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    Jefflaw: I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you need a move list for Lion? (Serious question.) Different moves are good in different circumstances and against different players. For instance, a df+K bullet kick is useful against crouchers, but pretty useless against a standing guarding opponent. Are you familiar with such basics? Or are you a raw beginner? Are you really asking for moves, or are you looking for combos (which is not quite the same thing)? Really, I would like to help you, but you are still asking questions that are too general for posters to respond rationally to. I suspect that you need to play more, and learn some answers to your questions from your own experience.
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    P and P,P
    f+P and f+P,P for middle and R.O.
    d/f+K for long range middle
    d+P+E as a low attack
    d+K,K as a ground attack
    u+K,K for damage
    b,b+K -> P+K for combos
    D,f+P+G as most damaging throw

    ice-9 | Sennin

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