "b+kg, k"
    One of Lei's fastest mid attacking moves. kg can OTB. b+kg,k is only just to mix it up.

    obvious way of entering stance. The auto-reversal will only occur when Lei has entered the stance fully. Use this on a Tech Rolling(TR) opponent as you have the iniative to make them guess for the d+k or kg or throw (note Low, Mid and Throw scenarios are possible).

    "pp" or "f+pp"
    After the two jabs Lei will enter IN stance... 3 jabs will leave you in DM stance. "pp, (in)kg" is a good float combo option.

    "(tg)d+k, p"
    Done from the Tiger Stance, this is used as an option to get out of the Tiger Stance. Most opponents will be wary of the Tiger Stance because of the sabaki options. When entering IN from this method its important to gamble on the auto-reversal as well as the d+k or kg or throw option.. Having a multi-dimensional attack as well as defending against the low punch is important. People rarely successfully block the low kick of this sequence so they'll be looking at counter attacking, so gamble accordingly.

    next post will detail the other stances.
  9. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Lei: DM Stance, Defeat Miss explained

    DM Stance, Defeat Miss Stance

    The DM stance opens up a
    -fast jab
    -fast/charged long range mid attack
    -semi-decent float midattack
    -certain high attacks are ducked due to his pose
    -anti throws to some extent due to stance/feet placement

    <font color=orange>Moves while in Stance:</font color=orange>

    Lei's fastest jab. Will maintain MD stance after this move. So so can you keep single jabbing to annoy/peck opponent.

    "p, p"
    A pair of punches to go back in IN stance. Useful to mix it up.

    "p, pk"
    "pk" component will float on MC. Good range and will give you a chance to follow through with "df, df, p, p" as most people try and counter attack. Or you could do d+kg or IN stance etc. You have a slight iniative advantage

    Slow-Medium speed kick, A defensive mid attack that lingers and can create a float on MC. Good way to get into IN stance to auto-reversal the punch or for (in)d+k combo. After this kick you'll enter IN stance.

    Same as d+kg in no stance.

    Hopping roundhouse attack. This is fairly good range will jump rising low attacks. Remains in DM stance and otherwise not very useful.

    Lei's best move vs computer and average opponents. Fully charged(approx 2 secs) it is unblockable is MC and close/mid range otherwise it will guard break. On unblockable or MC it'll cause a head crumble. On guard break throw, otherwise do the following:

    80% combo
    (dm)PK(fully charged), *b+p,p, **ff(dash), d+pkg, (dm)pk, ff+k, k, k+g

    *the following works on any head crumble scenario
    ** the dash helps with the timing and tracking

    Head Crumble: Guaranteed High attack followup. Opponent will land face down with head towards you. If you Interrupt their TR(Tech Roll) it will cause them to rise back towards you."

    <font color=orange>Entering the Stance:</font color=orange>

    almost instantaneous execution of this stance allows his DM stance moves to become available.Ie (dm)p, (dm)pk ...

    "p, p, p"
    Hold last punch to charge attack.

    "u+k, d+k"
    the first part is a hopping crescent kick followed by a low crescent sweep. u+k will leave you in TG stance. Not too bad if you have the space and time as this move is medium speed.

    "b, df+p"
    Utterly useless move... but its an awfully nice looking useless move. Use if you're feeling lucky.

    if the d+k hits do the combo. Entering the DM stance in this scenario is usually because your d+k was blocked. So use "p,pk" to bail out or "k" to combo.

    This is a low attack. Most opponents won't block the low kick. This is a bail out alternative for the TG stance. Most will expect the IN stance alternative. So its good to mix it up. The Tiger Stance is quite awesome but you'll need to mix it up on good opponents.

    EV, Tiger Stances in next episode
  10. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei: DM Stance, Defeat Miss explained

    Ken, I gotta say great job on all of this. I can see Myke putting down everything you've put down here in the Lei Fei section/versus/images/icons/smile.gif Unless he's done that already that is.

  11. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Lei: TG,EV Stance and Sabaki explained

    Tiger Stance
    -Sabaki (all mid/high) with Head Crumble
    -Sabaki (low)
    -Low Attack into MD, IN
    -Hopping attack into EV
    -Guard Cancel for Back Turned

    -Need to execute certain offensive moves to enter stance
    -Limited exit stance options.. though with the sabaki options you dont need them. Usually you'll be looking for opportunities to enter TG stance rather than to not exit it.

    Note on Sabaki:

    Sabaki is any move that "defeats/parry" an oncoming attack. Otherwise its a normal attack.

    <font color=orange>Moves while in stance</font color=orange>

    Hammer Punch- Sabaki all High/Mid attacks. Enough said. Good range and strikes mid and will cause "Head Crumble". "b+p, p" ... and execute 80% combo accordingly.

    Upward Kick- Sabaki all Low attacks. Its one or the other. Use this against "d+p" pigs. Will cause "stumble" if it connects. After this you will enter EV stance which is not too bad. This move has fairly short range and attacks mid but you're pretty safe. "(EV)d+k" is guaranteed or do "(EV)p, k" which is sabaki High/Mid for other followups.

    Pecking low kick that enter MD stance. Good move to peck a bit of damage but used mainly if opponent is used to defending against the TG stance. Used to bail out of stance and gamble on MD stance

    "d+k, p"
    As above but with an extra punch. This will leave you in the IN stance. Look for the auto-punch reversal or "d+k" combo as usual when you enter the IN stance. Repeat again.. look for the auto-low-punch reversal ..(die you d+p abusers!)

    "d+k, p, p"
    If opponent think they can interupt you before you enter the IN stance the last p will hit mid and exit stance. The first two variants are more useful

    Back turned. One of two ways to deliberately back turn. The other is "(EV)G".
    Note that (BT)p is sabaki to low attacks

    <font color=orange>Entering the Stance</font color=orange>
    TG stance cannot be entered directly. Its a very powerful stance but you need to anticipate the sabaki and know how to bail out.

    A fast high attack. Nice to set up the sabaki oppurtunity at close range.

    Hopping Inverted Kick, best used at range or "I like to do low rising kick" opponents. Hops very quickly to avoid sweep crescents. Nothing beats a low rising kick like this move, cool hopping motion and finishing TG stance pose. Otherwise this move is linear and its delayed attacks makes this move very slow. However this move recovers quickly in TG stance for good sabaki potential.

    Note: VS mid rising kicks
    "(EV)p" will sabaki mid rising kicks
    "IN"d+k will duck mid rising kicks at the right timing and distance.
    "u+kg" will defeat mid rising kick

    used at long and mid range. People will look for the Mid and low attack sequences following the "u+k"

    "d+pk, p"
    This move is generally used in a float combo. Not very useful against a standing opponent.

    "(df or uf)+pk, p"
    One of Lei better moves and it is a variant of the above. The first punch will dodge in/out of screen though. This move is used to dodge oncoming attacks as it is very vulnerable when whiffed or blocked.

    A hopping crescent kick. Looks great but semi useful. It is able to jump low attacks but it hits high so it usually misses with style. Use this like and as a variation to "u+k"
    Note: (tg)k, (ev)k, (tg)k, (ev)k .... etc so its pretty useful after a stumble caused by the (tg)k. What usually happens is that it'll connect because the opponent retaliates or sets up for another "(tg)k" sabaki cause they tried to "d+p" again. Also good to throw in a "(EV)p, k" or "(DM)p, pk". Always be creative and unpredictable with the stances but always maintaining control at all times.
  12. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei: TG,EV Stance and Sabaki explained

    EV, Evasive Stance
    -it evades, back dodges ie "db+pkg"
    -high/mid sabaki into IN or N
    -high/mid sabaki into IN or N or Stomach crumble on MC
    -hopping high attack into TG stance
    -fast low sweep

    -slow execution ie "db+pkg"
    -vulnerability to d+p

    <font color=orange>Moves while in stance</font color=orange>

    Another of Lei's best moves. A high punch that sabaki all high/mid and rising mid kicks. Not very damaging but you have iniative.

    "p, k" (IN)
    As above but with an extra high kick and enters IN stance. Sets up IN flowchart. Remember you can throw, low, mid from IN stance. Hell even MD fully charged is good too depends on the moment the "wtf" factor is important.

    Identical to "(TG)p" in properties but no where near as useful.

    pk, p
    A mid body punch that will stomach crumble on MC.

    pk, p, p
    A second extra mid body punch that will stomach crumble on MC.

    Fast low sweep. Followup after "(TG)K". Generally used to initate okizeme game.

    Lei's other method of deliberate Back Turn(BT).

    <font color=orange>Entering EV stance</font color=orange>

    Actually its slightly faster to enter EV by going into IN stance first. EV stance must be entered a relatively safe distance. As this move dashes backwards slightly it is vulnerable at close range.

    A fast punch which is not too bad if you want to enter EV stance ie at close range. Executes and recovers fairly quickly so it will set up EV flowchart

    Read above TG section
  13. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Lei in General

    Lei Fei general strategy and select moves:

    Lei's strengths:
    -Strong Okizeme game
    -Most sabaki attacks
    -The best auto-reversal in game. IN stance
    -The best charged attack in game "(MD)PK"
    -Varied attacks high/mid/low/hop
    -Good dodge attacks
    -Good variety of linear and non-linear attacks
    -Good throw+combo damage
    -Best WTF factor

    Lei's weaknesses
    -Susceptible to strong okizeme
    -Limited throw variety and throw oppurtunities
    -Medium speed
    -No ring out potential

    Possible Tactics:
    -(MD)PK fully charged and abuse
    -d+p -> throw abuse

    Anti Close Quarters, ie Anti Okizeme/Mid/Throw game

    Lei is fairly limited in what he is able to do in this department. Most of his moves aren't that fast. He's much stronger in his stances:

    dodge attack is a good mid option.You'll enter IN stance to auto-reverse the retaliation punch or you can execute a IN stance flowchart.

    (uf or df)+pk, p
    dodges many attacks and sets up TG flowcharts.

    b, f+pk
    Best used to counter throw or high attack. Cause head crumble and hits high. Followup with 80% combo and do MTE if you miss.

    same as "b, f+p", however this move will sabaki all high/mid punch attacks. Will cause a Head Crumble on hit. Think Lau and Akira.
    Unfortunately you need this move sometimes. Throw possible on MC. Its considered cheesy if you abuse so use selectively.

    will counter most moves after you block. Lei's best mid attacking move.

    Good jab which will initiate an EV flowchart. Sabaki or sweep for okizeme.

    To initiate TG stance sabaki flowchart

    Medium/Long Range

    Select Throw + Combo:
    df+pg -> df, df, p, p -> kg -> d+k

    Counter Attacking after blocking Low attack
    uf+kg -> pp
    df, df + pp -> d+pk, p

    Select Mid Attacks
    df, df+p

    Select Low Attacks
    d+kg -> df, df+p, p -> d+pk, p
    MC d+p -> df+pg -> df, df, p, p -> kg

    Anti Mid rising and good low attack
    (IN)d+k -> (MD)k -> (IN)d+pkg -> (MD)p, pk -> ff+K -> (IN)KG

    Anti rise and block
    (MD)PK -> b+p, p ->f, f(dash) -> d+pkg -> (MD)pk -> f, f+K -> (IN)k -> (IN)kg

    Anti Low attack

    Anti Throw, Jab, High attacks
    b, f+pk -> b+p, p ->f, f(dash) -> d+pkg -> (MD)pk -> f, f+K -> (IN)k -> (IN)kg

    QCF+p -> b+p, p ->f, f(dash) -> d+pkg -> (MD)pk -> f, f+K -> (IN)k -> (IN)kg
    "QCF+p" sabaki for HP and HE

    Sabaki Low Punch
    IN stance auto reversal
    (TG)k (on sabaki)
    (BT)p (pp or ppp for IN or MD stance)

    Best Throw Setup Moves. throw guaranteed on MC
    df, df+p

    Head Crumble Moves:
    b, f+pk
    (MD)PK (on MC or Fully Charged)

    Stomach Crumble Moves
    (MC)b+p, p
    (MC)df, df+p
    (MC)(MD)pk, p
    (MC)(MD)pk, p, p
    (MC)pk, p, p
    (MC)D, f+p

    Leg Crumble Moves

    Guard Break
    (MD)PK (fully charged at long range)

    Stagger Moves

    Flop Moves
    uf+k (wait a bit before you do combo)
    df+pg (throw)

    Float moves
    (MC) df, df, p
    df, df, p, p
    (MC) (DM)k
    (MC) (u)+pkg
    (MC) (DM)p, pk

    More tips for success:
    -Its important to make your opponent question themselves. Intelligent use of sabaki and (IN)auto reversal is important to limit your opponent's arsenal. The less they attack you the more you can attack them. Or you let them attack you where you want them to attack you for sabaki chance.

    -Lei's strength is in his sabaki and okizeme game. Like every other character if you can concentrate on getting your opponent on the floor and applying okizeme you'll win more easily. Learn to read what your opponent does when rising. Using distance to gauge his and your options.

    -Create or capitilise on head crumble chances.

    -Need to throw often to keep opponent from blocking all the time.

    -Dont abuse certain stances or they'll get used to your patterns.

    This sums it up for Lei Fei.
  14. TONY_T

    TONY_T Active Member

    Re: Lei in General

    shiet!! i hope that was a copy and paste job, lol, nah thanks man, good shit!! you should come over my place one night with junior and michael, we play quite often... catch ya later
  15. Kratos

    Kratos Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei in General

    Thank you so much Ken.I just started to really use lei and this is great stuff.Lei is strong and he has a good guessing game.
  16. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei in General.. invitation for comment

    No probs I've quite enjoyed writing the guide. I reinforce my knowledge of Lei through in the thought process.

    I'm putting together a Lei-Fei dojo Ice9 style. Hopefully it should be available soon.

    In the meantime any Lei Fei experts out there feel free to comment or add things I may have missed.
  17. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei in General.. invitation for comment

    I'm no Lei-Fei expert. In fact I've only used him once. But I really appreciate the info you've contributed, in this thread and others. Thanks.
  18. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Re: Lei in General.. invitation for comment

    Great stuff Ken! =)
    This is where I'll come once I start to learn Lei on the PS2.
  19. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Re: Online version of Lei-Fei guide

    This guide is available in a single HTML page from:

    <a target="_blank" href=http://ken.emagen.com.au/lei>ken.emagen.com.au/lei</a>

    check there for updates.

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