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Discussion in 'Lei' started by SolidTiger18, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. SolidTiger18

    SolidTiger18 New Member

    Can someone tell me what buttons to press in this combo?

    [IN] d+K, [DM] K , [IN] d+P+K+G, [DM] P,P+K, f, f+K
  2. ReCharredSigh

    ReCharredSigh Well-Known Member

    er, is this a joke? the button press commands are pretty straightforward in this combo; unless if you don't know move notation;

    +=press simultaneously
    ,=separation; usually denotes a new move
  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    The [IN] and [DM] refer to which stance Lei is in.
    Check out the movelist then go to the Lei Fei dojo.
  4. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Let me die a slow and horrible death!
  5. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Note also the '-'dash and ','comma notation as well.

    Means the move is part of a new series of moves.

    Means the move is the next part of a set series.
    IE, PPP or P, P, P for Lei
    P, P, P, K for Lau
    P, P, f+P, P, K for Jacky

    So the combo is:
    [IN] d+K - [DM] K - [IN] d+P+K+G - [DM] P,P+K - uf+K+G - df+K
    -works vs all weight class

    [IN] d+K - [DM] K - [IN] d+P+K+G - [DM] P,P+K - f, f+K
    -works against light to mid weights. Use the above combo for guaranteed damage. Use this combo to provoke a rising attack retaliation or TR. Hold K to enter [IN] stance and do your set plays from [IN] read my other post or dojo.

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