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Lei Fei Video Critique Thread.

Discussion in 'Lei' started by Sharizord, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Sharizord

    Sharizord Active Member

    Figured i would start a thread for critiquing matchvids so we can all get better.

    I ran across Chiefgutti in ranked who is insanely better than me.
    I saved the replays of the matches we played and would love some critique and tips on what i should work on.

  2. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    Sharizord, you've got some nice Lei Fei developing there,

    I just have a general comment, about matches in general.

    I've noticed that many many players that are right in your face with the pressure game, break down quickly if you play the distance game (they literally don't know what to do) Lei Fei has so many stances that they want to keep him from using them, so they technique is keep so much pressure that he can't change.

    so in those instances, there several of Lei Fei's moves that do a good job a immediately putting distance between you and the opponent. If it appears they like it up close, then play the distance game,

    On the other hand, if you notice that they're always trying to keep their distance, them play'em very close with Lei Fei's pressure game.

    The general rule, if you got a player that is equally comfortable with pressure, or distance, you're in for one hell of a match.

    I've noticed a lot of Brad players don't have a good distance game, they all try to play high pressure, Jean players also, Wolf players also!

    Just an observation, most players try to take a Lei Fei player out before the stance thing gets going, those players usually do not like the distance game .
  3. Sharizord

    Sharizord Active Member

    I know exactly what you mean but my trouble has come from finding moves to build distance aswell as pokes to allow me to keep the distance.

    Lei doesn't seem to have a reliable mid poke like [3][K] that many characters have. What should i use instead ?

    There is [6][6][P] but it doesn't have that seem to have that great of a range.
  4. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    [7] [K]
    builds distance quick

    [4] [P] [+] [K] [+] [G] as well as all the other Nehan Shiki transitions (will give you room)
  5. Sharizord

    Sharizord Active Member

    I don't quite understand what you mean since that is kyo stance ?

    But the problem i have is still pokes that allow me to keep a distance game going.
  6. iamthedave

    iamthedave Member

    Lei actually steps back if you do 1P+K+G, 8P+K+G, and repeat. That can make a surprising amount of distance if you do it a couple of times. There's the old faithful back jump as well if you want it.

    The best distance maker seems to be back-turned 8K, a move I'm rapidly falling in love with.
  7. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    Hai to Nehan is good too.
  8. Sharizord

    Sharizord Active Member

    Was playing a set with this Akira player and thought i would save a few replays.

    And immediatly when i thought of it he left so i only got this one from it.

    I punished really lousily and there was some spazzing at the last minute but overall i think i can see a lot of improvements in comparison to the old videos.

    If you have any suggestions on things i should work on or something i'm doing blatantly wrong please say so.
  9. Sharizord

    Sharizord Active Member

    Just posting 1 vid where i win seems kinda silly in afterthought so i ran across an eileen in player who invited me to a room after and i recorded all the matches so it will be easier for people to see what i lose to and need to work on.

    I'll try to refrain from posting more until i feel i've made significant progress so as to not spam vids mora than necessary.
  10. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
  11. KrsJin

    KrsJin Well-Known Member

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  12. VFnumbers

    VFnumbers Well-Known Member Content Manager Lei

    Hey KrsJin

    Glad you decided to jump on the leifei bandwagon. :)

    Use k+gp for guaranteed punishment when opp is -13 to -15. Also good to use after evading and attacking from sideturn.
    k is 14 frames but I would prefer 43p+k( knockdown) or 66p to continue offense. (I need to use 66P a lot more as well)

    good read on 6k from ST CH +20 from koko 2kpp

    Leifei has many options for side turn pressure.

    Not too many throws were used( I'm guilty as well for not using them enough)

    His low sweeps from hai, doku, kyo, and nehan stance have good range but punishable if guarded. It helps keep opp honest

    66k+g I use mainly use for crushing rising atks

    Kyo stance is very strong. 6p or 3p into kyo will provide frame adv

    I don't throw out 46 p+k too often. It's safe and avoids high atks but slow. I use it mainly against TAKA

    1P+K is a faster combo starter, better range, and mid. - 15 on guard if block, st guard its -9

    hope this helps
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  13. KrsJin

    KrsJin Well-Known Member

    Really appreciate you taking the time to watch that and reply!

    I have really bad habits from Jacky and Lau that are causing me to just space punishing with K+GP, I'll be sure to use that more!

    6K side turned into 2KPP is the -only- thing I feel ok at with Lei atm haha.

    Absolutely right I need to throw way more. Good call.

    I throw 1P+K too often cause it's stolen some rounds for me, I need to chill on that a bit more. Thanks again! Might have more soon.
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