Lei's low kick stagger - How can I escape this?

Discussion in 'Lei' started by Junsuina Chikara, May 14, 2013.

  1. Junsuina Chikara

    Junsuina Chikara Well-Known Member

    Hi all. Sorry for creating a thread dedicated to this but I couldn't find "Ask a question; Get an answer" section in the Lei Fei forum. I can escape staggers from a lot of different characters but against Lei, when he goes into the one-legged stance and goes for a low kick (stagger), I can't escape the stagger and I eat a launcher. AFAIK, to escape stagger, roll the joystick in circular motions while holding G but no matter how quick I am, I can't escape it :( so am I doing something wrong?
  2. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    Well that depends if you are playing online. Online that stagger is almost impossible to escape. My best advice is to make your reaction faster and train your stagger recovery in the dojo. Try to program a lei fei dummy to do the same setup you fall in and when you feel confident defending against it try to do that online. You will notice a great difference.
    Good news is it's not impossible to escape that online too.
  3. IvorB

    IvorB Well-Known Member

    I have been raped by this move online. The sad thing is I don't even attempt to escape staggers since I am using a Dualshock dpad. Anyone know if one can switch over to analogue sticks to do the stagger recovery and then switch back to d-pad afterwards.
  4. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you know already, but just in case. The stagger break works best when you start it soon as the little joystick thing turns red. Also if you hit [P] and [K] while spinning the stick, that will help a lot too. If I remember right, the more inputs with button presses plus the inputs of directions, the better and faster you'll recover.

    And like Mister said. Go into Dojo and have the CPU do that low kick to you, then mash [P] or [K] to get the next move to come out as soon as possible.

    Another thing I do, is I set the CPU to recover from staggers on fastest and to [G]. Hit them with the move that causes a stagger and watch to see when they start to recover from it. That way you can get a visual on when to start. You'll notice when they start the recovery cause they'll move super fast all of the sudden. For that Lei Fei kick, if I remember right, the time to start your recovery is when your players hands touch the ground to break the fall.
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  5. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Not the best way to break tight staggers.

    This thread has some useful info on stagger recovery, give it a read and you should have a better idea of what does and doesn't work.


    EDIT: Just noticed the formatting is all messed up on these old posts, I can just about read it with some effort but if anyone is struggling then I wouldn't mind cleaning the formatting up.
  6. Rodnutz

    Rodnutz Well-Known Member

    I don't really have a problem escaping this move online, but remember if you are caught by this move I believe there are some things that are guaranteed. That launching [K] from stance is not guaranteed, but that doesn't stop Lei players from using it anyway. I guess I don't blame them since so many people get hit by it online.

    I just struggle a little late after the stagger starts and that seems to do the trick.
  7. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    Exactly ! I play with a pad, and I can only struggle out of it successfully only if I wait a little after the stagger. Also, If you block the K launcher, don't try to punish with a punch or an elbow, use a quick knee or kick, or shoulder if your character has one
  8. Rodnutz

    Rodnutz Well-Known Member



    Depending on the character you can sometimes get a combo when low kick knocks Lei down while he is in a stance.
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  9. VFnumbers

    VFnumbers Well-Known Member Content Manager Lei

    After Leifei doku stance 2k stagger = without stagger recovery. hai k will float, hai pp will not connect
    With stagger recovery hai pp will connect, hai k can be blocked
    As for stagger recovering this move online i cant for the life of me get out of it fast enough on stick unless its offline or if im using pad.
    Usually on stick i use 2/or 8 first while its green to waste time slightly then i start to stagger recover
  10. Zass

    Zass Well-Known Member

    Would very much appreciate a cleanup!
  11. ClarenceMage

    ClarenceMage Member

    React faster, mash harder. :p

    I find the best way to stagger escape is to alternate between [7] and [3] messily, so that you get [8][4] and [2][6] mixed in there more consistently faster than you can get with just spinning the stick.
  12. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    I believe the best method is not to mash, but to rotate the stick (or d-pad) quickly. Especially on the hardest staggers (Goh fullcharge 4P+K), its pretty much the only way to escape the stagger.

    Hold G, then time a quick 360 with the stick to the moment when the icon turns red. If you can also press P and K at the same time all the better.

    Online its hard to escape Leis low kick stagger, offline it is not a big deal.

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