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Lion double pounce

Discussion in 'Lion' started by P1553D, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. P1553D

    P1553D Member

    how do you do it. i just saw a video of it being done. it is too cool. also if i could get some info of when and not to try to get it off would be very appreciated. actually any lion info would be appreciated. i have read ice-9 faq. it was very informitive and improve my game in a day. the d+P > f+P or f+P+G mind game is sweet. good work ice.

    anywho waiting with baited breath.
  2. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Its not a double pouble.

    The first is Lion's:

    b, f+K+G

    The second is a pounce.

    The entire series is:

    D,f+P+G - b, f+K+G - **uf+P**

    This is now uf or alternatively, away from the opponent. You hold down the Punch to do a special technique called auto-selection. If the opponent techrolls you'll execute a jump away. If the opponent fails to TechRoll the pounce will be executed.

    Think of it as executing a small hop rather than a pounce.

    The "D,f+P+G" Throw causes a flop which allows you to further combo the opponent. You cannot TR from a FLOP, but after "b,f+K+G" connects they'll hit the ground and are eligible for TR to avoid the pounce.
  3. P1553D

    P1553D Member

    cool thanks for the info.
  4. DrLovesAlot

    DrLovesAlot Member

    that's incorrect, I believe the double pounce he refers to is after k, k. but I could be wrong (*shakes head no*)

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