Lei's 90% combo(with certain condition)

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Tot, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. Tot

    Tot Active Member

    This information has been around in Japan more than 1 month but in case you dont know this....

    I posted this to other place but I made some mistake so I decided to post it here.
    It is a combo with certian condition but it takes up to 90% to 100% of the life bar.

    b,f+P+K -> if this hit -> b+P,P (oppenet is down) -> (if the oppenet did side roll recovery) -> Defeat-Miss System P+K
    -> f,f+K (hold K) -> Independent system K -> K+G

    There are several versions. The other version I know is as below:

    After Independent system K -> Defeat-Miss System P,P+K -> 9+K+G
  2. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Thanks for the combo, Tot!

    b,f+P+K -> if this hit -> b+P,P (oppenet is down)

    In which position do they fall? face down, head towards?

    I'm glad there's a way to avoid it (by not using the side roll recovery). It should be interesting to see what other combos arise from punishing a TR.
  3. Tot

    Tot Active Member

    >In which position do they fall? face down, head towards?

    I am not sure about this part. I think it is face down, head towards.
    Yes, you can avoid this not doing the side roll recovery. However, you can still try it on CPU!
  4. ShinJin

    ShinJin Well-Known Member

    PLD play dead position ------- face up & feet away
    KND knockdown position ---- face up & feet towards
    SLD slide position -------------- face down & feet away
    FCD face down position------- face down & feet towards

    i find these abbv's to be most usefull when describing someone that is grounded

    in this instance the opp landed in the SLD postion, making TR one of the least safe things to do

    i only win from your mistakes, not my skill

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